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Barleycorn's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Barleycorn’s Dinner Favorites Menu and Prices

Add a barfeycorn salad or a cup of soup with entrees fo $1.95
Chicken Tender Combo $11.95 Chicken tneders plain or buffalo stye with a cup of soup or fires and slaw
Aker’s Steak and Mushrooms $11.90 Coach bill aker steak huciy sirliun steak with whole sauteed mushrooms and a barleycorn
Baby Back Pork Ribs Whole Slab $16.95 Slow cooked, tender marty ribs with homemade BBQ sauce and fries
Smokey Mountains Chicken $10.95 Gilled chicken breast with homemade BBQ sacue cheddar cheese bacon and tomato served with potato and vegetable
Smotherd Chicken $10.25 Smothered with onions and sauteed mushrooms coverd with provolne cheese and served with our loaded baked potato
New York Strip $15.95 Juicy 10oz new yourk stirp steajk grilled the way you like it served with potato and vegetable
Kebtuck Hot Brown $8.95 An of kentycky favorite recipe
Asiago Chicken or Steak Pasta $11.95 Asiago white cream sauce over pasta sauteed with tomatoed and your choice of chicken or steak
Grilled Salmon $13.95 Caribbean glazed salmon with grilled vegetables and baked potato
Baby Back Pork Ribs $11.95 Slow cooked, tender marty ribs with homemade BBQ sauce and fries

Barleycorn’s Barleycorn’s Appetizers Menu and Prices

Enjoy our apptizers during happy hour at $1.50 disount
Pretzels Con Queso $6.95 Large Soft pretzel sticks and our sgnature con queso cheese sauce for dipping
Fried Cheese Sticks $5.99 Served with warm marinara sauce
Super Nachos Platter $10.95 A mountain of tortilla chips smothered wuth taco beef melted cheddar chese, tomatoes onions, black olives jalapeno peppers. Served with sour cream and salsa
Fried Eggplant $5.95 A favorite northern kentucky recipe prepared just the way you remebeer it
Buffalo Tenders $5.95 Tnders dipped in mild medium or hot sauce with ranch dressing
Big Steak Onion Rings $4.95 Our famous beer-battered onion rings stacked high
Wings Sampler $8.95 A taste of four new sauced homamad jerk and buttery garlic
Stuffed Mushrooms $5.95 Jumbo mushroom caps stuffed with a creamy blend of artichokes and spinach blend of butter and topped with freshly grated parmedan cheese
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla $7.99 Tortilla filled with cheddar cheese, bacon grilled chicken, tomaotes and scallions served with sour ceram and salsa
Tequila Lime Chicken Tenders $6.99 Fresh chicken tenders sauteed in tequila lime sauce and a hint of seasonnig
Nachos Con Queso $6.59 Tortilla chips with a crock of zesty hot pepper cheese blend
Chicken Tenders $5.95 With BBQ sauce dor dipping
Barleycorn’s Best $9.95 A platter of our ,ost popular chicken wings potato skind and fried cheese sticks
Potato Stins $6.99 Stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon bits served with sour cream on the side

Barleycorn’s Soups and Combos Menu and Prices

Salad and 1/2 Sandwich $6.25 Barleycorn’s or caesar salad and half a riverboat club
Soup and Salad $6.25 A bowl of soup and our house saad
Texas Chili $3.75 – $2.99 A hearty homamade recipe with beef tomatoes, beand and greens peppers topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream
French Onion Soup $3.75 Hearty beef broth with sauteed onion, croutons and provilone cheese availanle by the crock only
Soup or Chili and Sandwich $6.25 A bowl of our soup of the day or texas style chili with half of our riverboat club

Barleycorn’s Wraps Menu and Prices

Turkey Club Wrap $7.50 Soft tortilla filled with smoked turkey cheddar cheese bacon ranch dressing lettuce and tomatoes
Chopotle Chicken Wrap $7.75 Soft tortilla filled with grilled chicken onions mushrooms greens peppers, lettuce, mozzarella cheese and chipotle ranch dressing
Bacon Chicken Club Wrap $7.75 Soft tortilla filled with deep fried chicken crisp greens bacon tomaotes cheddar cheese and ranch dressing

Barleycorn’s Salads Menu and Prices

Chicken Club Salad $8.49 Grilled chicken breast over crisp greens, topped with cheddar cheese, red onion, bacom tomaotes, cucumbers
Spinach Salad $6.95 With mushrooms, onion, egg and hot bacon dressing
Bleu Wedge $4.95 Wedge of criso lettuce with bacon bits and tomaot and our homemade bleu cheese drassi b
Chef Salad $7.50 Ham, turkey, swiss and american cheese, red onion, egg, tomato and cucumber over salad greens
Taco Salad $7.50 – $8.49 An award winning favorite criesp greens topped with cheddar cheese, black olivbes, tomatoes onions ranch dressing surrounded with tortilla chips and sala
Caesar Salad $6.95 Crisp romaine lettuce tossed wuth creamy caesar fressing parmesan cheesse and croutnos
Grilled Salmon Salad $9.25 Caribbean marinated grilled salmon over salad greens with your cjoice of drssings
Santa fe BBQ Chicken Salad $8.25 BBQ fried chicken over romaine lettuce with bacon tomato, onion, chipotle ranch dressing and mozzarella cheese
Fruit Chiclken Salad $7.50 Homemade chicken salad surrounded with fresh fruit and crackers
Tuscan Salad $10.95 Crisp romaine with asiafo cheese craisins mandarin iranges sesame sticks and blasamic vinaigrette
Barleycorn’s Salad $3.25 Salad greens with cucumber, craisins, red onion and sesame sticks
Black and Bleu Salad $8.25 Crisp romaine lettuce with crumbled bleu cheese, strips of cajum steak and our homemade bleu cheese dressing

Barleycorn’s Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Served on a bakery fresh bun with a choice of one of the following; fries potato pancake, pasta salad cole slaw fresh fruit or appleasuce.
Bluegrass Chicken Sandwich $7.95 Grilled chicken breast with provolone cheese, bacon and our homemade BBQ sauce
Colossal Smokey Pepperjack Burger $8.95 A huge stack of burger pepperjack cheese chipotle mayo a 1 steak sauce bacon lettuce, tomato, pickle and a fried onion ring
Philly Steak Sandwich $7.49 Thinly sliced sauteed steak with mushrooms, green peppers and onions, topped with provolone cheese on agrilled french roll
Fried Grouper Sandwich $7.95 Lightly breaded gouper filet on rye
Smothered Burger $7.99 A big half pound burger topped with sauteed onions mushrooms and melted swiss cheese
Deep Fried Chicken Club $6.99 Breaded chicken breast topped with bacon and meletd cheddar cheese
The Wildcat $7.25 Deep fried chicken dipped in medium hot sauce, topped with sauteed mushtooms, cheddar cheese and bleu cheese dressing
Dagwood Sandwich $7.25 Hot ham and turkey with swiss and american cheese on sourdough bread, with italian dressing in the side
Chicken Salad $6.95 Our special recipe chicken salad on a servatii’s pretzel roll
Classic Reuben $6.95 Corned beef, melted swiss cheese and sauerkraut, griiled on rye with thousand islad dressing and a potaot pancake
Steak Hoagie $6.95 Big hoagie with marinara sauce and provolne cheese
Blackened Bleu Burger $7.99 A barleycorn’s favorite our big burger grilled with cajun spices and topped with homemade bleu cheese dressing
Barleycorn’s Classic Burger $6.99 Great plain or add your favorite toppings
Buffalo Chcken Sandwich $7.59 Grilled chicken breast dipped in mild medium or hot topped with bleu cheese dressing
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich $7.25 Served with fries and slaw
Beer Battered Cod Sandwich $8.25 Huge cod fillet, deep fried and served n rye bread
The Riverboat Club $6.59 Generous slices of smoked turkey topped with bacon american cheese lettuce and tomato on rye bread
BBC Burger $8.25 That’s BBQ sauce, bacon and cheddar cheese

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