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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Hot Chocolate Souffle $8.00 served with vanilla ice cream and forest fruit ragout
Creme Brule $7.00 accompanied by exotic fruit salsa
Peppered Fruit $6.00 seasonal peppered fruit and Caramel sauce with Strawberry ice Cream
Red Wine Pear $6.00 orange and white wine sabayon
Sweet Pizza $7.00 caramelized fruit. Pistachio ice cream and whipped cream
Ice Cream Martini $6.00 fresh fruit topped with ice cream. Whipped cream and Sugared Pecans
Banana Tempura Roll $6.00 served with chocolate syrup and whipped cream
Crumb Cheese Cake $6.00 served with marinated berries

Chef’s Special Maki

Green Dragon $12.00 tuna, Tobiko and Avocado on top
Orange Dragon $12.00 Iki cucumber and salmon on top red dragon
Red Dragon $12.00 spicy tuna, Avocado and tuna on top
White Dragon $12.00 Iki cucumber avocado and white fish on top
Bermuda Traingle $14.00 with fried tuna. Tobiko, cayier and masago

Sushi Combinations

Bermuda Combination (20pcs) $25.00 salmon make (6 pcs) yellow tail sashimi (4 pcs) uma nigiri (4 pcs) red sapper nigiri (6 pcs)
Maki Combo (16 pcs) $48.00 californa maki (4 pcs) cucumber maki (4pcs) sprey iki salad maki (4 pcs) tuna maki (4 pcs)
Nigiri Sashini Combo (20 pcs) $30.00 sashimi (2 pcs each) salmon, tuna, yellow tail. denis, huke nigiri (2 pcs each) salmon, tuna, yellow tail, denis, huke)
Nigiri Combo for One (8 pcs) $12.00 tuna, salmon, yellow tail and red snapper
Sashimi Combo for One (8 pcs) $10.00 tuna salmon, yellow tail an dred soapper all maki are available inside out style $0.75

Sushi Menu

Tuna (Maguru) $3.50 – $3.75
Salmon (Sake) $3.50 – $3.75
Yellow Tail (Jalapeao) $4.00 – $4.25
Fluke (Hirame) $3.50 – $3.75
Sea Bass (Suzuki) $4.00 – $4.25
Red Soapper $3.50 – $3.75
Dents $3.50 – $3.75
Smoked Salmon $3.50 – $3.75
Salmon $5.50 – $5.75
Tuna $5.50 – $5.75
Yellow Tail $5.50 – $5.75
White Fish $5.50 – $5.75
Iki $5.50 – $5.75
Cucumber $4.50 – $4.75
Mango $4.50 – $4.75
Carrot $4.50 – $4.75
Pickle $4.50 – $4.75
Avocado $5.25 – $5.50
Portobella Tempura $6.50 – $6.75
Spicy Tuna $7.00 – $7.25
Spicy Salmon $7.00 – $7.25
Tuna Avocado $7.50 – $7.75
Salmon Avocado $7.50 – $7.75
Yellow Tail Jalapeno $8.00 – $8.25
Sweet Potato $6.00 – $6.25
All Green $5.50 – $5.75 avocado cucumber lettace
Tamago $6.00 – $6.25 japanese omelet
Vegetable $5.25 – $5.75 avacado cucumber carrot
Philadelphia $7.50 – $7.75 smoke salmon & cream cheese
Ikura Salmon Roe $7.75 – $8.00
Nori Squash $6.25 – $6.50
Alaska $6.75 – $7.00 salmon avacado cucumber
Judo Iki Salad Avacado $6.75 – $7.00
California $6.50 – $6.75 Iki cucumber, avocado
Orange $8.00 – $8.25 california with tobiko
Three Color $9.50 – $9.75 salmon, tuna, yellow tail
Boston $8.50 – $8.75 cucumber iki lettuce, mayo
Futo Maki $9.50 – $9.75 tamago sweet shiitake cucumber iki caviar


Greek Salad $9.00 assorted baby greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, feta cheese and olives, olive oil and red wine dressing
Caprese Salad $9.00 fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and balsamie lemon vinaigrette
Bermuda Caesar Salad $10.00 fresh romaine lettuce in a creamy blue cheese dressing with ground parmesan and toasted croutons
House Salad $9.00 baby greens and romaine lettuce salad in a balsamic honey dressing with leek, homemade dry tomatoes and croutons
Tuna and Eggplant Tower $9.00 roasted eggplant with tuna salad, vegetable and herb vinaigrette
Health Salad $11.00 assorted greens, fresh orange fillet, walnuts, spring onions and dry tomatoes in lemon vinaigrette with crunchy cheese balls


soup du jour please be advised by your server
Cream of Garlic $7.00 with rosemary and roasted croutons
Potato Saffron Soup $7.00 with fresh saffron and scallions
Vegetable Soup $6.00 fresh market vegetables with the chef’s unique herbs and spices


please note we made a few changes in the menu in order to adjust to our customers taste
Seared Tuna Fillet $24.00 wok fried vegetables, creamy spinach on wasabi mayonnaise
Chilean Sea Bass Fillet $26.00 seallion mashed potatoes with lemon garlic butter
Grilled Red Snapper Lasagna $24.00 melange of vegetables and mushrooms topped with a saffron reduction
Black Cod en Papiotte $23.00 white miso wrapped, over a shitake composition baked to perfection
Fillet of Denis $22.00 spaghetti squash tower, garlic steamed vegetables julienne
Thai Fish Curry $21.00 market fresh mixed fish in a coconut broth on steamed rice
Pan Seared fillet of Tilapia $22.00 tuscan style grilled vegetables in tomato sauce and almond lemon butter
Miso and Maple Syrup Baked Salmon $22.00 wok fried garlic rice and pickled vegetables
Whole Fish $28.00 catch of the day, grilled or fried
Fillet of Sole $28.00 duct of wild and persian rice with a creamy white wine sauce and black truffle
Grilled Salmon $23.00 radicchio risotto with a porccini mushroom sauce


all dishes are available with whole wheat pasta additional $2.00
Spaghetti Arabiatta $14.00 spicy tomato sauce with olives and basil leaves
Penne A La Fungi $15.00 assorted sauteed mushrooms in a bechamel sauce
Salmon Duet with Linguini $16.00 creamy pink sauce with smoked salmon topped with crispy fresh salmon chunks
Manicotti $16.00 stuffed thin pasta leaves with ricotta cheese and spinach, cooked in a cream sauce and topped with tomato coulis, parmesan cheese and mozzarella
Ravioli $16.00 homemade ravioli with portobello stuffing in a creamy herb sauce
Spaghetti Primavera $14.00 sauteed vegetables in olive oil and garlic
Penne A La Pirmontese $15.00 creamy base with garlic dry cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and a touch of balsamic
Baked Ziti Al Forno $14.00 oven baked ziti gratinated with parmesan and mozzarella
Linguini A La Romana $14.00 spicy cherry tomatoes, chili and fresh basil
Melanzani Parmigiana $15.00 gratinated baked eggplant with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Homemade Potato Ginocchi in a Creamy Basil Pesto $15.00

From The Work

Vegetable Lo Mein $14.00 vegetables and noodles stir-fried with pecan nuts and scallion
Stir fried Work Vegetables $13.00 variation of market fresh vegetables
Vietnamese Sauteed Mushrooms $13.00 sweet and sour with red peppers
Coconut Yellow Rice $12.00 turmeric saffron rice, coco lopez reduction with scallions
Thai Rice $11.00 a unique combination of of spices mixed with vegetables and thai rice


Pizza Margarita $13.00 mozzarella cheese and parmesan
Mediterranean Pizza $15.00 roasted eggplant, olives, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and basil leaves
Quattro Fromagio $16.00 feta, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan
Bermuda House Pizza $15.00 arugula, goat cheese, parmesan and chili oil
Ricotta and Spinach $15.00 sauteed spinach, garlic and tomato slices
Pizza Original $14.00 tomato sauce, tomato cubes and basil (no cheese)
Assorted Toppings $1.50 mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives, basil leaves, corn, peppers, anchovies, parmesan, tuna, egg yolk, chili oil, spicy peppers, grilled eggplants and spinach


our hot beverages
Expresso Single Long $2.00
Macchiato $2.00
Double Espresso $3.00
Double Macchiato $3.00
Cream Espresso $3.50
Italiano $3.00
Coffee $1.50 – $2.00
Latte $3.00 – $4.00
Cappuccino $3.00 – $4.00
Moccachino $3.00 – $4.00
Hot Chocolate $3.00 – $4.00
Tea $2.00

Hot Specials

Bermudaccino $4.50
Chocolate Stick Steam $4.50
Hot Apple Cider $2.00

Our Colds

Fresh Juice $4.00
Mineral Water $2.00
San Pellegrino $2.50 – $4.00
Soda $2.00

Our Frozen

Bermuda Iced $5.00
Iced Cappuccino Latte $3.50
Iced Coffee $2.00
Iced Chocolate $3.00
Iced Cream Espresso $3.50
Fruit Shakes $5.00
Milk Shakes $5.00
Iced Min Lemonade $4.50
Iced Tea $2.00

Cold Specials

Bermuda Shake $5.00
Iced Moccachino $4.50
Fudge Milk Shake $5.00


Whipped Cream $0.75
Scoop of Ice Cream $1.50
Shot of Espresso $1.00
Flavors (all kinds) $0.50

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