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Up to date Barney’s Limited prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Pub Food.


Calamari $8.99 Tender calamari and sprinkle it with seasoned flour, then it is deep fried and served with cocktail sauce
Crab Cake Sliders $9.99 Mini crab cakes sandwiched between fresh rolls, a dollop of our homemade tartar sauce and mixed baby greens
Sliders $8.99 Mini angus beef patties on fresh rolls with grilled onions, cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing. Served cheese three per order
Crab Cakes $8.99 We serve you four louisiana style crab cakes with our homemade tartar sauce
Buffalo Wings $8.99 That’s buffalo, new york! A herd of these babies prepared east coast style, spicy and ready to be dunked in your choice of ranch or bleu cheese
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla $8.99 A flour tortilla stuffed with BBQ chicken, melted jack and cheddar cheese, green onions and cilantro. Served with sour cream, guacamole and olives
Quesadilla $6.99 Cheddar and jack cheese melted onto a giant flour tortilla, served with sour cream, guacamole and olives. Add chicken for $2.49
Greek Quesadilla $7.99 Feta and jack cheese, chopped tomatoes, kalamata olives, green onions and oregano. Served with cream, guacamole and olives
Old Town Onion Rings $6.49 Our secret batter is the key to our crunchy and golden classic. Always fresh
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $9.49 A creamy combination of artichoke hearts and spinach in a sourdough bread bowl. Served with spinach and chipotle tortilla chips
Mozzarella Sticks $6.99 Strips of mozzarella cheese dipped in a light batter and fried to a golden brown. Served with marinara
Shrimp Cocktail $8.49 Served with our own cocktail sauce

The Garden

Served with choice of carrot zucchini bread or french sourdough cheese bread
Crab Cake Salad $12.79 Mixed baby greens tossed with our signature balsamic vinaigrette, red onions, corn and tomatoes topped with our breaded crab cakes and a touch of our homemade tartar sauce
The Orange Grove Salad $10.79 Iceberg and romaine lettuce, dried cranberries, golden raisins, granny smith apples, mandarin oranges, avocado, green onions, caramelized pecans and bleu cheese crumbles. Tossed with our signature vi
Heart of the Blvd $10.79 Crisp iceberg and romaine lettuce tossed together with bacon, egg, hearts of palm, red onion, avocado and bleu cheese with a dijon vinaigrette
The Santa Barbara Salad $12.79 Mixed baby greens, fresh mango, carmelized pecans, green onions and apricot glazed shrimp
The Point Loma Salad $12.79 Seared ahi tuna rare sits a top mixed baby greens tossed with our sweet dressing, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, rice noodles, green onions, sweet red bell peppers and avocado
Maggie Wong’s Chinese Chicken Salad $10.29 Chunks of chicken tossed with romaine lettuce, peanuts, sesame seeds, chinese noodles and our special sweet ginger dressing
The Great Cobb $10.79 Fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce topped with turkey, bacon, hard boiled eggs, avocado, tomatoes and bleu cheese crumbles. Hope you re hungy!
The California Caesar Salad $8.79 A classic with the traditional bed of romaine lettuce and tomatoes, tossed with our special dressing, aged romano cheese and our homemade croutons. Add chicken for only $2.49, add shrimp for $3.99
The Santa fe Chicken Salad $10.99 A favorite! Black beans topped with mixed baby greens, pico de gallo, chicken, grated jack cheese, corn and tortilla chips. Lightly tossed in our signature balsamic vinaigrette
The Tahitian Salad $10.99 Mango headlines this salad of candied pecans, chicken and mixed baby greens. Tossed with our signature vinaigrette
The Steak Salad $12.79 Iceberg and romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade ranch dressing, and topped with a choice angus top sirloin steak, gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm, red onion and avocado
The Del Mar $12.79 Mixed baby greens tossed in our special mediterranean vinagrette and topped with sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, asparagus and char-broiled salmon. Substitute chicken no charge
Dinner Salad $4.99 Fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce, tomatoes and jack cheese. Add to any meal for $2.49

Homemade Soup of the Day

Add a cup to any meal for $1.99
Soup $3.99 – $4.99
Chili $4.29 – $5.49
Bread Bowl $7.99
Soup and Salad $8.49

Beautiful Entrees

Served with soup or dinner salad and with your choice of a giant baked potato, mashed potatoes, rice pillaf, brown rice or fries and fresh steamed vegetables
Aprocot Glazed Pork Tenderloin $14.99 Tender medallions of fresh pork tenderloin dry rubbed and char broiled then topped with our homemade sweet and savory apricot glaze
Mom’s Meat Loaf $10.99 Our twist on a homemade favorite, served with a touch of gravy
Chicken Marsala $13.99 Two tender chicken breasts sauteed in marsala wine, mushrooms and a gentle touch of garlic
St Petersburg Chicken $13.99 Two tender chicken breasts sauteed in a vodka, cream, shallot sauce
Ground Angus Beef Patty $10.99 Char broiled 1/2 USDA angus chuck. Served with your choice of sides
Pot Roast $11.99 Tender slow roasted beef served with mashed potatoes and gravy
Barney’s Original Baby Backs $14.99 – $19.99 Our house specialty, tender, meaty pork ribs cut from the choicest tenderloin and basted with BBQ sauce. So tender the meat practically falls off th bone
Fried Chicken $11.99 Moist chicken, perfectly seasoned and deep fried to a golden brown
Salmon Filet with Lemon Dill Sauce $16.79 A perfectly pink filet of salmon, char-broiled to perfection and served with a lemon dill sauce
Hawaiian Mahi Mahi $14.99 Also known as dorado, this pacific fish is char-broiled and topped with teriyaki sauce and a pineapple and sweet pepper chutney
Top Sirloin Steak $15.99 16 oz. Cut of choice angus top sirloin, char broiled to perfection. Topped with our cabernet shallot butter and fresh fried onions
Rib Eye Steak $19.99 16 oz. of choice angus rib eye, char broiled to perfection

Fresh Pastas and More

All pastas are served with our french, sourdough cheese bread. Add a salad to any pasta for only $2.49
The Fiji Stir Fry $12.99 A tropical twist on a classic! Diced chicken breast sauteed with red bell peppers, garlic, red onion, fresh mango, a hint of cayenne pepper and coconut milk over rice pilaf
Mac n Cheese Station – Classic $9.49
Mac n Cheese Station – Kinda Carbonara $10.79 Our mac n cheese with honey cured and applewood smoked bacon, blackforest ham and fresh parsley
The Sonoma Bowl $12.99 Tiger shrimp, cherry tomatoes, roasted peanuts, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, carrots and zucchini sauteed with garlic, olive oil and aromatic herbs. Served over whole grain brown rice in a lettuce
Georgie’s Spaghetti & Meatballs $10.29 This spaghetti dish a served with homemade marinara sauce and traditional meatballs
Penne Neapolitano $12.79 Crisp asparagus, chicken and tomatoes, tossed with penne pasta in creamy white wine thyme sauce
Fettuccine Alfredo $11.99 Homemade alfredo sauce with chicken, mushrooms and a hint of garlic, served over fettuccine
Sausage & Peppers Rustica $11.99 Italian sausage, bell peppers and fresh mozzarella with penne in a bold marinara sauce
Mediterranean Pasta $12.49 Penne with chicken, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and feta cheese with extra virgin olive oil
Rosemary Chicken Ravioli $10.99 A delicious combination of chicken, mozzarella cheese and herbs in a tender ravioli, topped with our homemade marinara sauce
Lobster Ravioli $14.99 Thin and tender pasta stuffed with delicate lobster meat and ricotta cheese. Served with a lobster cream, shallot and white wine sauce
Beef Bourguignon $11.99 Slow braised beef with pearl onion, mushrooms and red wine. Served over fettuccine
Chicken Pot Pie $10.99 A classic dish with a sierra madre twist. A buttery puff pastry envelops our filling of chicken, fresh vegetables and a savory cream sauce

Hot Sandwich Station

Served with your choice of fries, homemade potato salad, fresh fruit or coleslaw
The Carter Sandwich $10.79 Char broiled pork tenderloin topped with our apricot glaze. Served on ciabatta bread with green leaf lettuce, tomato and grilled onion
The Brie Chicken Sandwich $10.79 Char broiled chicken breast with creamy brie cheese, honey smoked bacon and caramelized onions in a grilled baguette
Kona Mahi Sandwich $10.79 Hawaiian mahi mahi, char broiled and topped with teriyaki sauce, pineapple, lettuce, tomato and mushrooms. Served with mayo on a fresh baked roll
Rib Eye Steak Sandwich $13.99 A tender and juicy USDA choice rib eye steak char broiled to perfection, served open face on grilled sourdough
The Monte Carlo $9.29 Thin slices of smoked ham and cheese on hawaiian bread, dipped in egg batter and grilled to a golden brown
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich $8.79 Assorted Grilled vegetables and provolone cheese on ciabatta bread with our southwest sauceq
Pot Roast Sandwich $9.79 Tender pot roast, mayonnaise, and horseradish jack cheese on ciabatta bread
Anastasia’s Chop Sandwich $10.29 Herb rubbed pork char-broiled and served on ciabatta with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and dijon mustard
Gorgonzola Chicken Sandwich $9.99 Grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, dijon mustard, grilled onions and gorgonzola cheese. Served on grilled ciabatta bread
The Beefeater or Turkeyeater $9.99 Hot roast beef a freshly cooked turkey breast grilled between sourdough bread with melted cheddar cheese and served with a side of au jus
The Turkey Dijon $9.99 Hot turkey breast, melted jack cheese, lettuce and tomato with grey poupon, mustard on grilled sourdough
The Reuben $9.99 A classic! Premium corned beef or turkey, swiss cheese and sauerkraut on thick, grilled rye bread. Served with a side of thousand island dressing
The Huck Finn Sandwich $10.79 Tender white fish, lightly breaded and deep fried. Served on a kaiser bun with lettuce, tomato and homemade tartar sauce
The Old Town Pastrami $9.99 Hot pastrami, grilled with provolone, served with lettuce and tomato on grilled sourdough
The Tuna Melt $9.49 Our home style tuna salad, served hot with melted cheddar cheese and lettuce on grilled sourdough
The Santa fe Chicken Sandwich $9.99 Our signature sandwich! Char broiled chicken breast served on grilled sourdohg, with an ortega chili, jack cheese, mayo and our secret sante fe spices
The Maui Chicken Sandwich $9.99 A char broiled chicken breast smothered with warm teriyaki sauce, hawaiian pineapple, mushrooms, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served on a fresh bun
The Gyro Sandwich $9.99 A greek classic! Beef and lamb spiced to perfection, served in a thick pita with lettuce, tomato, onions and our homemade tzatsiki sauce, cucumber, garlic, yogurt
The Chicken Gyro $9.99 A char broiled chicken breast, served with lettuce, tomato, onions and our homemade tzatsiki sauce, in a thick pita
The Pella Gyro $9.99 Char broiled fresh pork loin marinated in our blend of greek seasonings and extra virgin olive oil. Topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tzatsiki sauce in a grilled pita

Barney’s Famous Burgers

1/2 Pound fresh beef patty. Substitute a turkey patty or a garden burger patty for no charge. Served with your choice of fries, homemade potato salad, fresh fruit or coleslaw. Served on a fresh ham, most of our burgers come with thousand island dressing
The Cowboy Burger $10.79 A fresh 1/2 lb. beef patty, with BBQ sauce, beer battered onion rings, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, horseradish and cheddar cheese
The Grandview Burger $8.49 A tasteful tradition. Add cheese for $0.85
The Bacon Cheese Burger $9.99 Add avocado for only $0.19
The Spinach Nut Burger $9.29 Our homemade patty of spinach, mushrooms, rice, peanuts and sesame seeds. Served with mayo
The Patty Melt $9.49 Fresh beef patty, grilled onions and jack cheese on rye bread
The Teriyaki Swiss Mushroom Burger $9.79
The Veggie Burger $8.99 The garden burger, served with guacamole, sprouts, swiss chees, red onion and tomato on a cracked whole wheat bun
The Gorgonzola Burger $9.79 Our 1/2 lb. fresh beef patty meets gorgonzola cheese, grilled onions, tomato and green leaf lettuce
The Athenian Burger $9.99 A 1/2 lb. of lamb, beef and pork, combined with our blend of spices and minced garlic. It is char-broiled and topped with feta cheese, red onion and tomato on our kaiser roll
The Frisco Burger $9.79 Grilled sourdough cheese bread with a fresh beef patty, melted swiss cheese, grilled onions, bell peppers, lettuce and tomato
The Barcelona Burger $9.79 Very mediterranean! It’s a turkey patty char-broiled then topped with an ortega chili, feta cheese and sprinkled with oregano

The Pound

Served with fries, coleslaw, potato salad or fruit
The L A Works Dog $7.99 Our 1/4 lb. hot dog wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and covered with sauerkraut, onions, pickle relish, ketchup and mustard. Served with steak fries
Hot Dog $5.99 Add cheese for $0.85
Chili Cheese Dog $7.49

The Border

Tacos Chicken or Beef $9.29 Three tacos stuffed with either breaded white fish, grilled chicken or oven roasted beef topped with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo. Served with rice
Tacos – White Fish $10.29 Three tacos stuffed with either breaded with fish, grilled chicken or oven roasted beef topped with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo. Served with rice
The Monster Burrito $9.49 Oven roasted beef rice, black beans, pico do gallo and cheddar cheese stuffed into a flour tortilla and served with sour cream and guacamole. It taunts you to try and finish it. Substitute grilled ch

Cold & Delicious

Served with your choice of fries, homemade potato salad, fresh fruit or coleslaw
Santorini Wrap $10.29 Tiger shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and red onions tossed in a light dressing of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon and sea salt. Wrapped in a spinach tortilla
The Portland Club $10.99 Smoked salmon, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, capers and whipped cream cheese. Served on grilled ciabatta bread
California Club $10.99 Grilled chicken breast, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, red onion, sprouts and jack cheese. Served on grilled whole wheat with a dijon sauce
The Arroyo Wrap $9.99 Chicken, avocado, tomato, feta cheese, lettuce and arroyo dressing wrapped in a spinach tortilla
Emily’s Favorite $9.79 Turkey, bacon, lettuce and avocado on ciabatta bread
The Wistarial B.L.T. $8.49 Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on ciabatta bread. Add avocado for only $1.49
The Salad’s on Bread $8.29 Home style tuna salad, chicken salad or egg salad, lettuce and tomato on french sourdough
The Clubhouse $10.49 A triple decker layered with ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on grilled sourdough
The Veggie Club $9.99 A triple decker with sprouts, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, red onion, jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato on toasted whole wheat
1/2 Sandwich with Soup or Salad $8.99 Choose from tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, turkey, ham or roast beef. Served with soup or salad instead of a side dish

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