Bento Teriyaki 2

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Cuisine: Japanese.

Sushi Plates

Sushi Bento $10.95 means fresh raw fish, 5 Pcs nigiri sushi plus 8 Pcs cal. roll
Sushi Combo $11.95 means fresh raw fish 5 Pcs unagl sushi plus 8 pcs cal roll
Sushi Deluxe $19.95 means fresh raw fish 12 Pcs nigiri sushi plus 6 Pcs tuna roll

Nigiri Sushi

2 Pcs per order
Maguro, Tuna $4.00 means fresh raw fish
Sake, Salmon $3.75 means fresh raw fish
Hamachi, Yellowtail $4.50 means fresh raw fish
Hokkigai, Surf Clam $3.50 means fresh raw fish
Unagi, Fresh Water Eel $3.75
Ebi, Shrimp $3.50
Ama-Ebi, Raw Shrimp $5.95 means fresh raw fish
Tai, Red Snapper $3.50 means fresh raw fish
White Tuna, Albacore $4.00 means fresh raw fish
Ikura, Salmon Egg $4.50 means fresh raw fish
Tobiko, Flying Fish Egg $4.00 means fresh raw fish
Inari Sushi, Fried Tofu $3.00
Tamago, Egg $3.25
Spicy Scallop w/ Masago $4.50 means fresh raw fish
Ika, Squid $3.50 means fresh raw fish
Tako, Octopus $3.50

O’ Bento

O’ Bento 1 $10.95 cal. roll (4), edamame, teri chkn & tempura
O’ Bento 2 $12.95 means fresh raw fish tuna sashimi (4), edamame, chkn katsu & tempura
O’ Bento 3 $15.95 means fresh raw fish nigiri sushi (4), gyoza (4), beef s. ribs & tempura

Special Roll Sushi

Kappa Maki $3.00 6 Pcs, cucumber roll
O’Shinko Maki $3.00 6 Pcs pickled radish roll
Tekka Maki $4.00 means fresh raw fish, 6 Pcs tuna roll
Hamachi Roll $4.50 means fresh raw fish, 6 Pcs. yellowtail w/ green onion
Natto Maki $4.50 6 Pcs, fermented soybeans
Salmon Skin Roll $4.95 6 Pcs, smoked salmon skin, gobo & cucumber
California Roll $4.50 8 Pcs, crabmeat, avocado & cucumber
Unagi Roll $5.50 6 Pcs cooked eel w/ avocado
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.25 means fresh raw fish, 5 Pcs tuna w/ spicy sauce, cucumber, daikon sprout
Tuna Veggie Roll $4.95 means fresh raw fish, 6 Pcs, tuna, cucumber & avocado
Asparagus Roll, $4.95 6 Pcs, smoked salmon, asparagus & sesame seed
Lay’s Roll $5.25 8 Pcs, spicy California roll
Tempura Roll $5.95 5 Pcs, shrimp tempura, avocado & cucumber
Spider Roll $6.50 5 Pcs, d-fried softshell crab, avo, cucumber & mayo
Ichiro Roll $6.95 6 Pcs, crabmeat, avo, wrapped in fried tofu, sauce
Mariner’s Roll $7.95 means fresh raw fish, 5 Pcs, salmon, tuna, crabmeat, cucumber & avocado
Rainbow Roll $10.50 means fresh raw fish, 7 Pcs, California roll, topped w/ 6 fishes & avocado
Rainier Roll $8.95 10 Pcs, shrimp tempura, avo, cucumber & masago
Maui Roll $9.95 means fresh raw fish, 5 Pcs, cooked y. tail, salmon, crabmeat & g. onion
New U.P. Roll $10.50 means fresh raw fish, 6 Pcs, unagi roll, topped w/ tuna, avo. w/ sauce
Avo. Cucumber Roll $3.95 6 Pcs, avocado & cucumber

Love Boat

Love Boat For Two $39.00 means fresh raw fish, sashimi, sushi & tempura, w/ miso soup & salad


Fountain Pop $1.20 coke, diet cake, sprite, grape soda, mt. dew (can)/ pepsi, diet pepsi, slerra mist, dr. pepper, rt. beer, ice tea (cup)
Sobe, Bottle $2.00 orange carrot, green tea, power, energy, tsunami, liz blizz
Juice $1.60 orange or apple
Smoothies 8 Oz $3.50 strawberry / banana, blueberry / banana, raspberry / banana, pineapple / banana, peach / melba, pineapple / peach, apple / peach, pineapple / coconut, orange
Hot Sake $3.50 – $6.50 sho-chiku-bai
Domestic Beer $2.50 budweiser, bud lite, coors lite
Japanese Beer $3.00 – $6.00
Wine, Mini Bottle $3.95 red or white
Plum Wine $3.95


Gyoza 8 Pcs $3.95 deep-fried potstickers, Japanese style
Egg Rolls, 2 Pcs $2.95 deep-fried egg rolls, minced pork & veggies
Edamame $3.50 steamed baby soybean
Kaki Fry $7.50 fried oyster
Tempura Appetizer $6.50 battered, deep-fried prawns (2) & veggies (5)
Prawn Tempura, 5 Pcs $7.50 battered, deep-fried prawns (5)
Agedash Tofu $4.95 deep-fried tofu w/ soup
Sunomono, Octopus or Shrimp $4.50 seaweed & cucumber in vinegar sauce
Tuna Poki $7.95 means fresh raw fish, spicy hot tuna salad, hawaiian style
Albacore Tuna Tataki $9.95 means fresh raw fish, sliced albacore tuna in ponzu sauce
Tuna Sashimi, 5 Pcs. $7.50 means fresh raw fish
Salmon Sashimi, 5 Pcs $7.50 means fresh raw fish
Hamachi Sashimi, 5 Pcs $9.50 means fresh raw fish
Assorted Sashimi (Small) $15.00 means fresh raw fish
Assorted Sashimi (Large) $30.00 means fresh raw fish

Kid’s Meal

10 & under
Teriyaki Chicken $4.95
Yakisoba Chicken $4.95
Gyoza Plate $4.95

Side Orders

Miso Soup $1.50
Steamed Rice $1.50
Green Salad $2.95
Teriyaki or Hot Spicy Sauce $0.35
Substituting Rice for Fried Rice Add $1.50


Teriyaki Chicken $5.95 grilled chicken, w/ teriyaki sauce
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken $6.95 grilled chicken, comes w/ spicy hot sauce
Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken $6.50 grilled chkn, w/ teri sauce & diced pineapple
Teriyaki Beef $6.95 grilled beef, comes w/ teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Pork $6.95 grilled pork, comes w/ teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki Shrimp $7.95 grilled shrimp skewers, comes w/ teri sauce
Gyoza Plate $5.95 deep-fried potstickers, w/ rice & salad
Ton (Pork) or Chicken Katsu $6.95 breaded & d-fried pork or chicken w/ katsu sauce
Chicken Curry Rice $6.50
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice $7.50
Yaki Niku $7.50 grilled beef, veg in broth, w/ rice & salad
Stir-Fry Veggies w/ Rice $5.50
Stir-Fry Veg w/ Chicken & Rice $5.95
Stir-Fry Veg w/ Shrimp & Rice $6.95
Fish & Chips $5.95
Prawns & Chips $5.95

Combo Bento

Teri Chkn Plus Gyoza (4) $6.50
Teri Chkn Plus Egg Roll (1) $6.50
Teri Chkn Plus Teri Beef $6.95
Teri Chkn Plus Yakisoba $7.50
Teri Chkn Plus Ton/ Chkn Katsu $7.50
Tempura Plus Teri Chkn $7.95
Tempura Plus Teri Beef $7.95
Tempura Plus Ton/ Chkn Katsu $7.95


rice bowl
Oyako Donburi, Chicken $6.50
Niku Donburi, Beef $6.95
Katsu Donburi $6.95
Tempura Donburi $7.95
Unagi Donburi, Eel $9.95


stir-fry noodles w/ veggies & following ingredient
Yakisoba Chicken $6.50
Yakisoba Beef $6.50
Yakisoba Shrimp $6.95
Yakisoba Tofu $6.50

Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice $6.50
Beef Fried Rice $6.50
Pork Fried Rice $6.50
Shrimp Fried Rice $6.95


kake udon plus California or spicy tuna roll the price is subject to change without prior notice.
Kake Udon $5.95 fishcake slices & veg. over noodle soup
Tempura Udon $7.95 tempura shrimp & veg. over noodle soup
Nabeyaki Udon $9.95 tempura shrimp, fishcake, veg. over noodle soup
Kake Udon Plus Ca / S Tuna Roll $9.95 means fresh raw fish

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