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Cuisine: Chicken, Seafood, Brazilian.


Salgadinhos da Casa $2.00 Homemade Brazillian hors d’oeuvres.
Bolinho de Bacalhau $7.00 Codfish croquette.
Coxinha de Frango $7.00 Shredded chicken breast croquettes with Catupiry cheese.
Bolinho de Aipim $7.00 Yucca croquettes filled with cheese.
Kibe $7.00 Whole wheat croquettes with ground beef.
Pastel de Carne $7.00 Pastry stuffed with ground beef.
Pastel de Frango $7.00 Pastry stuffed with chicken.
Pastel de Quejo $7.00 Pastry stuffed with cheese.
Pasel de Banana $7.00 Pastry stuffed with banana.
Batata Frita Gratinada com Bacon e Quejo $9.00 Gratinee french fries with bacon and cheese.
Carne de Sol com Aipim $11.00 Beef jerk sauteed with onions and yucca fries.
Linguica Calabresa com Aipim $11.00 Smoked sausage sauteed with onions and yucca fries.
Picanha a Palito $12.00 Sirloin steak sauteed with onions.
Frango a Passarinho $9.50 Deep fried chicken with garlic.
Isca de Frango $9.50 Chicken fingers.
Isca de Peixe $9.50 Fish strips battered and fried.
Camarao Alho e Oleo $14.00 Shrimp sauteed in olive oil and garlic.
Mexilhao a Moda da Casa $12.00 Steamed mussels in a spicy tomato sauce.
Lula a Dore $12.00 Fried calamari.
Tabua de Frios $12.00 Fontina and Jack cheeses, salami, black and green olives and pineapple.


Salada Mixta $9.95 Lettuce, steamed carrots, tomatoes, onions, olives, heart of palm and hard boiled eggs.
Salada Barsileira $8.95 Lettuce, arugula, eggs, green peppers and heart of palm.
Salada Carioca $8.85 Watercress, figs, artichoke and Parmesan cheese.
Salada Tropical $7.95 Mixed greens, mango and shredded carrots with mango dressing.
Salada Barril Grill $11.95 Mixed greens, artichoke, Parmesan cheese and grilled shrimp.
Salada da Casa $11.95 Mixed greens, smoked sausage, heart of palm and house dressing.

Beef Entrees

Espeto Mito $19.95 Choice of grilled skewered meats served with rice, beans and fried banana.
Espeto de Picanha $18.95 Grilled skewered top sirloin with rice, beans, farofa, fried banana and vinaigrette.
Espeto de Fraldinha $16.95 Grilled skewered skirt steak served with mashed potatoes, rice and beans.
Picanha Mineira $16.95 Grilled top sirloin steak topped with cheese from Minas and collard greens served with mashed potatoes, rice and beans.
Picanha Na Chapa $17.95 Sizzling grilled sirloin steak served with rice, beans, farofa and vinaigrette.
Contra File ao Molho Madeira $18.95 Shell steak with Madeira sauce and mushrooms served with rice, beans and mashed potatoes.
File Mignon $22.00 Pan seared medallion 8 oz. of fillet mignon with peppercorn wisk sauce served with risotto and vegetables.
Bife a Cavalo $14.95 Grilled sirloin steak with one egg on top served with french fries, rice and beans.
Picanha Fatiada $13.95 Sauteed strip sirloin steak with peppers and red onions served with french fries, rice and beans.
Bisteca de Porco com Mostarda e Mushroom Sauce $14.95 Grilled double cut pork with Dijon mushroom cream sauce served with baked potato and vegetables.


Linguini com Vongole $13.95 Linguine in a white or red clam sauce.
Linguini Alfredo com Frango $12.95 Marinated grilled chicken over linguini in alfredo sauce.
Penne A La Vodka $9.95 Penne pasta with grilled chicken in a pink vodka sauce.
Penne Pasta a Moda da Casa $12.95 Penne pasta with sauteed mushrooms, onions, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and herbs.

Seafood Entrees

Tilapia ao Vinho Branco $13.95 Sauteed tilapia in white wine sauce with capers served with mashed green peas, country fries and rice.
File de Peixe Grelhado com Vegetais $13.95 Grilled Swai fish fillet with vegetables and country fries.
Red Snaper ao Forno $18.95 Whole baked red snapper marinated with olive oil and herbs served with yellow rice and grilled vegetables.
Salmao Na Cama de Fettuccini $16.95 Grilled salmon over fettuccini in a garlic or alfredo sauce.
Camarao Na Cama de Fettuccini $16.95 Grilled shrimp over fettuccini in a garlic or alfredo sauce.
Caldeirada de Frutos Do Mar $22.95 Pieces of fish, scallops, calamari, shrimp, mussels and clams with green and yellow peppers, onions and smoked sausage in a homemade marinara sauce.
Bobo de Camarao $14.95 Shrimp with mashed yucca, Dende oil and coconut milk served with rice.
Camarao No Coco $14.95 Shrimp with coconut milk, cream, Dende oil and Catupiry cheese served with rice.
Camarao a Paulista $17.95 Sauteed shrimp in a shell garlic sauce and fresh herbs served with country fries and rice.
Camarao Barril Grill ao Vinho Branco $14.95 Shrimp sauteed with garlic, lemon and white wine sauce over linguine.
Vatapa $18.95 Seafood cream, puree of dried shrimp, unsalted peanuts and roasted unsalted cashews with pieces of fish fillet.

Chicken Entrees

Frango Grelhado com Vegetais $12.95 Grilled chicken with vegetables.
Frango a Moda da Casa $13.95 Chicken breast sauteed with tomatoes, wine sauce, gratinee with mozzarella cheese on top served with mashed potatoes and asparagus.
Frango Carioca $13.95 Chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms, white wine and cream sauce served with mashed potatoes.
Strogonoff de Frango $12.95 Chicken strips in pink sauce served with rice, french fries or potato salad.
Frango a Milanesa $12.95 Breaded chicken breast served with yellow rice, beans and fried bananas.
Frango a Parmegiana $13.95 Breaded chicken breast, tomato sauce and cheese on top served with pasta.

Side Orders

Arroz Branco $2.95 White rice.
Arroz Amarelo con Vegetais $3.95 Yellow rice with mixed vegetables.
Feijao Preto $2.95 Black beans.
Feijao Comum $2.95 Pink beans.
Batata Frita $2.95 French fries.
Batata a Moda da Casa $2.95 Home style potato.
Pure de Batata $2.95 Mashed potato.
Vegetais Misto ao Vapor $3.95 Steamed mixed vegetables.
Couve a Mineira $3.95 Wilted collard greens sauteed in olive oil and garlic.
Farofa $1.95 Roasted yucca flour with onions and garlic.
Feijao Tropeiro $3.95 Beans mixed with yucca flour, sausage, collard greens, eggs, bacon and fried bananas.
Macarrao ao Molho de Vodka $5.95 Penne a la vodka.
Talharim ao Molho Branco $5.95 Fettuccini alfredo.
Linguine ao Alho e Oleo $5.95


Pave de Abacaxi $3.50 Pineapple pie.
Pave de Pessego $3.50 Peach pie.
Mousse de Maracuja $3.50 Passion fruit mousse.
Mousse de Limao $3.50 Lemon mousse.
Mousse de Chocolate $3.50 Chocolate mousse with nuts.
Pudim de Leite $3.50 Brazilian flan.

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