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Cuisine: Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea, Bakery & Pastries.

Salads SIdes

Roast Chicken Salad $8.00
Mango Pecan Roasted Chicken Salad $8.00
Yogurt Pareait $3.50 Made with homemadegranola yougurt and fresh strawberries
Penne Pasta Salad W Grilled Veggies $3.50
Route 11 Potato Chips $1.10
Fresh Fruit Cup $3.00


Made from scratch by carlyle right next door
Lobster Bisque $4.50 Monday wed, friday
Corn and Chowder $4.25 Thursday, sunday
Rustic Mushroom $4.25 Tuesday and saturday

Breakfast Sandwiches

Prepared hot and to order
The Willing No-Ham $4.50 Bacon, fried egg and cheese on toasted iceberg bread
Davids Drumroll $4.50 Turkey sausage, fried egg and cheese on toaasted icebox bread
Jens Rising Sun Croissant $4.75 Ham, fried or scrambled egg and on our croissant
Renes Egg and Cheese $3.75 Fried egg and cheese on toasted icebox bread


Daily Focaccia $4.45 Our homemade focaccia dough baked with cheese and fresh veggie toppings


All of our sandwices are made fresh everyday. Made from the best ingrediants and served on best buns bread
Grilled Chicken $7.50 With havarti, basil aioli, tomatoes and watercress on sweet boule
Ham $7.50 With havarti dijon mayo and pickles on rosemary
Spuntino $7.25 Chicken breast basil aioli, roasted red peppers and watercress on sweet boule
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato $6.50 Basil oilves oil and sauteed onion on our fresh baguette
Chicken Salad $6.95 Apples walnuts, calary, dijon and watercress on rustic italian
Ozzies Ham and Salami $7.75 With havarti, roasted red pepper and dijon on our soft baguette

Boxed Lunches

Boxed Lunches Box lunch consists of your choice of sandwich choice of cookie, english toffee, double chocolate or chocolats walnut, a side penms pasta, fruit cup or potato chips and poland spring water. Add $3.25

Artisan Breads

Baguette $2.40 Classic long fresh baguette with a crackly crust demi loaf $1.25
Ciabatta $3.85 Northern italian flat bread made with olive oil with a slightly olive oil with a slightly chewy crust and porous center
Olive Garlic and Herb $4.85 Green kalamata olives, thyme and roasted mini olive $1.75 with garlio
Multigrain $3.85 Seven grains, cracked wheat rye chops, barley millet sunflower, flax and cracked corn with a touch of honey
Herb Muenster $4.35 French style dough with basil, oregano and muenster
Two Raisin Pecan $5.25 Sweet dark and golden raisins
Two Raisin Pecan (Small) $4.35 Sweet dark and golden raisins
Challah $4.95 Braided egg and butter bread with or without poppg seeds
Rustic Italian $3.85 Sourdough bread boule with wheat bran chewy and moist
Brioche $5.75 A rich buttery bread made with eggs, suded for carlyel s french tosst
Big Ciry Sour $3.50 Made with a traditional sourdough starter
Farm $3.85 Traditional french sourdough bread boule mixed with rye whole wheat
Rosemary and olives Oil $4.35 French dough made with roasted poblano peppers and mild cheddar
Poblano Cheddar Bread $4.35 French dough made with roasted poblano peppers and mild cheddar

Bagles Rolls and Croissants

Bagels Assorted flavors $1.00 Butter $0.40, crean cheese $0.10, cream cheese tub $3.25, raspberry jelly $0.95
Rolls $0.50 Multlgrain, plan and rosemary
EPI (Rosemary) $3.25 10 Llittle rolls per loaf
EPI (Plain) $3.00
Boule $1.05 Plain or sour take your pick
Croissants $2.10 – $3.25 Plain, alnmond walntu, chocolate or ham and cheese
Dog Biscuits $1.00
Famous Burger Buns $1.00
Garlic Parmesan Mini Rolls $1.00


Chokies Coconut macaroon, chocolate espresso chew, english toffee peanut butter with chocolate ganache double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin ginger crinkle pumpkin raisin, chocolate walnut chunk lemon bar
Muffins $2.20 – $2.35 Lemon blueberry banana chocolate chip, coffee cake apple harvest, sourdough wheat bran with raisina
Danish and Other Sweets $2.20 – $2.50 Sticky buns, fruit danish cheese danish, cinnamon raisin danish
Money or Apple Monkey Bread (Half) $3.50 – $4.75
Money or Apple Monkey Bread (Whole) $6.25 – $8.35
Banana Carrot Bread (slice) $1.85
Banana Carrot Bread (Whole) $6.00
Sconess $1.75 – $2.00 Cherry pecan, bacon cheddar, orange currant or irish soda
Mini Bundt Cakes with Lemon $3.10
Mini Bundt Cakes with Carrot $3.35
Biscotti $1.65 Chocolate hasenut

BBBC Cupcakes

Chocolate with Peanut Butter Fristing $3.00
Chocolate with Toffee Frosting $3.00
Chocolate with Ganache $3.00
Chocolate with Cream Cheese Frosting and Coconut $3.00
Vanilla with Vanills Frosting $3.00
Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting $3.00
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting $3.00
Triple Lemon $3.00
Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting $3.00

Special Order

Classic Cakes in Vanilla and Chocolate $26.26 – $38.00
Large Bundt Cakes with Carrot $26.00
Large Bundt Cakes with Lemon $19.50

Coffee Espresso Tea

Regular Coffee
Decaf Coffee
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Vanilla Latte
White Chocolate Mocha
Iced Coffee
Iced Latte
Caramel Latte
Caramel Macchiato
Cafe Americano
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
Hot Tea
Bottled Beverages
Iced American

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