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Cuisine: Desserts, Ice Cream.

Layer Cakes (rectangular)

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake $4.95 – $40.00 Frangelico Soaked Chocolate Cake, Hazelnut Bavarian, Valhrona Chocolate Buttercream
Raspberries and Cream Cake $4.50 – $38.00 Buttermilk Cake, Whole Raspberries, Fresh Whipped Cream, Strawberry Buttercream
Coconut Calamansi Cake $4.50 – $38.00 Coconut Daquoise, Calamansi Mousse, Coconut Shavings, White Chocolate Mousse, Almond Sponge Cake, Candied Kumquats

Cakes (round)

Vietnamese Coffee Cake $3.00 – $27.00 Condensed Milk Glaze


Vanilla Bean $2.95 Vanilla Bean Cake, Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Filling, Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Dragon Devil’s Food $2.95 Devil’s Food Buttermilk Cake, Caramel Filling, Valhrona Chocolate Frosting, Valhrona Chocolate Pearls
Lemon, Lemon, Lemon $2.95 Lemon Cake, Lemon Curd Filling, Lemon Buttercream, Fresh Lemon Zest
Baby Banana $2.95 Baby Banana Cake, Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Filling, Stracciatella Frosting
Carrot Salted Caramel $2.95 Carrot Cake, Lime Cream Cheese Filling, Caramel Frosting, Maldon Sea Salt
The Velvet $2.95 Beet-Strawberry Cake, (No Food Coloring!!!), Chocolate Fudge Filling, Cream Cheese Frosting
Strawberry Rhubarb $2.95 Coconut Cake, Rhubarb Compote Filling, Strawberry Buttercream, Candied Violet


Valhrona Chocolate Chip $2.75
Chocolate Kiss $2.25
Walnut Melt $1.95
Spiced Brownie $1.95
Madagascar Vanilla Blondie $1.95
Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter $1.75
Ginger Golden Raisin Oatmeal $1.75
Chocolate Mint $1.75
Spicy Ginger Molasses $1.75
Yuzu Shortbreads $1.75
Butter Apricot Jam $1.75
Tangerine Pies $1.75


Passionfruit Rice Pudding $4.50 (Dairy Free!!!) Coconut-Vanilla Rice Pudding, Fresh Passionfruit
Ovaltine Pudding $4.50 Chocolate Soil, Sliced Baby Bananas, Ovaltine Pudding, Vanilla Bean Chantilly, Caramelized Rice Krispies
Peach Melba Rice Pudding $4.50 (Dairy Free And Vegan!!!) Coconut-Vanilla Rice Pudding, Poached White Peaches, Macerated Fresh Raspberries, Sliced Almonds
Huckleberry Chevre Pudding $4.50 Walnut Butter Cookie, Chevre Cheesecake, Huckleberry Sauce
Mango Thai Tea Pudding $4.50 Fresh Mango Puree, Mascarpone Sabayon, Thai Tea Soaked Sponge Cake, Lime Zest, Chocolate Shavings


Yuzu Meringue $4.95
Minty Lime Meringue $4.95
Chocolate Pecan $4.95
Chicory Coffee Chocolate $4.95

Chocolates and Candies

Chocolate Bark $3.50 By EM Chocolatier. Flavors: Ginger-Pink Peppercorn Dark Chocolate, Pistachio Milk Chocolate
Truffles $2.50 By EM Chocolatier. Flavors: Strawberry Balsamic, Passionfruit, Salted Caramel, Jasmine White, Saffron Pernod, Basil

Dog Biscuits

Foie Gras Dog Biscuits $2.75

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