Bar Masa

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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Kegani Hairy Crab With Chrysanthemum Sunomono $34.00
Naked Kumamoto Oysters In Citrus Sauce $26.00
Scallop with Sweet Shrimp & Jalapeno Ceviche $28.00
Tai Sea Bream With Truffle $38.00
Hirame With Spicy Cucumber Vinaigrette $28.00
Akamutsu Deep Sea Snapper In A Ponzu Sauce $34.00
Kawahagi White Triggerfish With Truffle Sauce $38.00
Kanpachi Jalapeno With Fried Potato Julienne $28.00
Wasabi Tuna $28.00
Spicy Tuna Tataki $28.00
Toro Tataki $68.00
Wagyu Beef Sashimi With Garlic Soy $38.00
Toro Tartare With Caviar $68.00

Cold Salad

Fig, Avocado and Grapes Shiraae $16.00
Yuba Sashimi $16.00 Wasabicress & chikuwa with wasabi dressing
Wakame $18.00 Cucumber, and chrysanthemum sunomono
Spicy Cucumber Tataki $16.00
Soba $18.00 Mizuna, fig & walnuts with white sesame sauce

Warm Salad

Grilled Yuba With Mizuna $18.00
Gingko Nuts $12.00
Spicy Sizzling Tofu $18.00 – $24.00 With black trumpet
Hijiki & Root Vegetables $18.00
Tofu & Eggplant Agedashi $18.00
Sauteed Fall $18.00 Mushroom & vegetables
Haricot Verts $16.00 With black sesame sauce


Toro $58.00
Lobster & Foie Gras $55.00
Wagyu Beef $55.00


Short Rib wit Tosazu Vinaigrette $28.00
Kobe Beef Sukiyaki with Foe Gras $48.00 – $68.00
Black Cod with Daikon $34.00


Nameko & Tofu Miso Soup $12.00
Fall Mushroom Chowder $16.00
Matsutake Mushroom Dobion $18.00

Bar – HIbachi Grilled

Scottish Langoustines $24.00 Whole scallop cooked in shell with garlic and butter
Sizzling Spicy Octopus $24.00
Sizzling Popcorn Shrimp With Mitsuba $24.00
Fresh Unagi With Salt or Kabayaki Sauce $38.00
White Miso Cod or Cod Collar $34.00
Yellowtail or Snapper Head With Collar $28.00
Bbq Toro Suji On Bibb Lettuce $18.00
Baby Back Ribs $24.00
Bluefin Tuna Steak $38.00
Chicken Yakitori Skewers $18.00
Spicy Chicken Wings $18.00
Peking Duck with Foie Gras In Moo-Shu Skin $26.00
Kobe Skewers With Yuzu Spice $25.00
BBQ Lamb $24.00
Kobe Garlic Soy Steak $68.00
Wagyu Beef Tataki With Truffle $80.00 – $98.00

Bar – Grilled Vegetable

Sizzling Asparagus with Garlic Chives $18.00
Baby Shishito Pepper $12.00
Matsutake Mushroom and Chestnuts $28.00
Maitake Mushroom With White Truffle $34.00
Nasu Eggplant With Yuzu Miso $18.00
Yuba With Yuzu Miso Fried $18.00

Bar – Fried

Calamari With Jalapeno Salt $18.00
Popcorn Shrimp With Romesco Sauce $24.00
Seafood & Vegetable Tempura $28.00
Crispy Deep Sea Snapper Head With Chili Salt or Grilled $34.00
Garlic Chicken Karaage $18.00 Rice uni risotto


Uni Risotto $48.00 – $68.00 With black trumpets with truffle
Lobster Risotto With Royal $38.00 – $58.00 trumpets with truffle
Peking Duck With Foie Gras Fried Rice $28.00
Kobe Beef & Garlic Fried Rice $28.00
Baby Shrimp Fried Rice $24.00
Fall Mushroom Fried Rice With Truffle $24.00 – $44.00
Grilled Unagi Rice $38.00
Kobe Sukiyaki Rice Topped With Poached Egg $34.00
Kobe Sukiyaki Rice Topped With Poached Egg $28.00

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