Up to date Bawarchi prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Bawarchi is available in 4 states.


Samosa $5.95 Seasoned potatoes & peas wrapped in thin pastry shell
Onion Bhajia $5.95 Thin slice of onions dipped in batter & fried crisp
Aloo Tikiyas $5.95 Potato cakes and chickpeas
Ka Chori $5.95 Too difficult to put into words, but recommended
Jhinga Tadkawala $8.95 Shrimp sauteed with chopped garlic and topped with tangy sauce
Kurkvree Bhindi $5.95 Fresh okra stir fried with mild spices
Crab Tikki $10.00 Shredded crab meat mixed with spices, bread crumbs and pan fried
Baby Lamb Chop $10.00 Tender lamb chops marinated in a blend of spices, yogurt and grilled in the tandoor
Bombay Bhel $5.95
Lasoonigobi $5.95 Fresh cauliflower battered with garlic & mild spices

Soups & Salad

Mulligatawny Soup $4.95 Traditional Indian soup made with lentils, tomatoes and blended with fresh spices
Murgapalak Shorba $5.95 A light spiced chicken and spinach soup
Tamatarka Shorba $5.95 A traditional tomato soup
Desi Salad $5.95 House green salad with choice of dressing


Chicken Tikka Masala $5.95 Boneless cubes of chicken marinated and cooked in tandoor, simmered in a tomato sauce and spices
Chicken Saag $5.95 Chicken cooked with fresh spinach, fenugreek and mild spices
Chicken Makhani $5.95 Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in tandoor and simmered in a creamy tomato sauce
Chicken Shahi Korma $5.95 Tender pieces of boneless chicken cooked in a nut and raisin sauce
Chicken Vindaloo $5.95 A goan delicacy, tender pieces of chicken in a toddy vinegar chilly sauce
Chicken Mehraj $6.95 Cubes of chicken cooked in a freshly ground mint, cilantro and spices
Chicken Chettinad $5.95 Chicken cooked in chettinad style sauce
Chicken Mango Curry $5.95 Chicken tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and mango
Chicken La Jawab $6.95 Chicken in saffron flavour curry cooked with fresh okra
Chicken Bawarchi $6.95 Chicken breast stuffed with freshly chopped spinach in mild herbs & spices

Lamb & Goat

Lamb Rogan Josh $17.95 Cubes of lamb stewed in mild onion sauce
Lamb Saag $17.95 Lamb cooked in freshly blended spinach
Lamb Bhuna $18.95 Succulent cubes of lamb cooked with freshly chopped ginger, garlic & tomatoes
Lamb Ma Jardaloo $17.95 Lamb cooked with apricots in saffron sauce and garnished with straw potatoes
Lamb Vindaloo $17.95 A goan specialty, tender cubes of lamb cooked in goan toddy vinegar, chilly sauce
Lamb Xaccuti (Sha-ku-tee) $17.95 A goan specialty, spicy lamb and roasted coconut stew
Nilgiri Korma $17.95 Lamb cooked with mint, coriander, coconut and a blend of spices
Goat Curry $18.95


Ginger Chicken $15.95 Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, lemon juice and spices
Tandoori Chicken $13.95 A classic tandoori dish, marinated delicately and cooked in traditional style served on the bone
Chicken Tikka $15.95 Bonless cubes of chicken marinated and cooked on a skewer
Paneer Tikka $13.95 Fresh homemade cottage cheese barbequed with bell pepper, onion and tomatoes.
Lamb Shashlik $16.95 Cubes of lamb seasoned in aromatic spices, served over grilled bell peppers, onions and tomatoes
Baby Lamb Chop $23.95 Marinated rack of lamb cooked to perfection in tandoor clay oven
Tanddori Jalapari $25.95 Jumbo shrimp marinated in a special tandoori mix, delicately cooked in tandoor clay oven.
Mixed Grill $23.95 An assortment of chicken, lamb and shrimp
Seekh Kabab $17.95 Minced lamb mixed with fresh spices, rolled and grilled on a skewer
Tandoori Fish Tikka $17.95 Succulent cubes of fresh fish marinated in tangy garlic sauce and cooked in tandoor clay oven.
Murg Malai Kabab $17.95 Succulent morsels of chicken in a creamy cheesy marinade
Vegetable Platter $13.95 Assorted mixed vegetable Marinated & cooked in tandoor clay oven


Bombay Fish Curry $17.95 Salmon, tilapia fish fillet smothered with chef?s special sauce
Machli Malabar $17.95 Fillets of salmon, tilapia fish simmered in coconut sauce and flavoured with curry leaves. Specialty of Kerala
Jalpari Maharani Masala $25.95 Jumbo tandoori shrimp cooked in a spicy tomato curry & herb sauce
Goan Shrimp Curry $17.95 Shrimp cooked with freshly ground coconut in chefs special goan sauce
Mixed Sea Food Curry $17.95 Assortment of mixed sea food in chefs special sauce
Bawarchi Crab Masala $17.95 Succulent crab meat cooked in spicy tomato and onion sauce tempered with curry leaves
Salmon Saag $17.95 Salmon cooked in freshly ground spinach and spices
Konju Pappas $17.95 Shrimp cooked in a spicy coconut sauce with curry leaves and smoked tamarind
Fish Molee $17.95 Salmon, tilapia fish flavoured with mace and cardamom in a coconut ginger sauce. A Kerala speciality


Pulao Rice $3.95 Long grain basmati rice flavored with saffron
Peas Pulao $4.95 Long grain basmati rice flavored with saffron and topped with green peas
Lemon Rice $4.95 Rice tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves & lemon juice
Kashmiri Pulao $7.95 Saffron rice with fruits & nuts
Sabzi Biryani $12.95 Long grain basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables, saffron nuts and raisins
Chicken Zafrani Biryani $16.95 Long grain basmati rice cooked with chicken, saffron, nuts and raisins
Lamb Shehanshahi Biryani $17.95 Long grain basmati rice cooked with lamb, saffron, nuts aromatic herbs and spices
Dum Phukt Gosht Biryani $17.95 Long grain basmati rice cooked with fresh goat , saffron, nuts aromatic herbs and spices
Shrimp Biryani $17.95 Long grain basmati rice cooked with shrimp


Bhindi Do Piaza $12.95 Fresh okra cooked with diced onion, tomatoes and spices. Served semi dry
Dum Alo Hyderabadi $12.95 Baby potatoes flavored with traditional spices and stuffed with cheese and Cooked in tomato onion sauce
Navratan Korma $121.95 Assortment of fresh vegetable and fruits cooked in almond sauce
Channa Masala $121.95 Chick peas cooked with fresh ginger, garlic and onion sauce
Paneer Shahi Korma $121.95 Home made cottage cheese cooked in cashew sauce
Baigan Bharta $121.95 Roasted, de-skinned and pureed eggplant, cooked with turmeric, onions and tomatoes
Paneer Makhanwala $121.95 Specialty of the house, cubes of cottage cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce
Saag Paneer $121.95 Home made cottage cheese cubes simmered in freshly ground spinach
Malai Kofta $121.95 Vegetable dumpling cooked in a light creamy nut sauce
Aloo Gobi $121.95 Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with ginger, tomatoes and spices
Kali Dal Maharani $11.95 Black lentil, kidney beans cooked on slow flame seasoned with freshly, ground herbs
Paneer Bhurji $13.95 Shredded paneer cooked W/tomatoes onions & sweet pepper
Vegetable Jalfrezi $12.95 Assortment of fresh vegetables cooked with sweet pepperl, onion and tomatos
Tarkewali Dal $11.95 Traditional indian lentil curry tempered with cummin, ginger, garlic and green chilly
Garwal Bhel Bhal $14.95 Medley of chick peas spinach cauliflower and home made cheese in chef’s special sauce
Sarson Ka Saag $12.95 Mustard leaves cooked with onion, ginger and spices

Indian Breads

Naan $2.95 White flour bread cooked in tandoor
Roti $2.95 Whole wheat bread cooked in tandoor
Onion Kulcha $3.95 Bread stuffed with chopped onions
Garlic Naan $3.95 Bread topped with chopped garlic & cooked in tandoor
Lachha Paratha $3.95 Multi layered whole wheat bread
Aloo Paratha $3.95 Whole wheat bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes
Keema Naan $5.95 Bread stuffed with minced lamb & herbs
Poori $3.95 Deep fried whole wheat puffed bread
Peshwari Naan $5.95 Lavened white bread with raisins, almonds, cherries & coconut
Bread Basket $14.95 Our exclusive assortment

Side Orders

Desi Salad $5.95 House green salad with house dressing
Ppapadam $1.95 Crispy lentil, wafer served fried or roasted
Raita $3.95 Whipped yogurt with simmered cucumber tomatoes and chopped cilantro
Mango Chutney $1.95 Small pieces of mango in a sweet and tangy sauce

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