BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

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Cuisine: Vietnamese.

On The Table

Spiced Krispies rice, peanuts, banana chips, coconut molasses, chili, asian basil


Chao Sang rice porridge, poached egg, crisp lardons, perilla and sage brown butter


Bo La Lot grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf


Served With Jasmine Rice
Suon Kho Mang caramelized pork riblets, young bamboo shoots
Muc Xao Xu Xu squid, chayote, asian celery, tomato
Dau Muoi pickled dau can, cabbage, lemon balm, scallions


Banh Tra jasmine custard pie, peanut crumb crust, maple ginger drizzle
Ka Rem Dua coconut lime gelato sandwich, chile sesame cookies


Tra Hua Cuc honey chrysanthemum mint tea
Da Chanh Quat kumquat limeade
Ca Phe Sua Da vietnamese iced coffee

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