Barney’s Hickory Pit

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Cuisine: Barbecue.

Soup & Salads

Salad for One $3.25
Salad for Two $4.75
Family Salad $7.75
Soup and Salad $5.25 Salad for one and a bowl of soup
Chef Salad $6.25 Ham & turkey
Junior Chef Salad $4.75 House blue cheese, thousand island, italian, french and vinegar & oil
Soup of the Day (Cup) $2.25
Soup of the Day (Bowl) $3.25

Barbecued Open Sandwiches

Served on white bread with sauce on top and fries or coleslaw
Beef, Pork, Ham & Turkey $8.95
Junior Orders $7.75
Extra Meat (1/4 lbs.) $3.75

Closed Sandwiches

All closed sandwiches served with a pickle. On a french roll add $0.60 sliced cheese $0.25
Beef, Pork, Ham and Turkey $5.85
French Dip $6.45
Hamburger $4.75
Hamburger w/ Bacon $5.75
Cheeseburger $4.95
Cheeseburger w/ Bacon $5.95
Double Burger $5.75
Double Burger w/ Cheese $5.95
Grilled Cheese $3.85
Grilled Ham and Cheese $5.15
Bacon and Tomato $5.40
Fried Egg $3.65
Frampton Special $5.85 Sandwich smothered in sauce

Lunch & Dinner

Junior Barbecue Pork Spareribs (5 Pcs) $9.95
Reg Barbecue Pork Spareribs (7 Pcs) $13.25
Double Barbecue Pork Spareribs (11 Pcs) $17.75

Barbecue Sliced Dinners

Served with sauce, toasted bun, fries or coleslaw and pickle
Beef, Pork, Ham or Turkey $11.95
Beef, Pork, Ham or Turkey (Junior) $9.95
Combination Plate $13.25 Ham, beef, pork and a rib
Junior Combination Plate $11.45 Ham, beef, pork and a rib
Barbecue Chicken (1/2) $9.75
Barbecue Chicken (Whole) $14.95
Chicken and Rib Combination $16.25
Special Ground Steak $8.95 Served with onions
Fried Prawns $10.25
Fish and Chips $8.25
Chicken Nuggets $6.50

Barbecue Steaks

All steaks served with toasted bun, fries or coleslaw pickle and soup or salad
16oz. New York $17.75
16oz. Top Sirioin $16.75
10oz. Special Hickory Pit Steak $12.75

To Go

Meat Per Pound $14.95
Side of Ribs $19.25
Whole Pies $8.50
Whole Pies $8.50
Barbecue Sauce $1.95
Barbecue Sauce (Pt.) $3.75
Dressing $1.95
Dressing (Pt.) $3.75

Side Orders

Onion Rings $2.95
Pepper Poppers $5.65
Bun $0.55
Pickles $1.25
Barbecue Sauce or Dressing $1.95
Coleslaw $1.85
French Fries (Sm) $1.85 Fries with sauce add $0.50
French Fries (Lg) $2.85 Fries with sauce add $0.50


Pie (Per Cut) $2.50
Pie A la Mode $0.75
Dish of lce Cream $2.00
Cheesecake $2.75


Soda $1.75
Iced Tea $1.75
Juice 20oz. $2.50 Orange, grapefruit, tomato or fruit
Coffee $1.25
Decaf Coffee $1.25
French Roast Coffee $1.25
Hot Tea Coffee $1.25
Milk 12oz. $2.25
Milk 20oz. $2.95

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