Barley Swine

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Barley Swine Small Plate Menu and Prices

Per person
Green Gazpacho, Kefir, Trout Roe $75.00
Corn Muffin, Country Ham, Creamer Peas $75.00
Chamomile Panna Cotta, Chartreuse, Pistachio, Fennel $75.00
Poached Salmon, Fish Skin Succotash, Blackberry $75.00
Red Snapper, Strawberry, Truffle $75.00
Honey-Miso Froyo, Cucumber, Wild Rice $75.00
Duck Jerky, Brussel Sprouts, Coffee Curd $75.00
Mozzarella, Spring Onion $75.00
French Toast, Strawberries, Chocolate Ice Cream $75.00
Cold Noodles, Peanut, Gulf Shrimp $75.00
Uni, Turnip Soup, Creole Onion $75.00
Grilled Lamb, Zucchini, Yogurt, Bottarga $75.00
Pulled Pork Rib, Peach, Potato, Green Tomatoes $75.00

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