Basha Cafe

Enjoy Basha Cafe latest menu price updated list. Up to date Basha Cafe and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Basha Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Basha Cafe Traditional Hookah $30 Menu and Prices

All Refills Are $15
Cocktail   any two flavors mixed

Basha Cafe Salads Menu and Prices

Tabouli $9.99 parsley, tomato, bulgur, mint, lemon juice, olive oil and chives
Mediterranean Salad $8.99 cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce and house dressing
Fattoush $9.99 great mix of fresh vegetables, a light dressing and crisp pita

Basha Cafe Appetizers Menu and Prices

Hummus $6.99 (vg). chick beans with tahini sauce, garlic and lemon
Fried Kebe Balls $9.99 ground beef meatballs
Basterma $9.99 aged and marinated to dry (halal beef)
Falafel $9.99 (vg). ground vegetable crispy balls
Stuffed Grape Leaves $7.99 (v)
Saganaki $9.99 grilled cheese w/ shot of vodka set on fire
Babaganush $7.99 (vg). grilled creamy eggplant with tahini sauce
Lebne $6.99 lebanese yogurt with fresh garlic
Sambosiks $7.99 assortment mini crispy pies willed w/ground beef & cheese
Kaba Naya $9.99 the best fresh steak tartar with house spices
Soujouk $9.99 cured lebanese sausage fajita style (halal beef )

Basha Cafe Electronic Smoke Free Hookah $35 Menu and Prices


Basha Cafe Entrees Menu and Prices

All Entrees Come With Grilled Vegetables And A Choice Of Rice Pilaf Or Fries.
Chicken Kebab $15.99
Salmon Steak $17.99
Basha Experience $44.99 pick any 3 appetizers, a salad and combo platter
Beef Kebab $19.99
Shrimp Kebab $16.99
Kefte Kebab $16.99 (aka losh kebab) ground beef on a skewer

Basha Cafe Specialty Drink Menu and Prices

Habibi   the best for last! citron, st. german, elderflower liquor, strawberries and lemonade.
Pear Suasion   my favorite! pear vodka, white cranberry juice, simple syrup and a splash of gingerale.
Cucumber Chiller   iA’m cool every day! cucumber vodka, lime, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water
Gin & Ginger   think fresh! gin, ginger liquor, lemon, apple juice, agave and bitters.
Coco Loco   you want to know what summer tastes like? iA’m your drink! coconut vodka, lemonade and coconut water.
Basha Martini   if you love berries, then try me! vodka, pomegranate juice, blackberry puree, cranberry and lemon rind.
Mango Martini   calling all mango lovers! vodka with our mango puree and cinnamon mix
Jalapeno Martini   iA’m hot! vodka, lime, basil, jalapeno and simple syrup.

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