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Up to date Bar Lola prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Bar Lola is available in 2 states.

Tapas Frias

Aceitunas $6.00 mixed olive salad with canary island dressing
Tomato Y Mozzarella $8.50 with baby spinach and a cilantro pesto dressing
Vinagreta $9.00 artichoke hearts & roasted red peppers in a garlicky vinaigrette
Salmon Ahumado $9.50 smoked salmon with dill goat cheese & capers
Tortilla Espanola $6.00 classic spanish omelet – egg, onion & potato
Crepes Rellenos $8.50 black beans, feta cheese, avocado & shrimp stuffed crepes
Manchego Y Serrano $9.50 manchego cheese & serrano ham on toast
Ensalada De La Casa $8.00 mixed romaine lettuce, green grapes, green apple & goat cheese
Ensalada De La Casa $11.00 with grilled chicken
Ensalada De La Casa $13.00 with grilled shrimp or smoked salmon

Tapas Calientes

Sopa Del Dia A La Lola $6.00 lola’s soup of the day
Patatas Ali-Oli $6.50 sauteed baby red potatoes with a garlic mayo "ali-oli"
Setas Silvestres $8.50 sauteed garlicky wild mushrooms
Canelones De Esparragos $9.00 vegetable stuffed crepes with an asparagus sauce
Vieras A La Campesina $11.00 fried sea scallops with a tomato & goat cheese sauce
Calamares Rellenos $10.00 squid tubes stuffed w/ crab meat & shrimp
Crostones De Cangrejo $9.00 fried crab cakes made with sofrito & cheese
Langostinos Rebozados $9.50 prawn fritters with a savory mango & scallion sauce
Pinchos De Pollo $9.00 chicken skewers with a mushroom-mustard sauce
Empanadas De Pollo $8.00 chicken turnovers and fresh hand made tomato sauce
Ravioles De Champinones $10.00 portabella stuffed raviolis with a creamy garlic sauce
Conejo Al Vino Y Finas Hierbas $10.50 rabbit braised in white wine & fine herbs
Solomillo Al Cabrales $11.00 grilled beef tenderloin with "cabrales" goat-blue cheese sauce
Hamburguesas De Lola $10.00 mini beef burgers
Hamburguesas De Lola $10.50 with cheese
Carne De Lola $11.00 grilled beef tenderloin with a port reduction sauce
Lomo De Cordero $10.00 lamb loin braised in wine, tomato and herbs
Chorizos Borrachos $9.00 sauteed spanish sausage with a kick & brandy splash
Paella A La Valenciana $9.00 – $30.00 classic spanish saffron rice with meat, seafood and vegetables
Alcachofas $9.50 sauteed artichoke hearts w/ garlic & lemon
Crema De Espinaca $9.00 spinach & artichoke heart dip topped with manchego cheese
Bunuelos $7.00 seasoned vegetable & cheese fritters
Habichuelas $7.50 steamed green beans with almonds
Calamares Fritos $10.00 fried calamari with a parsley & pesto mojo sauce
Gambas Al Ajillo $9.50 garlicky shrimp
Pinchos De Vieiras $12.00 grilled sea scallops & black grape skewers
Alas De Pollo $8.50 sauteed chicken wings in a spicy buffalo sauce
Croquetas De Pollo $8.00 chicken croquettes with lola’s tomato sauce
Pato Con Naranjas Valencianas $10.00 roasted duckling with a valencia orange sauce
Ravioles De Queso $9.00 cheese ravioli w/ lola’s creamy wild blueberry sauce
Croquetas De Jamon $9.00 serrano ham & potato croquettes w/ a cream caper sauce
Empanadas De Carne $8.00 beef turnovers and fresh hand made tomato sauce
Cerdo Ximenez $9.00 sauteed pork tenderloin with a sherry fig sauce
Albondigas $8.00 hand made meatballs in a sweet tomato sauce
Chuletillas $12.00 baby lamb chops and a "castille" style sauce
Palmeritos $9.00 baked mediterranean dates wrapped with bacon
Paella De Vegetales $28.00 spanish saffron rice with market fresh vegetables


Frixuelos milk caramel crepes with coffee cream sauce
Tarta De Queso fresh white cheese tart with berries
Budin De Pan bread pudding with mango sauce
Flan Al Caramelo caramel custard with blueberry sauce and sugar biscuit
Chocolate Brownie Sundae warm brownie with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream
Tarta De Chocololate chocolate tart with passion fruit cream


Segura Viudas Brut $7.00
Poema Cava $9.00
Montsarra Brut $10.00


Quo Macabeo-Chardonnay $7.00
Volteo Sauvignon Blanc $7.00
Marques De Caceres $8.00
Cortijo III $8.00
Ercavio Blanco $8.00
Raimat Chardonnay $9.00
Castello De Papa $9.00
Pares Balta $9.00
Burgans Albarino $10.00
Legado Del Conde Alberino $10.00

Rosado $8

Marques De Caceres
Castella Rose Cava


Red Consuming Raw Or Uncooked Meat, Poultry, Seafood Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of Food Borne Illnesses
Montecillo $7.00
Spada $7.00
Las Rocas $8.00
El Coto Rioja $8.00
Campo Viejo Rioja $8.00
Torremoron Tempranillo $9.00
Darien Tempranillo $9.00
Mas Donis $9.00
Estay $10.00
Rivola $10.00
Dehesa La Granja $12.00

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