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Cuisine: Dominican.

Arroces – Rice Dishes

Arroz Con Pollo $8.00 chicken with rice
Paella Valenciana $21.00 meat and seafood paella
Paella Marinera $21.00
Arroz Con Mariscos $24.00 mixed seafood with rice
Arroz Con Calamares $10.00 squid with rice
Arroz Con Camarones $15.00 shrimp with rice
Arroz Con Langosta $25.00 lobster with rice
Arroz Con Masa De Cangrejo $20.00 rice with crab meat
Arroz Con Pulpo $15.00 rice with octopus
Arroz Con Masa De Cangrejo Y Camarones $20.00 rice with crab meat and shrimp
Arroz Con Vegetales $10.00 vegetables with rice

Enchilados in Creole Sauce

Langosta $25.00 lobster
Pulpo $15.00 octopus
Camarones $15.00 shrimp
Mariscos $25.00 seafood
Camarones Rellenos De Mariscos $20.00 shrimp stuffed with seafood
Camarones Fritos Al Natural $16.00 natural fried shrimp
Camarofongo $20.00 shrimp and mashed green plantains

Al Ajillo in Garlic Sauce

Langosta $25.00 lobster
Pulpo $15.00 Octopus
Camarones $15.00 shrimps
Mariscos $22.00 seafood

Ordenes Extras – Side Order

Tostones $2.00 fried green plantains
Maduros $2.00 fired sweet plantains
Papas Fritas $2.00 French fries
Yuca $2.00 boiled cassava
Arroz Blanco $2.00 white rice
Habichuelas Rojas O Negras $1.50 red or black beans
Mofongo $4.50 mashed green plantains with pork

Desayunos Dominicanos – Dominican Breakfast

Mangu $3.50 mashed green plantains with pork
Yucas $3.50 boiled cassavas
Papas Fritas $3.50 French fries
Guineo $3.50 boiled green bananas
Papas Casera $3.50 home style potato
Huevos $3.50 egg any style
Salami $3.50 salami
Longaniza $3.50 Spanish sausage
Tocineta $3.50 bacon
Queso and Salami $3.50 cheese and salami


Jamon Y Queso $2.75 ham and cheese
Sandwich Cubano Grande $3.50 large Cuban sandwich
Sandwich De Bistec $4.50 steak sandwich
Sandwich De Pollo $4.50 chicken sandwich
Sandwich De Pernil $3.50 roast pork sandwich
Sandwich De Queso $2.50 cheese sandwich

Hamburguesas – Hamburgers

Hamburguesa $2.00 hamburger
Hamburguesa Con Queso $2.50 cheeseburger
Hamburguesa Con Toda $3.25 hamburger deluxe
Hamburguesa Con Toda Y Queso $4.00

Jugos Y Batidas – Juice and Shakes

Limonadas $2.50 lemonade
Jugo De Naranja $3.00 orange juice
Zanahoria $3.00 carrot
Los Tres Golpes $3.00 orange, carrot and milk
Papaya $3.00 papaya
Mamey $3.00 mamey
Zanahoria Y China $3.00 carrot and orange
Morirsonando $3.00 orange with milk

Cervezas – Beers

Becks $3.00
Heineken $3.00
Corona $3.00
Budweiser $3.00
Presidente $3.00

Bebidas Calientes

not beverages
Cafe Negro $0.75 black coffee
Cortadito $0.75 coffee with milk
Cafe Con Leche O Chocolate $1.00 coffee with milk or hot chocolate
Descafeinado $1.00 caffeine free
Te $1.00 tea

Aperitivos – Appetizers

Picadera Especial Para Dos $14.95 special combination for two
Coctel De Camarones $10.95 shrimp cocktail
Almejas Rellenas 1/2 Doz $8.00 stuffed clams 1/2 doz
Almejas Rellenas 1 Doz $16.00 stuffed clams 1 doz
Almejas Frescas 1/2 Doz $7.00 raw clams 1/2 doz
Almejas Frescas 1 Doz $13.00 raw clams 1 doz
Almejas Casino 1/2 Doz $8.00 casino clams 1/2 doz
Almejas Casino 1 Doz $16.00 casino clams 1 doz
Ensalada De Langosta $22.95 lobster salad
Ensalada De Camarones $15.00 shrimp Cocktail
Ensalada De Pulpo $15.00 octopus salad
Almejas Frescas 1/2 Doz $12.00 fresh clams 1/2 doz
Ensalada Mixta $2.50 mixed salad
Ensalada De Aguacate $2.00 avocado salad
Ensalada Mixta Con Aguacate $3.00 mixed avocado salad

Sopas Y Asopaos – Soupy and Soupy Rice

Sopa De Pescado $8.95 fish soup
Sopa Marinera $21.95 seafood soup
Sopa De Pulpo $15.00 ostopus soup
Sopa De Langosta $21.00 lobster soup
Sopa De Camarones $15.00 shrimp soup
Sopa De Langosta Y Camarones $25.00 lobster and shrimp soup
Sopa De Mariscos $22.00 seafood soup
Consome De Mariscos $21.00 seafood soup
Asopao De Pollo $8.00 soupy rice with chicken
Asopao De Camarones $15.00 soupy rice with shrimp
Asopao De Langosta $25.00 soupy rice with lobster

Pollo – Chicken

Pollo Al Homo $6.00 roast chicken
Medio Pollo $3.00 half chicken
Pechuga De Polloi La Plancha $13.00 boiled chicken breast
Chicharrones De Pollo $10.00 fried chicken chunks
Filetillo De Pollo $10.00 chicken fillet
Chicharrones De Pollo Sin Hueso $10.00 fried chicken chunks boneless
Pollo a La Milanesa $12.95 chicken a la milanesa
Pollo a La Parmesana $12.95 chicken a la parmesana

Carnes Selectas – Selected Meats

Sirloin Steak $14.95 sirloin steak
Bistec De Palomilla $10.00 tip round steak
Bistec Empanizado $10.00 breaded steak
Chuletas Fritas $10.00 fried pok chops
Filetillo Salteado $10.00 pepper steak
Carne De Res Y Cerdo Frita $11.00 Dominican fired beef and pork meat

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