Bellissimo Pizza

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Cuisine: Pizza.


all dinners come with soup or salad, bread and butter
Soup 16oz $3.25 pasta fagoli
Spaghetti with meatballs or Sausage $9.95 spaghetti with 4 half meatballs or sausage served with our tomato sauce
Penne Broccoli and Garlic $10.95 penne tossed in a white wine butter sauce with broccoli tomato and garlic
Rigatoni with Meat Sauce $9.95 rigatoni tossed in our meat sauce
Linguine Marinara $9.95 linguini tossed in our marinara sauce
Fettuccini Alfredo $9.95 egg fettuccini tossed in our Alfredo sauce
Fettuccini Alfredo with Sausage $11.95 fresh sausage cooked in our Alfredo sauce tossed with egg fettuccini
Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken $12.95 fresh chicken cooked in our Alfredo sauce tossed with egg fettuccini
Bowtie Roasted Peppers Spinach Garlic $10.95 roasted peppers spinach and garlic saute in a white sauce
Bowtie Roasted Peppers Spinach Garlic Chicken $12.95 chicken over bowtie roasted peppers spinach garlic in white wine sauce
Vodka Rigatoni $10.95 rigatoni tossed in a pink vodka sauce
Eggplant Parm $11.95 breaded eggplant tomato sauce mozz cheese baked in the oven
Baked Zitti $10.95 zitti tossed in mozza cheese and ricotta cheese baked in the oven
Linguini with Clams $11.95 clams saute in garlic and white or red and sauce
Feal Parm $13.95 red pounded thin breaded fried and topped with tomato sauce mozz cheese then baked in the oven
Chicken Parm $11.95 breaded chicken with tomato sauce and mozz cheese baked in the oven
Chicken Francese $12.95 chicken dipped in egg butter sauce in a lemon butter sauce
Shrimp Scampi $13.95 shrimp saute in a garlic white wine sauce and served over linguini
Shrimp Marinara $13.95 shrimp sauce in garlic tossed with linguini


Napolitan Pizza $9.50 – $10.50
Old Fashion $10.50 – $11.50
Pan Pizza $12.00
Sicilian Pizza $12.50

Calzone and Stromboli

Calzone $5.95 – $10.95
Stromboli $6.25 – $11.25


Soda $1.20 – $1.90
Coffee or Tea $1.15

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