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Cuisine: Coffee, Coffee & Tea.


House $5.50 crumbled feta, craisins, & walnuts served on a bed of fresh greens with greek vinaigrette
The Salad $5.75 heaps of our house made tuna salad over fresh greens with sliced tomatoes, parmesan cheese & served with old world sourdough toast with olive oil dressing
The Village $6.00 thick avocado slices, hummus, bell peppers, cucumber, spritzed with lemon juice & drizzled with our house-made balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Freshly Made Sandwiches

Add avocado to any sandwich $0.75, make it a combo & add chips or an apple $0.50.
Midwest $6.75 baked ham, turkey breast, provolone & dijon-honey mustard pressed on slices of old world sourdough
The Veg. $5.75 avocado, hummus, lettuce, bell peppers & cucumber slices served on toasted ciabatta bread
Florence $5.25 zesty pesto, provolone & fresh tomatoes baked on ciabatta bread (veggie frindly)
Le Sultan $6.75 turkey, hummus, lettuce & tomat-oohh!! served on ciabatta bread
Major Hamm $5.85 ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo & dijon mustard served on toasted ciabatta bread
3 Cheese Toastie $5.86 feta, provolone & parmesan cheese pressed to perfection on buttered old world sourdough. make it meaty for $1.50 add turkey, ham, tuna, or avocado (veggie frindly)
Tastee Tuna $6.75 our house made tuna salad-mixed with craisins & walnuts-lettuce & tomato served on toasted ciabatta bread


Add raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, fresh fruit, brown sugar, craisins, or granola $15.00 ea.
Hummus & Veggies $3.65 garbanzo bean goodness served with bell peppers & cucumber
Parfait $3.50 greek yogurt, granola & topped with fresh fruit
Cup O’ Fruit $3.00 freshly sliced & naturally tastee
PB & $3.75 banana, honey & walnuts served on toasted multi-grain
Oatmeal Bar-Hot Rolled Oats Plain Jane $2.00 hot rolled oats

House Faves

April’s Brown Sugar Latte $4.95 – $4.25 two long shots of espresso, steamed milk, french vanilla flava, a dash of brown sugar & topped with cinnamon
Turbo-Turtle $4.95 – $4.25 gooey caramel & chocolate lined cup, filled with hot coffee & a double shot pow
Honey Delight $4.95 – $4.25 double shot, steamed milk, vanilla syrup & drizzled with honey


Cafe Au Lait $3.50 – $3.00
Cappuccino $4.15 – $3.55
La Latte $4.25 – $3.85
Mocha $4.50 – $3.95

Non-Tweak Treats

Soy milk $0.50, extra shot $0.65, add flava $0.35.
Fresh Fruit Smoothie $4.95 our smoothie ;of the week; made with seasonal fresh fruit
Italian Soda $2.85 – $2.25
Indian Summer $3.30 – $2.50 sparkling soda & apple cider
Chai Latte $2.90 – $2.40
Caramel Apple Cider $4.00
Hot Choco-Latte twist the taste with a shot of flavor $0.35 ea options: almond, amaretto, english toffee, cinnamon, french vanilla, peppermint, hazelnut, pumpkin spice, caramel, cherry, black berry, pineapple, or ra

Drinks Daily Fix

Coffee $1.70 – $1.90
Espresso $2.00 – $1.50
Red Eye $3.50 – $3.00
Americano $2.90

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