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Ayran $2.00
Turkish Coffee $2.00
Turkish Mineral Water $2.00
Canned Soda $1.50
Turkish Fruit Juice $2.00
Bottled Water $1.50

Cold Appetizers

Cold Appetizers
Stuffed Grape Leaves (Yaprak Sarma) $6.95 Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants, fresh parsley and mint.
Cacik $4.45 Yogurt, garlic, cucumber, mint and dill.
Humus $5.95 Chickpeas mashed with olive oil, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.
Piyaz $6.45 White beans with olive oil, parsley, onion, tomatoes and egg.
Babaganoj $5.95 Barbecued eggplant puree with olive oil, tahini, milk, garlic, lemon and herbs.
Acili Ezme $5.95 Red and green peppers, garlic, onion, tomatoes and hot peppers. Spicy.
Eggplant Salad $5.95 Char-grilled eggplant pureed with garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs.
Sauced Eggplant $6.45 Fried small pieces of eggplant with tomato sauce, green pepper, onion and garlic.
Stuffed Eggplant $7.95 Eggplant stuffed with onions, red peppers, green pepper, tomatoes, pine nuts and currants.
Feta Cheese Plate $7.95 Feta cheese with tomatoes and cucumber.
Mixed Appetizer $9.45 – $15.95

Hot Appetizers

Hot Appetizers
Falafel $6.45 – $9.45 Ground chickpeas and vegetables blended with spices then deep-fried.
Mucvers $7.45 Zucchini, cheese, parsley, carrot, egg and spices served with cacik sauce.
Sigara Borek $6.95 Cheese pastries. Filo dough wrapped with feta cheese and parsley.
Kalamar $8.45 Crispy fried calamari.
Calf’s Liver $8.95 Pan-fried cubes of calf’s liver served with spiced onion.


Lentil Soup $3.95
Soup of the Day $3.95 Please call the restaurant for today’s selection.


Shepherd Salad $7.45 – $10.45 Cucumber, tomato, onion, parsley, feta cheese, olives and olive oil.
Tossed Salad $6.45 – $9.95 Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, olive and olive oil.


Lamb Shish Sandwich $7.95
Beef Shish Sandwich $7.50
Adana Kebab Sandwich $7.50
Meatball Kofte Sandwich $7.50
Chicken Kofte Sandwich $7.45
Chicken Adana Sandwich $7.45
Falafel Sandwich $7.45
Doner Gyro Sandwich $7.45
Chicken Shish Sandwich $7.45


Doner Shawurma Gyro Kebab $12.95 Sliced marinated mixed beef and lamb.
Beef Shish Kebab $14.95 Grilled marinated cubes of lamb.
Lamb Shish Kebab $15.95 Grilled marinated cubes of lamb.
Adana Kebab $12.95 Chopped lamb, veal and beef mixed with spices on charcoal.
Iskender Kebab $13.95 Meat shish kebab with yogurt and red sauce.
Meatball Kofte Kebab $12.45 Grilled lamb meatballs with spices.
Pirzola Kebab $22.95 Lamb chops prepared in Turkish fashion over charcoal.
Chicken Shish Kebab $12.95 Grilled marinated cubes of chicken.
Chicken Balls $11.45 Grilled chicken meatballs with spices.
Chicken Adana $12.45 Grilled chopped chicken with spices.
Chicken Izgara $13.45 Chicken legs prepared in Turkish fashion over charcoal.
Chicken Saute $12.45 Chicken, tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices.
Mix Kebabs $20.45 Mix of meat, adana, beef shish, chicken kebab and doner.
Lamb Saute $14.95 Lamb cubes, tomatoes, garlic, green peppers, red peppers and spices.
Falafel $11.45 Served with rice and salad.
Mixed Vegetable $12.50 Mixed fresh vegetable saute.

Kebabs with Yogurt

Kebabs with Yogurt
Chicken Shish Kebab with Yogurt $13.45 With pita bread and sauce.
Chicken Adana Kebab with Yogurt $13.45 With pita bread and sauce.
Lamb Cubes with Yogurt $16.95 With pita bread and sauce.
Beef Cubes with Yogurt $15.95 With pita bread and sauce.
Adana with Yogurt $13.95 With pita bread and sauce.


Whiting $14.45 Pan-fried and served with salad.
Salmon $17.50 Grilled salmon served with salad.
Branzino $18.50 Grilled whole fish served with salad.
Karides Kebab $17.50 Grilled shrimp served with salad.


Baklava $5.00 A delicious sweet buttery pastry with pistachios.
Sutlac $4.50 Rice pudding baked in a clay pot.
Kazandibi $4.50 Home milk custard topped with cream and grape sauce.
Sekerpare $4.50 Semolina cakes with honey.
Kadayif $4.95 A delicious shredded pastry with walnuts.
Kunefe $5.95 Shredded fillo dough with mozzarella and syrup.

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