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Bar Pastoral House-Made Charcuterie Menu and Prices

Served with warm baguette and select accompaniments. A sampling of all three $18.
Rabbit Rillette $12.00 Cured rabbit, bacon, butter, chives.
Pheasant Pate $12.00 Roasted pheasant, bacon, walnuts.
Chicken Liver Mousse $8.00

Bar Pastoral Dessert Menu and Prices

Earl Grey Creme Brulee $9.00 Candied orange, shortbread.
Counter Culture Coffee $3.00
Buttermilk Chocolate Cake $10.00 Creme fraiche ganache, spiced kettle corn.
Brabander Cookie Plate $12.00 Brabander gouda (goat), almond fudge, apricot linzers, lace cookies.
Apple Cider Bread Pudding $9.00 Brioche, cider caramel, hazelnut granola, whipped cream.

Bar Pastoral Cured Meats Menu and Prices

Served with warm baguette and select accompaniments. Choose any three $17.00, choose five $25.00.
Summer Sausage (beef & pork) $6.00
Bresaola (beef) $6.00
Finnochiona (goat & pork) $6.00
Tamworth Prosciutto (pork) $6.00
Dodge City (pork) $6.00
Sopressata (pork) $6.00

Bar Pastoral Artisan Cheeses Menu and Prices

Served with warm baguette and select accompaniments. Each $6, three cheeses $16 , five cheeses $25.
Firm Stompetoren Grand Cru Gouda (raw cow) $6.00 Cono kaasmakers A– stompetoren, holland whiskey, wertherA’s original, crunchy.
Firm Hubaner (raw cow) $6.00 Senerrei Huban A– doren, austria toffee, boiled peanuts, french onion soup.
Soft – Brie Fermier (Cow) $6.00 Ferme de jouvence, france black truffle, fresh oysters, knob onion.
Firm BarberA’s Vintage Reserve 1833 Cheddar (raw cow) $6.00 AJ & RG barber A– somerset, united kingdomraw corn, grass, butterscotch.
Blue Mitibleu (sheep) $6.00
Blue Bleu des Basques ( sheep) $6.00
Soft – Il Nocciolo(Sheep, Cow & Goat) $6.00 Caseficio alta langa, italyfluffy , doughy.
Soft – Crescendo Crescenza (Cow) $6.00 Narragansett creamery providence, ribouncy – grilled cheese, yogurt.
Washed Rind La Jeune Autize (goat) $6.00 Rodolphe le meunier vendee, francesatin – kettle corn button mushroom.
Soft – Chevre Frais (Goat) $6.00 Dutch girl creamery, lincoln, ne sour cream, tabbouleh, lemongrass.
Washed Rind Campo (cow) $6.00 Boxcarr handmade cheese cedar grove, nc fresh churned butter bacon A– campfire.
Washed Rind Arpea de Brebis (sheep) $6.00 Fromagerie agour, france clay, marcona almonds fresh linens.
Firm Walton Umber (raw cow) $6.00 Vulto creamery A– walton, nyroasted parsnip, walnuts, earth.
Soft – Grand Mere Adrienne (Goat) $6.00 Fromagerie jacquin, francecrushed velvet, buttermilk, pound cake.
Firm Pecorino Riserva del Fondatore (sheep) $6.00 Caseificio il fiorino A– roccalbegna, italyolives, mashed potatoes, brown butter.
Blue Gorgonzola Cremificato (cow) $6.00
Washed Rind Good Thunder (cow) $6.00 Alemar cheese mankato, mn peanut butter – beef A–custard.

Bar Pastoral Bar Bites Menu and Prices

Mini Grilled Cheese $9.00 Brioche, hittisau (cow), housemade jam.
House-made Pickles $5.00
Olives $6.00 Served warm, herbs, citrus.
Crispy Chickpeas $6.00 House spices, prairie breeze (cow).

Bar Pastoral From The Kitchen Menu and Prices

Salmon $23.00 Lentils, mushrooms, swiss chard, beets.
Hanger Steak $20.00 Pommes aligot, Cantal Entre Deux (cow), sauce Chasseur, roasted tomatoes.
Flatbread $13.00 Braised tamworth prosciutto, 1655 gruyere (raw cow) caramelized pearl onions, arugula, horseradish cream.
Lamb Meatballs $12.00 Butternut squash tomato sauce, zingermanA’s cream cheese (cow), garlic baguette.
Tomato & Cheddar Soup $6.00 BarberA’s vintage cheddar (raw cow), garlic croutons.
Pork Shank $22.00 Braised, polenta, glacier blue (cow) fennel, brussels sprouts.
Panzanella $11.00 Cauliflower, butternut squash, beet arugula, pecorino riserva (sheep), red wine vinaigrette.
Parisienne Gnocchi $15.00 Butternut squash, fennel, hazelnuts, taleggio (cow), brown butter, sage.
Roasted Garlic Plate $6.00 Herb butter, baguette.
Mac and Cheese $13.00 Add bacon $3.00.
Chicken Thighs $16.00 Crispy skin, farro, dried apricot, rainbow carrots, pomegranate and carrot top gremolata.
Charred Endive Salad $12.00 Red wine poached pear, walnuts, glacier blue (cow), mustard vinaigrette, balsamic reduction.
PEI Mussels $20.00 House curry spice blend, caramelized fennel, white wine, baguette.

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