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Cuisine: Healthy, Smoothies & Juices.

Acai Bowls

Each Bowl Has A Premium Acai Base Blended To A Sorbet Consistency. Each Bowl Is Then Topped With A Unique Mix Of Fresh Fruit, Granola, Nuts And More.
Puna an eclectic blend of acai, hemp milk, & keahole grown spirulina. toppings include, granola, strawberries, local banana, organic hemp seed, fresh blueberries & a drizzle of local honey
Brazilian the original acai bowl. a thick acai base topped with fresh bananas, granola and hawaii honey.
Islander healthy blend of acai and organic house made help milk. topped with fresh strawberries, banana, goji berries, organic coconut shavings and hawaiian honey.
Banyan featuring a rich and creamy blend of natural peanut butter, house made cashew milk & premium acai. garnished with diced almonds, hemp seeds, honey, granola & bee pollen.
The Drifter an organic blend of raw cacao, acai and house made cashew milk. topped with a layer of granola, banana, cacao nibs, crushed almonds, fresh strawberries and a drizzle of local honey.
Kilauea acai & house-made hemp milk. topped with strawberries, fresh island papaya, granola, goji berries, bee pollen & honey.
The Waterman an energizing blend of acai, cashew milk & maca root. topped with granola, maui pineapple, fresh blueberries, organic cashews, a dusting of coconut shavings & a drizzle of local honey.


Acai acai, strawberries, banana, papaya, mango juice
Drifter Smoothie acai, cashew milk, strawberries, banana, cacao, honey.
Morning Crunch acai, strawberries, bananas, cashew milk, granola, honey
Kale Cure acai, kale, hemp milk, banana
Berry Fix acai, banana, berries, apple juice
The Green acai, banana, strawberries, spirulina, ginger, lime, hemp milk
Mayan Mint acai, banana, almond butter, mint, hemp milk, cacao nibs
Acai Avo acai, avocado, banana, hemp milk, vanilla, honey

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