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Cuisine: Pizza.


all pizzas are made with a blend of provolone, mozzarella and pecorino Romano cheeses and homemade tomato sauce unless otherwise specified. Your choice of wheat or white crust; thin or thicker
Cheese Pizza $6.50 – $11.95
Traditional toppings $0.80 – $1.60 extra cheese, extra sauce, pepperoni, anchovy, bacon, ham, fresh garlic, black olive, carrots green olive, green pepper, mushroom, red onion, pineapple, fresh tomato, pepperoncini, jalapeno
Exotic Toppings $1.40 – $2.80 andouille sausage, Italian sausage, Mexican sausage, Genoa salami, prosciutto, bbq, chicken cajun, chicken, albacore tuna, crab, shrimp, bbq shrimp, cajun shrimp, artichoke hearts avocado, fresh basi
Bazbeaux Special $9.35 – $17.95 fresh basil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes
Tchoupitoulas $11.50 – $20.95 cajun shrimp, roasted red pepper, green pepper, red onion, andouille sausage, fresh garlic
Bayou Chicken $10.15 – $10.95 cajun chicken, roasted red pepper, red onion, garlic
Roma $9.95 – $17.95 prosciutto, black olives, ricotta, green peppers
Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio $10.15 – $19.95 Romano, cheddar, ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, bacon and mushroom
Greek $9.95 – $17.95 spinach, black olive, red onion and feta cheese
Spring $9.95 – $20.95 fresh tomato, broccoli, green pepper, roasted red pepper, carrots, red onion, dill
Garden $11.95 – $20.95 artichoke hearts, avocado, spinach, green pepper, red onion, black olive, ricotta
Neptune $9.95 – $17.95 crab, shrimp, snow pea pods, black olive, green pepper
Mexican $11.95 – $20.95 Mexican sausage, avocado, black olive, pepperoncini, red onion, green pepper and cheddar side of sour cream $0.25 Side of salsa $50.00
Chilope $10.75 – $19.95 black bean dip, salsa, green pepper, onion, fresh tomato, cheddar, cilantro. side of sour cream $0.25, extra salsa $50.00
Margherita $9.55 – $17.95 fresh tomato, fresh basil, fresh garlic, fontina cheese only, no sauce
Napoli $9.55 – $17.95 capers, anchovies, fresh garlic, fresh basil
Genova $9.95 – $17.95 eggplant, mushrooms, fresh tomato, fresh basil. try it with goat cheese!
Viareggio $9.95 – $19.95 tastes like a tuna melt. White sauce, albacore tuna, spinach, mushrooms, red onions, fresh garlic. no tomato sauce
B.o.t. $9.95 – $17.95 bacon, red onion, fresh tomato, fresh basil.
Hawaiian $9.95 – $17.95 ham, pineapple, green pepper, red onion
Basilica $9.95 – $18.95 pesto sauce, feta, sun dried tomatoes, black olives. No tomato sauce
Firenze $9.95 – $20.95 pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, fresh tomato, shrimp. no tomato sauce
BBQ $10.75 – $19.95 barbequed chicken or shrimp prepared with debbie?s homemade bbq sauce, red onions, green peppers and cheddar. no tomato sauce
Colossus $10.95 – $20.95 pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushroom, red onion, green pepper, black olive
Senza Formaggio $8.75 – $17.95 eggplant, fresh basil, grilled onion, extra sauce. No cheese.


dressings made fresh: house vinaigrette, creamy basil, creamy cucumber, green peppercorn. Bottled dressings: ranch, lo-cal French. Side of extra dressing, $0.35 side of crumbled gorgonzola, $0.50
Award-Winning Garlic Bread $2.95 With or without cheese for a real treat, add pesto $1.40
Tossed Salad $2.75 – $4.95 iceberg and romaine lettuce, mozzarella, provolone, Romano, carrots, red cabbage, black olives and tomato.
Antipasto Salad $4.25 – $6.50 our tossed salad with vinaigrette shrimp, genoa salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, artichoke hearts, sliced onions, hearts of palm and pepperoncini
Spinach Salad $3.75 – $5.95 spinach, mushroom, bacon, egg, red onion, black olives and mozzarella
Greek Salad $3.75 – $5.95 our tossed salad with red onions and feta cheese
Salad Nicoise $6.50 our tossed salad with albacore tuna, anchovies, egg, pepperoncini, red onion, artichoke hearts and hearts of palm
Crab Salad $6.50 a large mixed green salad with fancy lump crabmeat, mushroom, artichoke hearts, black olives, mozzarella and pepperoncini


all sandwiches served with chips and pickle spear on crispy French bread
Muffaletta $5.95 ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone, brown mustard and spicy olive relish. Served hot or cold
Popeye $5.25 spinach, cream cheese, red onion, green pepper, mushroom and cucumber dressing. Served cold only.
Ham Baguette $4.95 baked ham with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and brown mustard. Served hot or cold. Cheese $0.60
Tuna Baguette $5.95 albacore tuna, hard-boiled egg, black olives, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard and our house dressing. red onion available upon request. served cold only
Cheese Baguette $5.25 assorted cheeses with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and brown mustard. Served hot or cold.
Submarine $5.95 ham, genoa salami, provolone, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, red onion, brown mustard, and house dressing. hot or cold
Stromboli $6.95 Italian sausage, green pepper, mushroom and onion baked with tomato sauce and cheeses. Please allow a little extra time for this baked sandwich

Lunch Special

Slice of Pizza $3.25 – $2.25 With small salad, add $1.00. With soft drink, add $1.25. Available during lunch hours, Mon-Fri


Coffee $1.45
Tea (hot or iced) $1.45
Soft Drinks $1.75
Milk $1.25
Bottled Water $1.50
Jones Soda $1.95


Sorbetti $3.95 lemon or orange sorbet served in a natural citrus shell
Tartufo $4.25 classic tartufo with a zabaglione cream center, covered by chocolate gelato, crushed caramelized hazelnuts and cocoa powder.

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