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Barbrix Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Barbrix Starters Menu and Prices

Deviled Eggs $10.00 marinated boquerones
Pan Con Tomate $5.00
Pan Con Tomate And Jamon Serrano $10.00
Ciabatta Toast $2.50 with butter & strawberry jam
Crispy Brussels Sprouts- Ricotta Salata $9.00

Barbrix White Menu and Prices

Riesling " Terrassen," Huber ’11 $12.00 austria
Txakolina, Txomin Etxauiz ’13 $13.00 spain
Chardonnay " Edna Valley," Fossil Point ’11 $10.00 united states
Bearn, Domaine Guilhemas ’13 $10.00 france
Etna Bianco, Tenuta Delle Terre Nere ’13 $12.00 italy
Macon ; La Roche Vineuse,; Merlin ’11 $14.00 france
Kerner, Abbazia Di Novacella ’12 $12.00 italy
Viura & Malvasia, Allende ’10 $15.00 spain

Barbrix Dessert Menu and Prices

Warm Chocolate Nutella Souffle Cake $10.00 with whipped cream
Moscato D’asti ‘ Bricco Quaglia," La Spinetta N/V $12.00 italy
Pistachio CrA?me BrA»lA©e $9.00
Warm Apple Crisp $9.00 vanilla bean gelato
Warm Buttermilk Cinnamon Doughnuts $9.00 with seasonal gelato, rum caramel sauce
Blood Orange Sorbet $9.00 with mixed berries
Muscat De Rivesaltes, Domaine Ferrer Ribiere ’08 $14.00 france
Vin Santo, Castello Di Uzzano ’08 $13.00 italy
Affogato $9.00 tahitian vanilla bean gelato "drowned" in espresso
Warm Chocolate Nutella Souffle Cake $2.00 add vanilla gelato
Madeira, The Rare Wine Co., New York Malmsey N/V $15.00 portugal
Cheese $6.00 – $17.00
Honey Lavender Panna Cotta $8.00 fresh strawberries

Barbrix Salads Menu and Prices

Grilled Chicken Salad $14.00 marinated chicken breast, iceberg, avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrots, corn, scallions, crispy onions, bbq ranch dressing
Greek Salad $11.00 baby lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, piquillo pepper, black olives, feta cheese & oregano vinaigrette
Burrata $15.00 prosciutto, arugula, balsamico
Hams Of The World $17.00 prosciutto (usa), jambon de paris (france), serrano ham (spain), speck (italy) served with olives & grilled ciabatta
Burrata $15.00 summer tomatoes, micro basil, balsamico
Watermelon Salad $10.00 sugar snap peas, whipped ricotta, balsamico, mint
Bay Blue   point reyes, ca – natural rind cowA’s blue
Iceberg Wedge $12.00 tomatoes, avocado, fried onion strings, maytag bleu cheese, buttermilk dressing
Vento DA’estate   treviso, it – hay aged cowA’s milk
Ewenique   paso robles, ca – natural rind sheepA’s milk
Watermelon Salad $10.00 sugar snap peas, whipped ricotta, balsamico, mint
The Cheese Board $17.00 selection of three cheeses, served with dried figs, marcona almonds, membrillo & grilled ciabatta

Barbrix Vegetables Menu and Prices

Grilled Radicchio $8.00 smoked salt & fig vincotto
Crispy Brussels Sprouts $9.00 ricotta salata
Grilled Broccolini $9.00 chili, garlic & lemon aioli
Blistered Shishito Peppers $10.00 murray pink salt
Baked Polenta $12.00 wild mushrooms, gorgonzola, tomato sauce
Roasted Cauliflower $9.00 olives, capers, bread crumbs

Barbrix Sandwich & Burgers Menu and Prices

Barbrix Burger $15.00 8oz. ground sirloin, chuck & short rib, aleppo aioli, arugula, dill pickle, arugula & brioche bun
Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich $14.00 buttermilk marinade, apple-napa slaw, grain mustard aioli, pretzel roll
Barbrix Burger $2.00 add apple-wood smoked bacon, add fried egg
The Grilled Broccolini Sandwich $11.00 tomato, olive tapenade & burrata
Barbrix Burger $1.00 add grilled onions by request, add gruyere cheese

Barbrix Fish & Meat Menu and Prices

Pei Mussels "Marinieres" $15.00 garlic, white wine, cream, fresh thyme, garlic toast
Barbrix Burger $2.00 add fried egg
Barbrix Burger $1.00 add sliced tomato
Prime Hanger Steak $2.00 add substitute broccolini or baby lettuce salad for french fries
Lindy & Grundy Pork Chorizo $14.00 cannellini beans, tomato, sage, sour cream
Pan Roasted Petrale Sole $19.00 roasted yukon gold potatoes, pea sprouts, cherry tomato, salsa verde
Barbrix Burger $2.00 add substitute broccolini or baby lettuce salad for french fries
Barbrix Burger $2.00 add apple-wood smoked bacon
Pappardelle $18.00 sausage & fennel ragu, pecorino romano
Pei Mussels "Marinieres" $3.00 add frites
Prime Hanger Steak $25.00 natural angus beef, maitre dA’ butter & french fries
Barbrix Burger $1.00 add grilled onions by request. gruyere cheese
Barbrix Burger $17.00 8 oz ground dry-aged sirloin, short rib & chuck, aleppo aioli, house made pickle, arugula, brioche bun & french fries

Barbrix Breakfast Menu and Prices

Blueberry- Cornmeal Pancakes $12.00 vermont maple syrup
Breakfast Sandwich $13.00 fried eggs, cheddar cheese, french ham, bacon, grilled onions, lemon aioli on grilled ciabatta roll
Brioche French Toast-3 Berry Compote $12.00 thick cut, egg-dipped brioche, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry compote, vermont maple syrup
Dungeness Crab Hash $16.00 poached eggs & tomatillo salsa
Eggs $12.00 with applewood bacon or wild boar bratwurst
Tomato $12.00 avocado, cilantro scramble
Frittata $13.00 broccolini, cherry tomato, burrata & shishito pepper
Granola $7.00 with vanilla-honey yogurt & berries
Smoked Salmon Benedict $15.00 english muffin, cream fraiche, dill hollandaise
Eggs Any Style $10.00
Prime Hanger Steak & Eggs $16.00
Fresh Fruit Salad $8.00

Barbrix Sweets Menu and Prices

Honey Lavender Panna Cotta $8.00 fresh strawberries
Affogato $9.00 tahitian vanilla bean gelato " drowned" in espresso

Barbrix Sparkling Menu and Prices

Prosecco "Extra Dry," Bortolotti N/V $10.00 italy

Barbrix Beverages Menu and Prices

Cappuccino/Latte $4.50
Coffee/ Tea $3.75
Espresso $3.75 – $7.00

Barbrix Sides Menu and Prices

French Fries $5.00
French Fries $6.00 2 eggs any style
Baby Lettuces $6.00 dijon vinaigrette
Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon Or Wild Boar Bratwurst $5.00

Barbrix Charcuterie Menu and Prices

Paleta- Jamon Iberico Fermin $13.00 cured ham from famous black footed pigs of spain
Duck Prosciutto $10.00 air dried duck breast
Spanish Misti $16.00 salchichon de vic, pamplona, chorizo leon, lomo
Hams Of The World $18.00 prosciutto (usa), jambon de paris (france), serrano (spain), speck (italy)
Italian Countryside $18.00 prosciutto, sopressata, felino, coppa, salame rosa
Duck Salami $10.00 peppercorns & garlic

Barbrix Beer Menu and Prices

Abita Andygator $9.00 helles doppelbock, abita springs, louisiana. intense lager, slightly sweet with subtle fruit and malty flavor
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde $6.00 golden ale, quebec, canada, smooth, slightly tart with flavors of wild spices, malt and hops
Bitburger Drive $5.00 non-alcoholic malt beverage, bitburg, germany
St. Peter’s $9.00 organic english ale, suffolk, england, roasted nose with smoky notes, refreshing bitter finish
Schnelder Edelweisse $9.00 organic weisse beer, kelheim, germany, full bodied, more hoppy style
Saison Dupont $9.00 belgian famhouse ale, brasserie dupont, tourpes, blond with a big, rocky head, dry and refreshing
Einstok $6.00 toasted porter, iceland dark, robust medium body
Lost Coast Downtown Brown $6.00 nut brown ale, eureka, california smooth, full bodied, lightly hopped with a hit of roasted malts
Duvel $11.00 golden aole, puurs, belgium, blend of barley and hops, subtly bitter & aromatic
Delirium Tremens $9.00 triple ale, melle, ghent, belgium golden color with spicy dried fruit and a smooth finish
Castelain $9.00 french ale, blond biere de grade, france, malty, with a delicate sweeteness and grassy, herbal notes

Barbrix On Tap Beer Menu and Prices

Chouffe $9.00 dobbelen ipa tripel houblon, achouffe, belgium, harmoniously balanced & pleasant fruitness
Allagash White $7.00 belgian wheat beer, portland, me full flavor with hints of spice
Ballast Point Sculpin $8.00 ipa, san diego, california, classic ipa with hints of apricot, peach, mango & lemon
Stiegl Gold $8.00 golden lager, salzburg, austria, extreamely refreshing great balance

Barbrix Drinks Menu and Prices

Coffee $3.75 decaf coffee
Prosseco Cocktail $12.00
Hot Tea $3.75 chamomile, darjeeling, jasmin, mint
Latte $4.50 decaf latte
Cappuccino $4.50 decaf cappuccino
Espresso $4.00 decaf espresso
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice $5.00
Machiato $4.00 decaf machiato
Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice $5.00
Sodas $4.00 coke, diet cola, bubble up lemon lime, faygo vanilla cream, izzy sparkling pomegranite
Mimosa $12.00
Americano $4.00 decaf americano

Barbrix Soda Menu and Prices

Faygo Vanilla Cream $4.00
Izzy Sparkling Pomegranate $4.00
Bubble Up ;
Iced Tea $3.50
Faygo Vanilla Cream ;
Diet Coke ;
Coke $4.00
European Coke ;
Bubble Up Lemon Lime $4.00
Diet Cola $4.00
Izzy Sparkling Blackberry ;

Barbrix First Menu and Prices

Pan Con Tomate And Paleta $11.00
Marinated Spanish Olives $5.00
Pan Con Tomate And Boquerones $10.00
Deviled Eggs $10.00 marinated boquerones
Grilled Pork Belly ; Bao; $12.00 korean bbq sauce, pickled carrots & cucumber, radish sprouts
Marinated Italian Olives $5.00
Pan Con Tomate And Jamon Serrano $10.00
Pork & Ricotta Meatballs $12.00 tomato sauce (while available)
Marinated Spanish Boquerones $6.00
Hamachi $14.00 avocado, cucumber, pickled chili, ponzu
Pan Con Tomate $5.00 toasted slices of rustic bread brushed with fresh tomato
Smoked Trout Crostini $10.00 mascarpone, pickled red onion, lemon

Barbrix Cheese Menu and Prices

Ossau-Iraty ; valle dA’aspe, fr – natural rind sheepA’s milk
Quadrello Di Bufala ; lombardy, it – washed rind water buffaloA’s milk
Bay Blue ; point reyes, ca – natural rind cowA’s blue
Capricious ; petaluma, ca – natural rind goatA’s milk
Monte Enebro ; avila, spain- charcoal ash-covered goatA’s milk
Tavoliere ; veneto, it – tomato rubbed natural rind cowA’s milk
NancyA’s Camembert ; old chatham, ny- bloomy rind cowA’s milk

Barbrix Dessert Wines By The Glass Menu and Prices

Moscato D’ Asti " Bricco Quaglia $12.00 " la spinetta ’12
Beerenauslese ; CuvA?e $14.00 ; kracher A’10
Muscat De Rivesaltes $14.00 domaine ferrer ribiere ’08

Barbrix Red Menu and Prices

BlaufrA¤nkisch, Claus Preisinger ’11 $12.00 austria
Pinot Noir Picayune Cellars ’13 $15.00 united states
Tinto Tradicional "Fronton De Oro", Grand Canaria Island ’12 $13.00 spain
Lagrain, Merlot & Cabernet ; RA©serve Del Conte,; Manincor ’11 $13.00 italy
Pay’s D’oc, Puydeval ’11 ( Cab Franc, Syrah & Merlot) $11.00 france
Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano & Viura, Lindes De Rmelluri ’10 $15.00 spain
Barbera D’ Asti, Boeri ’12 $10.00 italy
Zweigelt, BrA?ndlmayer ’11 $13.00 austria
Cuvee Le Bec, Beckmen Vineyards ’11 $11.00 united states
Rosso Di Montalcino, La Gerla ’10 $12.00 italy
Saperavi, Schuchmann ’09 $13.00 georgia

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