Bay Shish

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Cuisine: Turkish.

House Specialties

Bay Shish Kebab $16.75 chunks of marinated lamb served on cubes of seasoned bread with yogurt with touch of garlic and caramelized onions
Star Kebab $15.75 chopped up lamb grilled to perfection, served over cubes of seasoned bread and yogurt, topped with chef’s special tomatoe sauce
Bay Pilaf $8.75 – $15.75 pilaf with chunks of tender lamb, carrots and chickpeas blended with seasonings
Special Beyti Kebab $15.50 beyti kebab wrapped in thin lavash bread and topped with chef’s own special sauce
Special Adana Kebab $16.75 hand chopped adana kebab served with seasoned spicy lavash bread and a salad
Lamb Saute $15.50 pieces of lamb delicately sauteed in butter with garlic, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms
Chicken Saute $15.50 pieces of chicken delicately sauteed in butter with garlic, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms
Lamb Shank $16.50 choulder of lamb delicately cooked in the oven served with fried vegetables in a special sauce
Alinazik $18.50 browned meat on eggplant puree with hot garlic yogurt

Turkish Pides

thick dough crust topped with
Kashar Cheese $11.00
Turkish Sausage $11.00
Pastrami $11.00
Ground Lamb $11.00
Two Toppings $12.50
Mixed Pide $14.50


Soda $1.50
Ayran $2.00
Water $2.00
Juice $2.00 – $5.00

Soups and Salads

please ask your server for our daily soups
Soup of the Day $4.50
Shepherd Salad $5.50 – $12.00 tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers with Turkish dressing, for cheese add extra $1.50
Mediterranean Salad $5.50 – $12.00 Romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, red cabbage with feta cheese and dressing

Cold Appetizers

Babagannush $5.00 pureed eggplant flavored with garlic, tahini and olive oil
Humus $5.00 pureed chickpeas with sesame paste and dressing
Eggplant Salad $5.00 pureed eggplant with roasted bell peppers and dressing
Stuffed Grape Leaves $6.50 grape leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices
Stuffed Eggplant $7.75 halves of eggplant stuffed with vegetables and pinenuts
Eggplant with Sauce $6.00 fried cubes of eggplant topped with a special sauce
Mixed Pickles $4.75 medley of mixed pickles
Cacik $4.25 cold yogurt with shredded cucumbers, garlic and herbs
Feta Cheese $7.75 healthy portion of freshly French feta cheese
Kidney Beans $5.00 red kidney beans sauteed with tomato and potatoes
Ajvar $5.00 eggplant kebab with red peppers, walnuts, olive oil and spices
Haydari $5.00 creamy yogurt mixed with garlic, dill and walnuts
Mixed Appetizers $12.75 – $18.50 healthy portion of appetizers delightfully selected for you

Hot Appetizers

Fried Liver $6.75 deep fried calf’s liver with dressing and seasonings
Sigara Borek $5.50 light pastry dough rolled with feta cheese and parsley
Falafel $5.00 mashed chickpeas and vegetables with middle Eastern spices
Samsa $3.25 delicately baked layered dough stuffed with chopped lamb and onions
Turkish Manti $9.00 mini raviolis with chopped lamb served with yogurt and garlic sauce
Lahmajun $11.00 thin flat dough topped with chopped lamb and seasonings
Fried Eggplant $8.75 slices of eggplant fried and topped with garlic yogurt sauce
Hamsi Tava $8.00 pan fried anchovies
Fried Calamari $7.75 deep fried calamari served with chef’s special sauce
Mixed Hot Appetizers $18.50 healthy portion of hot appetizers delightfully selected for you

Seafood Specialties

seafood served with green salad.
Brook Trout $17.50
Striped Bass $19.75
Salmon Shish Kebab $19.75
Porgy $20.75 dorado
Shrimp Special $15.75
Red Snapper


Entrees served with rice or French fries.
Shish Kebab $13.75
Chicken Kebab $13.75
Adana Kebab $12.50
Chicken Adana Kebab
Beyti Kebab $12.50
Chicken Chops
Stick Shish Kebab $13.75
Lamb Chops
Doner Kebab(Gyro) $11.50
Lamb Combo Platter $19.00
Chicken Combo Platter $19.00
Chicken Gyro $14.00 only Saturdays
Kulbasti $18.00 lamb steak

Yogurt Layered Kebabs

Iskender $13.00
Yogurtlu Gyro $11.75
Yogurtlu Adana $13.75
Yogurtlu Chicken Adana $13.50
Yogurtlu Shish Kebab $14.75
Yogurtlu Chicken Kebab $14.75

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