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Bawadi Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bawadi Children’s Menu Menu and Prices

Hotdogs Fries $4.95 french fries topped with hotdogs
Kabob Combo $5.95 grilled chicken or meat kabob with fries
Chicken Kabob With Fries $4.95 grilled chicken kabob with fries
Noodles $4.95 vegetarian, chicken, or beef flavored
Past With Meat $4.95 chicken or beef
Grilled Cheese $3.95

Bawadi From The Grill Menu and Prices

Kufia Kabob $9.95 mixed ground meat with parsley, onions and special spices.
Marinated Lamb Shank $14.95 marinated lamb shank served on a bed of rice
Shawarma Platter $10.95 marinated sliced rotisserie chicken and beef on a bed of rice
Bawadi Mixed Grill $27.95 beef kabob, kufta kabob, kubideh kabob, chicken kabob, beef and chicken shawarma, rice and salad
Kabob Combo II $12.95 chicken, kufta or kubideh kabob and lamb kabob
Chicken Kabob $10.95 marinated chunks of boneless chicken
Beef Kabob $13.95 marinated beef tenderloin chunks with special spices
Grand Bawadi Grill $49.95 beef kabob, kufta kabob, kubideh kabob, chicken kabob, beef and chicken shawarma, rice and salad
Kabob Combo I $10.95 kufta or kubideh kabob and lamb kabob
Lamb Kabob $14.95 marinated lamb chunks with special spices
Kubideh Kabob $9.95 ground beef with onions and special spices

Bawadi Seafood Menu and Prices

Seafood Kabob $16.95 marinated shrimp and salmon with lemon and oil, served with tahini sauce
Shrimp Kabob $15.95 marinated and served with lemon and butter
Salmon Kabob $15.95 marinated salmon with lemon and oil, served with special tahini sauce

Bawadi Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Meat Shawarma Sandwich $5.95
Lamb Kabob Sandwich $7.95
Beef Kabob Sandwich $6.95
Falafel Sandwich $4.95
Kufta Sandwich $5.95
Chicken Kabob Sandwich $5.95
Kubideh Kabob Sandwich $5.95
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich $5.95
Fish Sandwich $6.95

Bawadi Drinks And Beverages Menu and Prices

Cappuccino $3.95
Hot Tea $1.75
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $2.00
Espresso Macchiato $2.95
Espresso $2.50
Arabic Coffee $2.50
Caffe Latte $3.95
Filtered Coffee $1.95
Soft Drink $1.75
Specialty Drink $2.50
Turkish Coffee $2.50

Bawadi Appetizers Menu and Prices

Bawadi Starter Vegi Combo $12.95 falafel, hummus, baha ghamong, and vegetarian grape leaves
Papa Ghamoug $5.50 pureed baked eggplant with tahini, fresh lemon juice and olive oil
Labanah $4.50 mediterranean soft, tangy and nutritious yogurt (ask for spicy labanah)
Home Made Pies $3.75 cheese pie, spinach pie, meat pie
Vegetarian Grape Leaves $4.95 grape leaves rolled with rice, parsley, tomato and our special sauce
Foul Mudammas $4.95 pureed cooked fava beans with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and special sauce
Hummus $7.95 add chicken or meat shawarma
Hummus $4.95 chickpeas pureed with tahini, fresh lemon juice, and olive oil.
Musabaha $5.95 pureed chickpeas and whole chickpeas with sesame seeds and olive oil
Fried Kibbie $5.50 deep fried cracked wheat croquettes stuffed with ground beef, onions, and nuts. served with yogurt sauce.
French Fries $2.95 deep-fried potato fingers
Falafel $4.95 deep fried chickpea croquettes, onions, parsley, garlic with our special spices, deeply fried

Bawadi Soups And Salads Menu and Prices

Tabouleh Salad $5.95 finely chopped parsley. cracked wheat, tomatoes, green onions, fresh lemon and olive oil
Cucumber And Yogurt Salad $4.50 cucumber, yogurt, garlic and fresh mint
Arabic Salad $4.95 tomatoes, cucumber, fresh lemon, chopped parsley and olive oil
Fatoush Salad $4.95 – $6.95 mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, fresh lemon and olive oil vinaigrette and pita chips.
Fatoush Salad $8.95 add chicken shawarma or beef shawarma

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