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Cuisine: Japanese, Noodles, Sushi.


Yakowasahi $5.50
Sea Weed Salad $5.50
Sashimi Salad $12.00 tuna, salmon with avocados, lettuce, arugula, in soy onion dressing
Midori $8.00 crab jerk & shiso rolled in cucumber in vinegar dressing
Tuna Tataki $12.00 seared tuna sashimi with white onion in ponzu sauce
Yellowtail & Salmon Tataki $12.00 with jalapeno & ponzu sauce

Sunomono Appetizer

Sashimi In Vinegar Sauce
Moriawase $10.50 mix
Tako $10.50 octopus
Tsubugai $8.50 clam

Sashimi Appetizers

Moriawase $12.00 1pc tuna, 2pcs salmon, 2pcs octopus, 2pcs white fish
Tako Sashimi $12.00 octopus
White Tuna Sashimi $12.00
Amaebi Sashimi $9.50 sweet shrimp
Yellowtail & Salmon Tataki $12.00 with jalapeno & ponzu sauce


Served with House Salad, Or Miso Soup
Super Sushi Deluxe $23.50 2pcs tuna, 1pc shrimp, 1pc salmon roe, 1pc fluke, 2pcs salmon, 1pc yellowtail, 1pc white fish, 1 roll california
Sushi Deluxe $20.00 1pc tuna, 1pc shrimp, 1pc smelt roe, 1pc fluke, 2pc salmon, 1pc mackerel, 1pc white fish, 1pc yellowtail, 1 roll tuna
Sushi Regular $18.00 1pc tuna, 1pc mackerel, 1pc fluke, 1pc white fish, 2pcs salmon, 2 roll cucumber, 1/2 roll tuna
Sashimi Deluxe $24.50 tuna, 2pcs yellowtail, 2pcs octopus, salmon, 2pcs white fish, served white fish with salmon roe

Sashimi Regular

Maguro Sashimi Or Sushi
Sake Sashimi Or Sushi 7pcs salmon
Hamachi Sashimi Or Sushi $18.50 7pcs yellowtail
Tekka Don $18.50 7pcs tuna sashimi over sushi rice
Sake Don $18.50 7pcs salmon sashimi over sushi rice
Hamachi Don $18.50 7pcs yellowtail sashimi over sushi rice
Chirashi $26.50 various fish sashimi over sushi rice
Bara Chirashi $18.50 various fish pieces over sushi rice with special soy sauce

Sushi & Sashimi Combination

Served With Miso Soup Or Salad And Rice
For One $22.50 sushi: 1pc tuna, 1pc white fish, 1pc shrimp, 1pc salmon, 1 roll tuna. sashimi: 2pcs tuna, 2pcs yellowtail, 2pcs salmon
For Two $45.00 sushi: 2pcs tuna, 2pcs salmon, 2pcs yellowtail, 2pcs white fish, 2pcs shrimp, 1 roll tuna, 1 roll california. sashimi: 3pcs tuna, 2pcs yellowtail, 2pcs salmon, 2pcs white fish

Sushi Or Sashimi

Omelet $2.50 tamago
Crab Stick $2.50 kani kama
Mackerel $3.00 saba
Clam $3.00 kal
Smelt Roe $3.00 shishamoko
Fluke $3.00 hirame
Stripe Bass $3.00 suzuki
Squid $3.00 ika
Shrimp $3.00 ebi
Octopus $3.00 tako
Fresh Salmon $3.00 sake
Tuna $3.00 maguro
Yellowtail $3.00 hamachi
White Tuna $3.00
Scallop $4.00 hotate
Snow Crab $4.00 kani
Wasabi Flying Fish Roe $4.00 wasabi tobiko
Smoked Salmon $4.00
Salmon Roe $4.00 ikura
Eel $4.50 unagi
Botan Sweet Shrimp $5.00 botan ebi
Sea Urchin $5.00 uni
Extra Udama $1.00 quail egg

Sushi Rolls

Adding Favorite Flavors To Your Rolls ($1): Spicy Mayo, Mayo, Avocado, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Tempura Crunch, Scallion, Shiso Leave, Inside Out, Inside Out With Smelt Roe.
Avocado $5.00
Cucumber $5.00 kappa
Radish Pickle $5.00 oshinko
Crab Stick $5.00
Ume-Jiso & Cucumber $5.00 plum paste with shiso
Natto $5.00 soy bean
Squid $6.00 ika
Salmon Skim & Cucumber $6.00 shakekawa
Smelt Roe $6.00 shishamoko
Shrimp $6.00 eni
Tuna $6.00 tekka
Yellowtail $6.00 hamachi
Fresh Salmon $6.00 sake
Spicy Codfish Roe $5.50 mentai
Eel & Cucumber $6.50 unakyu
Salmon Roe $6.50 ikura
Smoked Salmon $6.00
Wasabi Flying Fish Roe $6.50
Sea Urchin $8.00 uni
Rainbow Roll $14.00 5 kinds of fish & avocado over eel & cucumber or snow crab california roll with eel sauce on top
Red Dragon Roll
Sea Dragon Roll $14.00 shrimp over eel & cucumber roll with eel sauce
White Dragon Roll $14.00 white tuna & avocado over deep fried white tuna
Dragon Roll $13.00 avocado over eel & cucumber roll with eel sauce
Spicy Oyster Roll $8.50 deep fried oyster, lettuce with spicy mayo
Crispy Fried Chicken Roll $7.50 deep fried chicken, lettuce with spicy mayo
Tempura Roll $9.00 tempura fried shrimp, lettuce, cucumber
Spicy Sweet Shrimp Roll $7.50 raw botan sweet shrimp with spicy mayo
Vegetable Roll $6.50 carrot, radish pickle, cucumber
Mononoke Roll $6.50 shrimp, avocado & mayo with scallion outside
Philadelphia Roll $6.50 smoked salmon, cream cheese
Spicy Ebi Aspara $6.50 shrimp, asparagus, spicy mayo
Spicy Scallop Roll $7.50 raw scallop & spicy mayo
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.50
Snow Crab California Roll $7.50
Eel Avocado Roll $7.50
California Roll $6.00 inside out avocado, crab stick
Spider Roll $13.00 deep fried soft shell crab roll with lettuce & smelt roe
Manhattan Roll $11.00 spicy salmon on top of shrimp tempura roll
Sesame Crust Tuna Roll sliced seared-tuna with crusty black sesame on top of spicy tuna avocado roll
Futomaki various vegetable, crab stick, omelet


Yellow Wavy Noodles In Large Soup Bowl. All Soup Are Chicken, Pork & Vegetable Broth
Mononoke Special Ramen $12.00 our signature, miso paste flavored soup with hard boiled egg, pork, fish cake, vegetable
Miso Ramen $11.00 miso paste flavored soup with pork, fish cake, vegetable
Shoyu Ramen $11.00 soy sauce based soup with pork, fish cake, vegetable
Shio Ramen $11.00 salt based soup with pork, fish cake, vegetable
Rokuban Ramen $12.00 soy sauce flavored with ground beef, tofu & vegetable
Gomoku Ramen $12.00 chicken, shrimp & vegetable, omelet style on top in salt flavored soup
Seafood Ramen $15.00 shrimp, scallop, squid, clam, fish cake, crab stick in salt flavored soup
Hiyashi Chuka $13.50 salad style amen noodle with pork, fish cake, egg, vegetable, soy sesame flavored dressing


Soy Flavored Over Bowl Of Rice, With Daikon Pickles Served With Miso Soup
Katsudon $12.00 japanese style pork or chicken cutlet cooked with egg & vegetable
Ten Don $12.00 shrimp & vegetable tempura
Oyako Don $11.00 chicken cooked with egg & vegetable


White Thick Noodle In Large Soup Bowl, Till Soup Flavored With Bonito Stock
Miso Udon $11.00 in miso flavored soup with chinese cabbage, carrot, mushroom, wakame seaweed
Yasai Udon $11.00 with japanese mountain vegetable, carrot, spinach
Curry Udon $12.00 flavored with japanese style curry with chicken, vegetable & deep fried tofu slice
Tempura Udon $13.00 with shrimp & vegetable tempura
Miku Udon $12.00 with thin sliced of sauteed beef fish cake, scallion
Nabeyaki Udon $15.00 with shrimp tempura, chicken, deep fried tofu, fish cake, snow peas, shiitake mushroom, scallion
Yosenabe $18.00 with salmon, shrimp, clam, crab stick, tofu, mushroom, carrot, bamboo shoot, chinese cabbage

Japanese Curry

Japanese Style Curry With Chicken, Potato, Carrots & Onion With Red Fukujin Zuke Pickles
Curry Rice $10.50
Tatsuta Curry $12.50 with japanese style fried chicken
Katsu Curry $12.50 with pork or chicken cutlet

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