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Cuisine: Burger.

Starting Lineup

Crawfish Beignets $8.00 Deep-fried, savory crawfish beignets dusted with our own tabasco powdered sugar
Bayou Chips $10.00 Homemade kettle chips smothered in our bleu cheese sauce, white bean relish, roasted garlic topped with bleu cheese crumbles add grilled chicken, ground andouille or ground hot sausage.
Cajun Derby Pies $9.00 Bite-sized pasty shells filled with our spicy ground beef dressing
Backyard Pickles $7.00 Spicy bread n? butter pickle chips, batter-tossed and fried
Chicken Wings $12.00 1? pounds of jumbo smoked chicken wings, tossed in your choice of classic buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce or the bayou way sweet and spicy turbo dog sauce.
Gator Traps $11.00 Panko-breaded alligator and jalapeno cheese stuffing, deep fried with sweet corn rounds
Zydeco Bites $8.00 Bite-sized, 100% all-beef hot dogs dipped in zydeco batter and fried
Onion Straws $8.00 Thinly-sliced onions lightly battered and fried crisp, then stacked high

Bowls & Greens

Washtub Chili $8.00 Hearty ground beef and venison chili topped with melted cheese, onions and sour cream
Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo $7.00 A chunky french quarter tradition classic dark roux-based gumbo with chicken and andouille sausage
Soup of the Day $8.00 Please inquire with your server to find out what?s cookin’
Buffalo Shrimp Salad $12.00 Mixed greens, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, golden raisins and maytag blue cheese tossed with your choice of dressing topped with classic wing-sauced gulf shrimp
Cobb Salad $13.00 Cajun-fried turkey, smoked ham, bacon, eggs, cheese, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce with your choice of our house made dressings
Crawfish Garden Salad $12.00 Fried crawfish tails atop mixed greens, pea shoots, cucumbers and spiced pecans with our homemade marinated pear tomatoes. Sub roasted chicken or grilled shrimp

Most Valuable Burgers

Served with house kettle chips
The Bayou $13.00 A one-of-a-kind, deep fried ground beef burger stuffed with pepper jack cheese & jalapenos, topped with fried pickles & fried onions, dressed with tabasco mayo on a brioche bun
The Engine #29 $12.29 Our ground beef and spicy pork sausage patty with grilled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, slaw, red onions and tabasco mayo on a toasted brioche bun
The Bourbon $12.00 Two burger patties smothered with washtub chili, cheddar cheese, grilled onions and pickles on a brioche bun
The Thai Breaker $14.00 A homemade gulf shrimp patty with thai spices, sriracha slaw, sliced green tomatoes, wasabi mayo and fried won ton strips on brioche bun
The Ultimate Cure $13.00 Two burger patties hugging a grilled cheese bacon sandwich, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions and tabasco mayo on a brioche bun
The Peanut $13.00 A burger twist on the pb & j two burger patties loaded with seasoned bacon and our own honey peanut butter spread on a toasted pumpernickel bun with green tomatoes and a fresh berry spread
The Gator $14.00 Homemade alligator burger with slaw, pickled onions and tabasco mayo on a brioche bun
The Cowboy $13.00 Two burger patties with heaps of seasoned bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions and a tangy BBQ sauce on a brioche bun
The Venison $14.00 Fresh ground venison burger with grain mustard butter, green tomatoes and red onions on a toasted bavarian pretzel bun
The Croquer $13.00 Bayou burger?s twist on a french classic two burger patties with grilled ham and melted gruyere cheese with a garlic cream spread on pressed brioche bread topped with a fried egg
The Burger Dawg $13.00 Burger patty, grilled beef hot dog, american cheese, slaw, spicy bread n? butter pickles, red onions, mustard and spicy ketchup on a brioche bun
The Veggie Bean $12.00 Bean-based ?veggie? burger patty, pea shoots, tomatoes, red onions, pickles and garlic mayo on a toasted multi-grain bun
Run Chicken Run $13.00 Thin-sliced, abita roasted chicken breast, seasoned bacon, swiss cheese, avocado, lettuce, sliced green tomatoes and tabasco mayo on sliced brioche
The Debris $12.00 Two burger patties smothered with roast beef debris, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms on a brioche bun

Skillet Fries

Cheese Fries $11.00 Cheddar jack cheese, chopped seasoned bacon, sour cream and green onions
Washtub Fries $11.00 Cheddar jack cheese, washtub chili, white bean relish, sour cream and green onions
Debris Fries $11.00 Cheddar jack cheese, roast beef debris and gravy, sour cream and green onions

Hot Dawg Stand

The Zydeco $12.00 Zydeco battered and fried dawg with pepper jack cheese, slaw, tabasco mayo and spicy ketchup
The Morning After $12.00 10oz split, fried hot dawg with seasoned bacon, swiss cheese and our fresh berry jam
The Lundi $12.00 10oz split, fried hot dawg with red beans topped with fried onion strings
The Chili Cheese $12.00 10oz split, fried hot dawg smothered in our washtub chili, mixed cheeses and slaw


Crawfish Etouffee $15.00 Louisiana crawfish tails sauteed in a brown gravy with garlic and cajun spices over steamed white rice
Red Beans & Rice $13.00 Creamy red beans with white rice andouille sausage and french bread
BBQ Shrimp $18.00 Jumbo gulf shrimp bubbling in our classic BBQ shrimp sauce served with french bread
Seafood Stuffed Mirlitons $17.00 Shrimp, crawfish and crabmeat stuffing baked in tender mirlitons topped with a crawfish creole sauce with your choice of side item
Blackened Catch of the Day $18.00 Locally caught gulf fish, seasoned and blackened on cast iron, served with your choice of side item, add crawfish etouffee
The Bayou Trifecta $15.00 Your choice of three red beans n? rice, crawfish etouffee, chicken & andouille sausage gumbo or our cajun jambalaya
Family-Style Side Items $6.00 French fries, slaw, house kettle chips, sweet potato fries, red beans, jambalaya

Build Your Own

Draft your perfect made-to-order burger or dawg. All burgers come topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and your choice of one side. You can?t go wrong when you?re making the calls to take down hunger.
1st Round: The Meats – 100% Beef Patty $10.00 Hot sausage patty, veggie
1st Round: The Meats – Alligator $13.00 Venison, shrimp
1st Round: The Meats – Big Dawg $9.00
2nd Round: The Bun Fresh brioche, bavarian pretzel, multi-grain, pumpernickel, french dawg bun
3rd Round: The Cheese $1.50 American, pepper jack, cheddar, bleu cheese sauce, gruyere, swiss.
4th Round: The Sauce $0.50 Garlic mayo, tabasco mayo, spicy ketchup, grain mustard butter BBQ sauce, a-1, heinz 57
5th Round: The Veggies $0.75 Green tomato, pickled onions, spicy bread n? butter pickles, avocado, red onion, slaw, jalapenos, sriracha slaw
Sleeper Picks: The Primo Toppings $2.00 Washtub chili grilled onions grilled mushrooms seasoned bacon fried egg white bean relish roast beef debris


Abita Rootbeer Float Draft abita root beer in our frozen mug, topped with new orleans vanilla bean ice cream
Beignet Fries Thin fried beignet strips covered in powdered sugar with our decadent chocolate sauce
Any Given Sundae Our homemade bread pudding and ice cream, topped with our banana pecan praline sauce and powdered sugar

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