Ben’s Bayside Kosher Deli

Up to date Ben’s Bayside Kosher Deli prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Deli Food, Sandwiches, Kosher.

Garden Fresh Salads

All full-sized entree salads served with bread. Dressing selections: Russian, raspberry vinaigrette, oriental, honey mustard, fat-free italian, poppyseed, creamy garlic
Caesar Salad $7.99 Creamy garlic dressing over crisp romaine with homemade croutons
Caesar Salad with A Seasoned, Grilled Chicken Breast $13.99
Caesar Salad with Grilled Fresh Salmon (10-12 oz.) $17.99
Soup and Salad Combo $9.99 A bowl of soup with a house garden salad
Spinach Salad $10.99 Fresh spinach with chopped egg, red onion and mushrooms in a poppy seed dressing topped with crumbled, grilled pastrami
Mesclun Salad $8.99 Roasted walnut topping, shredded carrot, seasonal pepper and sliced mushrooms with a raspberry vinaigrette
Mesclun Salad with A Seasoned, Grilled Chicken Breast $13.99
Nicoise Salad $12.99 Tuna, tomato, egg, olives, green beans, potato and mushrooms atop crisp romaine
Salad Orientale $13.99 An oriental chicken breast and crunchy noodles, crisp romaine, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, scallions, waterchestnuts and snow peas in an asian dressing
Chef Salad $13.99 Crisp romaine, peppers, radish, hard-boiled egg, tomato, black olives, and your choice of meats. Roast beef, turkey, corned beef, salami bologna, smoked turkey breast, tongue or extra lean add $1.00
Chef Salad (One Meat) $13.99
Chef Salad (Two Meat) $14.99
House Garden Side Salad $5.79 Mixed salad greens and fresh tomato

Homemade Soups

Chicken Soup with a Matzo Ball $4.29
Chicken Soup with a Kreplach $4.29
Chicken Soup with Noodles or Rice $3.99 – $6.99
Mushroom Barley Soup $4.29 – $7.99
Daily Homemade Soup $4.29 – $7.99
Extra Noodles or Rice $0.99 – $1.98
Kreplach or Matzo Ball $1.29

Hot Entrees – Beef

Served with vegetable of the day and choice of potato, plus pickles, cole slaw and bread, unless noted
Broiled Hanger Steak (Our Roumanian) $22.99 Considered by many the most flavorful of steaks, ours are chosen and amply cut by the chef, broiled to your taste and served with sauteed onions
Rib-Eye Steak $22.99 The king of kosher steaks, tender and juicy. May we suggest a glass of cabernet sauvignon it makes the king of kosher steaks a royal experience
Sliced London Broil $17.99 Carved as you like it with our rich mushroom gravy
Silver Tip Roast Beef $16.99 A juicy half-pound carved from the most tender part of the beef
Braised Fresh Brisket of Beef $16.99 Simmered slowly the old fashioned way with just the right seasonings and thickly sliced
Two Specials $12.49 Hebrew National?s big fat quarter pound kosher franks, baked beans and fresh-cut french fries or two other sides of your choice
Broiled Chopped Steak $15.99 Sixteen lean ounces of juicy beef from our butcher, broiled to your order & smothered with onions

Hot Entrees – Poultry

Served with vegetable of the day and choice of potato, plus pickles, cole slaw and bread, unless noted
Roast Half Spring Chicken $15.99 A tender, barbecue-roasted chicken.
Breaded Chicken Cutlets $15.99 Boneless breasts lightly breaded and fried until golden
Grilled Twin Boneless Chicken Breasts $15.99 Plump, fresh and tender. Lightly seasoned, then grilled to perfection
Rotelle Primavera with Chicken $15.99 Pasta spirals marinara topped with fresh mixed vegetables and grilled chicken. No other sides with this dish
Vegetarian-style without Chicken $12.99
Marinated Chicken $15.99 A half chicken, marinated in our own barbecue sauce
Hawaiian Chicken $15.99 Lightly breaded, boneless white meat chicken served in a tangy sweet and sour sauce
Roast Turkey $16.99 Moist and delicious off the frame with homemade gravy and cranberry sauce

Hot Entrees – Grilled Filet of Salmon

Whole Salmon and Grilled $19.99 Served with vegetable of the day and choice of potato

Hot Open Sandwiches

Served with homemade potato pancake and apple sauce or real mashed potatoes or our fresh-cut french fries, plus pickles and fresh-cut cole slaw
Hot Open Roast Turkey $14.99 With gravy and cranberry sauce
Hot Open Brisket of Beef with Gravy $14.99 Extra lean add $1.00
Hot Open Roast Beef with Gravy $14.99
Hanger Steak (Our Roumanian) Sandwich $17.99
Hot Pastrami and Corned Beef Combo $16.99 Open style on rye, with sweet and sour sauce, stuffed derma and fresh-cut french fries

Steak & Turkey Burgers

Handformed with 8 ozs. of fresh, lean chopped beef or fresh, lean ground turkey. Served with pickles. Sauteed fresh mushrooms $0.79 additional.
Burger Supreme $9.99 – $10.99 With lettuce, sliced tomato, cole slaw and fresh-cut french fries
Salami Burger $10.49 – $11.49 Delicious. broiled with slices of tangy grilled salami. Served on a bun with fresh-cut french fries and cole slaw
Classic Burger $8.99 – $9.99 A classic, prepared as only Ronnie knows how and served on a toasted bun
Slim Burger Platter $9.99 – $10.99 With sliced tomato, lettuce, cole slaw and fresh fruit salad on the side
Our Popular Pastrami Burger Platter $12.99 – $13.99 Topped with slices of grilled pastrami. Served with fresh-cut french fries and cole slaw. A kosher treat


Grilled Chicken Caesar $9.49 Caesar salad under wraps. Grilled chicken with shredded romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes. Drizzled with caesar dressing.
Fresh Roast Turkey $9.49 Oven roasted turkey breast rolled up with herbed stuffing, cranberry sauce, lettuce and a touch of creamy garlic mayonnaise.
Roast Beef Lover $9.49 Thinly sliced roast beef, layered with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, drizzled with our horseradish sauce.
Oriental Chicken Roll-Up $9.49 A spin-off of our oriental chicken salad. teriyaki chicken, salad greens, shredded carrots, water chestnuts, tossed in our orange asian dressing.

Noshes & Nibbles

Small portions of our big favorites
Fried Kreplach $6.99 Five crispy pieces with sauteed onions
Stuffed Cabbage Hongroise $7.99 A generous cabbage roll filled with lean ground beef, a little rice and our special seasonings
Chopped Liver Appetizer $7.99 With onion, lettuce, tomato and rye
Hot Dog Combo Meal $7.99 Hebrew national beef frank, fresh cut fries or knish & fountain soda
Hungarian Goulash $10.99 Tender cubes of gently spiced beef with noodles on the side
Potted Mini Meatball Appetizer $6.99
Beef Tongue Polonaise Appetizer $9.99 In our delicious raisin gravy with rye
Nova Scotia Salmon Nosh $8.99 With onion, lettuce, tomato and rye
Gefilte Fish $3.99 With horseradish
Homemade Stuffed Derma Appetizer $7.99 With brown sauce and rye bread
Hush Puppies $6.99 A one-hand, marvelous meal. We start with a fresh egg-roll wrapper, stuff it with potato knish filling and roll up a delicious hebrew national beef frank in the middle. In the old country


Made with three fresh eggs. Served with potato pancake & apple sauce or our fresh-cut french fries, plus bread, pickles & fresh-cut cole slaw.
Corned Beef or Pastrami $10.49 Extra lean add $1.00
Tongue $12.99
Two Meat Combination Omelette $11.49 With tongue or extra lean add 1.00 ea.
Western Omelette $9.99 Deli-style omelette with or without green peppers and onions as you wish
Salami or Bologna $9.99
Nova Scotia Salmon, Eggs & Onions $12.99
Onion $6.49
Fresh Veggie Omelette $8.49
Plain $5.99
All White Omelettes $1.79

Poultry To Go

Whole & Half Chicken $6.49 Rotisserie, oven roasted, marinated, fried
Chicken Fingers $17.98 Our own, with special dipping sauce
Fresh Grilled Chicken Breast $17.98
Breaded Chicken Cutlets $17.98
Our Unique Chicken Fricassee $9.99 With mini meatballs in brown gravy
Hot or BBQ Chicken Wings $7.99
Turkey Wing $3.49
Turkey Leg $3.99
Hawaiian Chicken $9.99 Breaded chicken breast pieces in sweet & sour sauce
Chicken Pot Pie $8.99 Homemade, of course

Overstuffed Sandwiches

Served with pickles. Choice of rye or whole wheat bread
Hot Corned Beef $9.49 – $10.98
Extra Lean Hot Corned Beef $9.99 – $11.56
Hot Pastrami $9.49 – $10.98
Extra Lean Pastrami $9.99 – $11.56
Tongue $11.49 – $11.98
Fresh Brisket of Beef $9.49 – $10.98
Extra Lean Brisket of Beef $9.99 – $11.56
Roast Beef $9.49 – $10.98
Turkey $9.49 – $10.98
Smoked Turkey Breast $9.49 – $10.98
Breaded Chicken Cutlet $10.49 – $8.99
Grilled Chicken Breast $10.49 – $8.99
Hebrew National Salami or Bologna $8.49 – $5.98
Hard Salami $9.49 – $10.98
Grilled or Boiled Knockwurst on Frank Roll $7.49 – $5.98
Chopped Liver $8.99 – $6.48
Old-Fashioned Chicken Salad $8.99 – $6.48
Egg Salad $7.99 – $4.98
Tuna Fish Salad $8.99 – $5.98
Hebrew National Beef Frank $2.99 – $5.98

Specialty Sandwiches

Ronnie?s Tastemaster $14.99 Where the meats meet. Something of everything piled high on rye. with russian dressing and cole slaw
Deli Double $14.99 Oversized portions of hot corned beef and pastrami, served on twin junior rolls. Or substitute your two favorite meats. Tongue, add $1.00
Israeli Hero $25.99 Our incredible foot-long hero sandwich,overstuffed with everything but the kitchen sink. Feeds two big fressers or three average mensch
Mix ?n Match $13.99 – $14.99 Choose any two or three of your favorite ingredients and let us build your sandwich. We?ll include cole slaw and russian dressing on your combo, if you like. Sliced turkey, pastrami, chopped liver, c

Cold Platters

Served with freshly sliced tomatoes on a bed of lettuce with potato salad, cole slaw, hard boiled egg, garnish, pickles & bread
Chopped Liver or Gefilte Fish Platter $10.99 Traditional favorites
Egg Salad Platter $9.99
Old Fashioned Chicken Salad or Large Tuna Fish Salad Platter $10.99
Nova Scotia Salmon $13.99 The filet mignon of salmon

Special Cold Cut Platters

Served with rye bread, pickles, cole slaw and a choice of our homemade potato, health, macaroni, Israeli or pasta salad.
Single Meat Platter, Your Choice $15.99 Corned beef, brisket of beef, pastrami, sliced turkey breast, salami, smoked turkey breast, bologna, hard salami, roast beef, tongue add $2.00
Assorted Cold Cuts $16.99
Assorted Cold Cuts with Tongue $17.99
Ronnie?s Big Turkey Drumstick or Wing $10.99

Traditional Specialties

All include pickles, cole slaw & bread.
Chicken or Beef In The Pot with Half a Kosher Chicken $16.99 Half a chicken with a matzo ball, noodles, kreplach, peas and fresh garden carrots. A real nostalgia trip to the days of your youth
Chicken or Beef In The Pot with Lean Breast Of Flanken Simmered Until Tender $17.99 Half a chicken with a matzo ball, noodles, kreplach, peas and fresh garden carrots. A real nostalgia trip to the days of your youth
Our Unique Chicken Fricassee $15.99 Succulent chicken pieces and meatballs in a flavorful brown gravy
Ronnie?s Mixed Platter $17.99 A slice of derma, a stuffed cabbage, potted mini meatballs, and a special treat selected for you by our chef
Hungarian Goulash $15.99 Cubes of tender, lean, seasoned beef simmered with peas and carrots and served on a bed of noodles
Beef Tongue Polonaise $18.99 Thinly sliced and served with Ronnie?s delicious raisin gravy
The Stuffed Cabbage That Made Us Famous $15.99 Oversized cabbage leaves rolled around a filling that?s all meat, a little rice and a touch of seasoning. Just like ronnie?s mother made
Potato Pancakes $9.79 Great because we grate our own. Three served with apple sauce

Side Dishes – Salads Bar None

Made on the premises with the freshest ingredients.
Macaroni Salad $4.29
Beet Salad $4.29
Cucumber Salad $4.29
Israeli Salad $7.49 A chopped salad of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and scallions in a mediterranean-style lemon olive oil dressing. Fresh, healthy and delicious
Pasta Salad $5.29
Health Salad $4.29
Garden Vegetable Salad $5.29
House Garden Salad $5.79 Crisp mixed greens with fresh tomato

Side Dishes – Traditional Favorites

Prepared in our kitchens the old-fashioned way
Homemade Mashed Potatoes $3.29 Plain or with sauteed onions, per portion
Vegetable Cutlet $4.99
Our Own Round Baked Knishes $3.29 Tender pastry stuffed with savory filling. An eastern european treat. Potato, kashe or spinach
Kashe Varnishkas $6.99
Egg Barley & Mushrooms $6.99
Homemade Stuffed Derma $8.99
Spinach Log $6.99
Fresh Vegetable of the Day $3.99

Side Dishes – Puddings

Broccoli, Noodle, Potato, Spinach or Sweet Potato $5.99 All of our sweet and savory puddings are prepared from scratch using recipes of eastern european origin. Puddings are a wonderful alternative as a side dish, light meal or snack. Easy to reheat in to

Side Dishes – Deli Standards

Baked Idaho Potato $3.49
Square Potato Knish $3.29
Baked Beans $3.29
Peas & Carrots $3.29
Sweet or Hot Peppers $4.99
Sauerkraut $2.99
Pickles $3.29

Side Dishes – Famous Because They?re Fresh

The easy way: Remove box from freezer, fry, serve. Ben?s way: Purchase bags of premium quality potatoes; inspect, wash, trim, cut, prep, fry and serve. It takes a little longer, it costs a little more and the results
French Fried Potatoes $3.79
Fried Onion Rings $3.79
Fried Vegetables $8.99

Other Sides

Pasta & Spinach with Fresh Garlic $7.99
Vegetable Fried Rice $7.99
Vegetable Lo Mein $7.99
Pasta Primavera $7.99
Rice Pilaf $7.99
Cranberry-Pineapple Compote $7.99
Homemade Gravy $3.99


Assorted Mini Cookies $12.99
Assorted Rugulach $12.99
Jumbo Cookies $2.29
Special Layer Cake $3.99
Seven Layer Cake $3.99
Brownies $3.29
Fruit Pies $3.99
Apple Strudel $3.99
Halvah $5.99
Low Calorie Baked Apples $3.49
Fresh Fruit Salad $5.99
Fruit Jello $4.59
Apple Bread Pudding $5.99
Melon $3.79
Sorbet $4.29


Fountain Sodas $1.79 Coke, diet coke, sprite, diet sprite, club, cream, cherry, lemonade
Canned Sodas $1.79 Celray, cream, diet cream, coke, diet coke, black cherry, diet black cherry, sprite, diet sprite, ginger ale
Liter Sodas $2.99 Coke, diet coke, sprite
Bottled Root Beer $1.99
Bottled Water $1.79
Apple Juice $1.79
Iced Tea or Iced Coffee $1.79
Coffee $1.49
Decaffeinated Coffee $1.49 With non-dairy creamer
Tea $1.49
Domestic Beer $4.59
Imported Beer or Ale $4.99
Non-Alcoholic Beer $4.59

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