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Cuisine: Chinese.


Steamed Bun $4.25
Fish Ball Soup $3.00
Fish Soup $3.00 with bone
Fuzhou Dumpling Soup $3.00
Meat Stuffed Rice Ball Soup $2.50
Flat Noodle $2.00 with sesame & peanut sauce
Fuzhou Wonton Soup $2.00
Congee $1.00
Fuzhou Rice Cake Soup $1.25
Rice Cake Soup $4.00 with intestine
Fried Oyster Pancake $0.75
Fried Taro Cake $0.75

Special Appetizer

Crispy Intestine $8.95


Assorted Placates Soup $5.95 – $9.95
Water Melon $10.95 with fish stomach soup
Crab Meat $10.95 with shredded scallop soup
Clam $14.95 with frog soup
Clam $14.95 with egg drop soup
Stew Egg $16.95 with clam soup
Clam Soup $8.95 with loofah
Cucumber Soup $13.95
Wonton Soup Fuzhou Style $6.00 – $4.00
Sour Cabbage $7.95 with pig stomach soup
Tomato & Seafood Soup $4.00
Cabbage $4.00 with shredded pork chop
Rainbow Snow Fish Soup $14.95
West Lake Beef Soup $7.95
Sour Cabbage $8.95 with fish head soup
Hot & Sour Pig Skin Soup $8.95
Eight Treasure Water Melon Soup $9.95

County Style

Salty Chicken


Noodle $5.00 with pig stomach
Noodle $6.00 with eel
Noodle $5.50 with duck
Noodle $5.50 wit rabbit
Duck $5.00 with thin noodle soup
Noodle $5.50 with duck & taro
Noodle $5.50 with beef rib
Noodle $5.50 with ox tail
Noodle $5.00 with veal
Noodle $6.50 with yellow fish
Noodle $5.50 with clams & loofah
Pan Fried Noodle $3.75
Oyster $5.75 with pan fried noodle
Noodle Soup $3.50 with pork
Pan Fried Noodle $3.75 with pork
Clam Pan Fried Noodle $6.75
Steamed Rice Noodle $3.50
Pan Fried Rice Noodle $3.75
Crab $5.75 with pan fried rice noodle
Fish & Pork Noodle Soup $5.00
Pan Fried Fish & Pork Noodle $6.00
Chow Mein Fuzhou Style $3.75
Sauteed Potato Noodle, Family Style $6.75
Assorted Beef Mei Fun $4.00

Rice Dishes

Egg Fried Rice $3.50
Sticky Rice $4.25
Spare Ribs Over Rice $3.75
Lychee Pork Over Rice $3.75
Crab $4.75 with egg over rice
Braised Fish Over Rice $3.95
Fuzhou Style Duck Over Rice $3.95
Home Style Fried Rice $3.75


Fish Head $8.95 with curd
Seafood $8.95 with bean curd
Stewed Lamb Chinese Style $9.95
X.O. Clam $12.95
Do Do Frog’s Leg $14.95
Eggplant $8.95 with garlic sauce


Vancouver Crab
Live Shrimp
Steamed Tilapia Fish
Eel with black bean sauce
Stir Fried Prawns $8.95
Shrimp $8.95 with salt & pepper
Sauteed Conch $14.95
Clam In Black Bean Sauce $12.95
Stir Fried Snail $9.95
Chinese Snail In Broth $12.95
Conch $14.95 with goose web
Goose Web $10.95 with sour cabbage
Stir Fried Goose Web $10.95
Osmanthus Clam $18.95 with tender leek
Solen In Black Bean Sauce $14.95
Sauteed Solen $14.95
Sauteed Shredded Squid $8.95
Yellow Fish with assorted sauce
Chrysanthemum Fish with sweet & sour sauce
Hot & Spicy Fish Fillet $8.95
Crispy Jelly Fish Skin $12.95
Scallop $10.95 with egg
Jumbo Crab with x.o. sauce
Braised Tilapia Fish
Sweet & Sour Tilapia Fish
Crab $8.95 with ginger & scallion


Goose Intestine $15.95 with tender leek
Goose Intestine $13.95 with celery
Duck Kidney $7.95 with cauliflower
Sauteed Shredded Beef $8.95 with pepper
Hot & Spicy Duck’s Tongue $12.95
Frog Wrapped $14.95 with leaf
Clam $12.95 with fresh garlic
Asparagus $12.95 with goose web


Spare Ribs $7.95 with house special sauce
Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs $7.95
Pork $7.95 with lychee
Stir Fried Pork Liver $7.95
Stir Fried Pig Stomach $7.95
Sauteed Leek $8.95 with pork blood
Sauteed Intestine $8.95
Spare Rib Peking Style $9.95


Sauteed Snow Pea Leaf
Sauteed Water Spinach $8.95
Water Spinach $8.95 with bean paste
Sauteed Zucchini $8.95
Sauteed Cauliflower $7.95
Sauteed Dried Bamboo $7.95
Salt Egg with snow pea leaf
Snow Pea Leaf with crab meat

Sizzling Platter

Short Ribs In Sizzling Hot Plate $10.95
Roast Duck Tongue In Sizzling Hot Plate $12.95
Frog In Sizzling Hot Plate $14.95


Meat White Ball Soup $3.50
Sticky Rice Ball Soup $2.50
Sweet Rice Ball $2.50
Fuzhou Style Eight Treasure Rice $3.00
Sweet Taro Pudding $3.00

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