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Up to date Bengal Masala Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Indian.


Meat Samosa – Mild $1.50 two turnovers stuffed with ground meat
Vegetable Samosa – Mild $1.50 two turnovers stuffed with mixed vegetables
Onion Bhaji – Mild $1.50 sliced onion dipped in Indian batter and deep fried
Sheek Kabob – Mild $3.25 minced tender lamb with red chilies and spices, put in tandoori over
Chicken Tikka – Mild $3.25
Prawn Puri, Baby Shrimp – Medium Hot $3.25 fresh prawns cooked with spices and sauce, served on puff bread
Chicken Wing $2.50
Chicken Roll $2.00
Vegetable Roll $1.50
Shrimp Roll $1.50


Mulligatawnty – Mild $1.50 blend of dall lentills, ginger, turmeric and other special spices
Halim $3.00 lamb with 5 kinds of lentils herbs and with special spices


all curries served with rice, chunks of lean tender meat cooked with tomato, pimento, onion and spices, served in its own sauce – mild
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.50
Lamb with Spinach $6.50
Lamb $6.50
Shrimp $7.99
Tikka $6.50


chunks of lean tender meat cooked with tomato, pimento, onion and other spices, served in its own thick sauce – mild
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Tikka $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $5.50


additional spices and creamy sauce imports a slightly sweet flavor very mild
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Tikka $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $5.50


meat cubes cooked in green paper, lemon juice and chopped tomato – mild
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99


sweet and sour curry in the parsi Persian style with lentils – mild
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Tikka $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $5.50


bhoona gosht topped with fried onions – mild
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Tikka $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $5.50


curry prepared with red chillies and made slightly sour – very hot
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Tikka $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $5.50


curry prepared with red chilies and other spices in the madras east Indian style -medium hot
Chicken $6.50
Beef $6.75
Tikka $6.75
Lamb $6.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $5.50


cooked in a special sauce made of freshly ground spices, herbs, onions, tomatoes, and green peppers – mild
Chicken $7.75
Beef $7.75
Tikka $7.75
Lamb $7.75
Shrimp $7.99
Vegetable $6.75


fried rice dishes prepared in the Indian way and served with vegetable curry, garnished with raisins, nuts and coconut – mild
Chicken $7.25
Beef $7.25
Tikka $7.25
Lamb $7.25
Shrimp $8.25
Tandoori $7.25
Vegetable $6.25

Tandoori Specials

tandoori dishes served with naan and special
Chicken Tandoori – Mild $6.50 half chicken marinated and grilled to perfection
Chicken Tikka – Mild $6.99 marinated chicken breast, cut in to pieces and boiled with special spices
Fish Tandoori – Mild $7.99 takes 30 mains, one whole pomfret from the bay of Bengal, marinated with special spices
Tandoori Mixed Grill – Mild $7.99 samosa, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka and sheek kebab marinated with yogurt, barbequed to perfection
Chicken Kabob $7.99 boneless, pieces of chicken with bell pepper, onions freshly roasted

Bengal Masala’s Selection

all the above served with rice, naan, mango chutney, desert, and a choice of coffee or tea
Dinner for Two $20.95 1 shrimp roll, 1 sheek kebob, 1 chicken tandoori, 1 lamb balti, 1 mixed vegetable masala
Dinner for Four $41.95 2 shrimp rolls, 2 sheek kebob, 1 shrimp balti, 1 chicken tikka masala, 1 lamb Kashmir, 1 beef patia, 1 sag mutor ponner, 1 mixed vegetable masala
Vegetarian for Two $15.95 1 onion bhaji, 1 vegetable samosa, 1 sag mutor ponner, 1 vegetable balti, 1 aloo peas
Vegetarian for Four $31.95 2 onion bhaji, 2 vegetable samosa, 1 vegetable kori, 1 aloo mutor gobhi, 1 mixed vegetable rogai, 1 sagmutor ponner, 1 sag bhaji, 1 bhinidi bhaji

Bengal Masala Specials

serve with rice
Chicken Tikka Masala – Mild $7.75 cooked in yogurt sauce and fresh cream
Butter Chicken – Mild $7.75 boneless chicken roasted on skewers in tandoori then cooked with cream, butter and yogurt then garnished with almonds and nuts
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda – Mild $7.75 cooked in tandoori onion, green pepper tomato sauce with home made cheese
Chicken or Lamb Korai – Mild $7.75 onion and green peppers
Chicken or Meat Jalfrazie $7.75 capiscum and green chili
Chicken or Meat Kashmir $7.75 tomato green pepper almond
Chicken or Lamb Garlic – Mild $7.75 with fresh tomato, green pepper and sliced garlic
Chili Chicken $7.50 green hot chili, tomato and pepper
Fish Masala $7.99 cooked with onion, tomato and other spices, takes 30 mins


Sag Mutoor Poneer with Rice – Mild $4.75 chopped spinach and green peas in cream and homemade cheese
Alo Mutor Gobhi with Rice – Mild $4.75 potatoes, green peas and cauliflower in curry sauce
Mutor Poneer with Rice – Mild $4.75
Mixed Vegetable Curry with Rice -Mild $4.75
Tarka Dall with Rice – Mild $4.75
Channa Masala with Rice – Mild $4.75 dry curry of potato and peas with onion and other spices
Alo Palak – Mild $4.75 potato – spinach green pepper tomato
Bhinidi Bhaji $3.50 dry curry of orka mild
Sag Bhaji $3.50 curry of fresh half spinach mild
Cauliflower Bhaji $3.50 mild
Mushroom Bhaji $3.50 mild
Aubergine Eggplant $3.50 mild


Paratha $1.50 buttered and leavened flour bread
Vegetable Paratha $2.50
Puri $1.25 deep fried flaffe bread
Chepatti $1.00 thin baked bread whole wheat flour
Naan $1.00 bread made of self rising flour
Paswari Naan $1.50 made with almond, coconut raisin
Garlic Naan $1.50 made with fresh garlic
Muglai Paratha $3.00 ground meat with egg and spices
Alo Paratha $2.00 potato fill with special spices


Rice $1.00 extra
Vegetable Rice $3.99
Peas Pilau Rice $3.99
Mushroom Rice $3.99

American Dishes

Hamburger $3.50 with fries
Cheeseburger $3.75 with fries
Fish and Chips $4.99 with fries
Chicken Patties $2.99 with fries
Chicken Nuggets $2.99 with fries
Fries $1.25


Plain Papadam $1.00 thin, crisp fried water mild
Plain Yogurt $1.00 very cooling antidote to most spices
Cucumber Raita $1.00 yogurt, grated cucumber and spices mild
Mango Chutney $1.00 sweet and sour
Pickles $1.00


Gulab Jamun $1.00
Keer $1.00
All Sweet Box $4.50


Bengal Masala Tea $1.50 special
Coffee $1.00
Tea $1.00
Soda $1.00
Pop $1.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Regular Lassi $1.50
Mango Lassi $2.00

Bengal Masala Cafe – Special Catering

Chicken Tandoori or Chicken Roast $6.99
Goat Curry $6.99
Mix Vegetable Bhaji $6.99
Rice $6.99
Salad $6.99

Lunch Special

Lunch Special $4.99 – $5.50


Tikka $4.99
Chicken $4.99
Lamb $4.99
1/2 Biryani $3.50 with salad

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