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Barbacoa Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Barbacoa Big Vittles Menu and Prices

Char-Grilled Salmon $13.95 huckleberry honey and chipotle glaze, with buttery mashers and garlic greens
Mesquite Roasted Chicken $14.95 with green chile chilaquiles and spicy slaw
Chicken Fried Flat Iron Steak $15.95 yep, with buttery mashers and spicy chorizo gravy
Pork Carnitas Tacos $11.95 with texas 10/15 onion escabeche, pico de gallo and borracho beans
Low and Slow Barbequed Brisket $15.95 dad’s borracho beans, garlic greens and fire roasted corn
Pecan Fried Catfish $14.50 with tomato, avocado and chile de arbol salad and buttery mashers
Enchiladas Verdes $11.25 barbequed chicken enchiladas, jack cheese with tomatillo sauce crema and borracho beans
Chile Relleno $12.95 poblano chile stuffed with beets, roasted corn, carmelized onion and asedero cheese. Over a tomato, avocado and chile de arbol salad
Cente Cut Pork Ribs $15.95 mesquite and white oak, smoked with mashers and texas 10/15 onion rings

Barbacoa Little Vittles Menu and Prices

Campechana Cocktail $7.25 with Gulf prawns, pico de gallo, avocado, lime, lobster broth and smoked habanero ketchup
Oyster Nachitos $5.95 gig harbor oysters with pico de gallo, guacamole and pasilla oaxaca mayo
Pinto Bean-Ranchero Cheese Tostadas $5.95 with spicy slaw and pasilla oaxaca mayo
Cast Iron Griddled Quesadilla $5.25 with panela cheese and chili poblano
Shwings $5.95 chicken with chipotle buffalo sauce, chimmichurri and a side of chile de arbol ranch dressing
Queso Fundido $5.25 baked fondue of asadero cheese, chorizo and pico de gallo. with tortillas
The Cesar Cardini $5.50 the 1924 tijuana classic spiked with chipotle chiles, cotija cheese and cornbread croutons
Fried Green Tomatoes $4.25 with pasilla oaxaca mayo
Crawfish Cakes $5.95 with roasted corn relish
Ancho Chile Fried Calamari $6.50 with spicy tartar sauce
Fancy Greens $5.50 with combread croutons, beets and a choice of chile de arbol ranch dressing or green apple poblano vinaigrette
The Cesar Cardini with Smoked Chicken $7.50 the 1924 tijuana classic spiked with chipotle chiles, cotija cheese and cornbread croutons

Barbacoa Lunch Vittles Menu and Prices

Louislana Catfish Tacos $7.95 with tangy pepper slaw and borracho beans
Pork Pit-Pork Sandwich $6.95 with tangy pepper slaw
Texas Chili $5.95 with pasilla oaxaca, carmelized onions and suds
Enchilada Verdes $8.25 BBQ chicken, jack cheese, tomatillo sauce, crema and borracho beans
Barbequed Brisket Sandwich $6.95 with buttermilk onion rings

Barbacoa Sides Menu and Prices

Garlic Greens $1.95
Buttery Mashers $1.95
Spicy Slaw $2.25
Frijoles Borrachos $1.95 with bacon, onion, Mexican oregano and pasilla oaxaca served with crema
Chilaquile $2.95
Buttermilk Onion Rings $2.95 with smoked habenero ketchup
Fire Roasted Corn on The Cob $2.50 with mesquite honey and puya chile butter

Barbacoa Sweets Menu and Prices

The Sundae $5.95 vanilla bean ice cream, maple-ibarra chocolate sauce, pistachio praline and whupped cream
Ibarra Flan $3.95 Mexican chocolate caramel custard
Crock O’ Key Lime Pie $4.95 graham-pecan crust and whipped cream
Pecan Tart $4.95 with vanilla bean ice cream

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