Beulah’s Barbeque

Up to date Beulah’s Barbeque prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Barbecue.

Palate Igniters

Smoked & Grilled Wings $7.99 – $7.99 one pound, served with celery & bleu cheese dip
Beer Battered Fried Pickles $5.99 a pile of rib pieces, with slathering sauce
Creole Deviled Eggs $3.29 six halves, sprinkled with beulah’s secret spice blend
Fresh Cut Fries $3.59 a full pound with our secret seasoning
Fried Onion Rings $4.29 giant sweet onions, battered and deep fried, mounded high!
Rib Tips $5.99 a pile of rib pieces, with slathering sauce
Mama Beulah’s Chili $4.99 a healthy crock of our spicy all meat chili, homemade from scratch, topped with cheddar cheese


all sandwiches served with fresh cut fries unless otherwise noted
Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.99 slow smoked for 16 hours, hand pulled topped with slathering sauce, served with cole slaw
Texas brisket Of Beef Sandwich $9.99 lean cut, sliced thin, with slathering sauce
Burnt Ends Sandwich $9.99 the well done chunks of the brisket – crisp outside, moist & succulent inside, w/ slathering sauce
Pulled Chicken Sandwich $7.99 slow smoked pulled chicken meat, tossed in slathering sauce, served with cole slaw
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $7.99 basted with barbeque sauce, topped with bacon, and melted cheddar cheese
Certified Angus Beef Burger $7.59 half pound, grilled over our wood burning grill, with cheese add $0.50

Fresh Salads

Smoky Salad $8.59 pulled pork, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, and hard cooked eggs on a bed of iceberg with buttermilk ranch dressing
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.59 grilled chicken, crispy fries, and cheddar cheese on bed of iceberg, red onions and fresh veggies tossed with honey barbecue dressing

Homemade Sides

Kansas City Serious Baked Beans $2.99 a crock of slow smoked beans w/ bacon, pork and brisket, & plenty of molasses
Kansas City Cheesy Corn $2.99 a whole crock of fresh corn nibblets in a smooth cheese sauce
Fresh Cut Fries $3.59 a pound, with beulah’s secret seasoning blend
Macaroni & Cheese $2.39
Mixed Green Salad $2.99 w/ tomato, cucumber & onions
Smoked Sweet Potato $2.99 with orange pecan butter
Cole Slaw $1.79 homemade, the best you’ve ever tasted!
Golden Potato Salad $1.99 with yukon gold potatoes

Smokehouse Classics

all ribs and meats are smoked ?low and slow?. we serve them with a bit of our homemade slathering sauce, or you can order them ?dry? with no sauce and add your own at the table from our homemade selection of six sauces. all platters served with choice of
Baby Back Ribs $11.99 – $15.99 a lean rib, cut from back ribs of the younger pig. our racks are huge!, each half rack is one a quarter pound!
Pulled Pork Platter $11.99 smoked slow and low for 16 hours, hand pulled tossed with our slathering sauce
Burnt Ends Platter $14.59 the well done chunks of the brisket – with a caramelized crisp outside, moist succulent inside, with a bit of slathering sauce
Texas Brisket Of Beef Platter $14.59 lean cut, low and slow smoked, hand sliced, brushed with our slathering sauce
Smoked Half Chicken Platter $11.99 tender half bird, slow smoked & lovingly brushed with our slathering sauce

Our Favorite Combos

Rib Double Platter $13.99 1/3 rack of ribs paired with choice of: pulled pork, quarter smoked chicken, pulled chicken or beef brisket served with choice of two sides and corn bread muffin
Two Timer Platter $13.99 choice of any two smoked meats: pulled pork, quarter smoked chicken, beef brisket or pulled chicken served with choice of two sides and corn bread muffin
Wing & Rib Platter $13.99 our buffalo style smoked jumbo chicken wings, with our smoked rib tips, slathered in our own bar-b-que sauce, with fresh cut fries, cole slaw and corn bread muffin
Bodacious Bbq Sandwich $10.99 sliced brisket & pulled pork with mama beulah’s chili, melted cheese and red onions served with fresh cut fries
Sand-Rib Combo $9.99 quarter rack of ribs, paired with our pulled pork sandwich, served with cole slaw
Tri-Sandwich Combo $9.99 pulled pork, pulled chicken and beef brisket, served with fresh cut fries and cole slaw
Beulah’s Barbecue Feast For Two $29.99 ribs, brisket, pulled pork, burnt ends, and grilled shrimp, served with choice of three homemade sides and corn bread muffin

Our Sauces!

all homemade from our specially developed recipes
Signature Class our "state secret"!
Carolina Mustard tangy with onion & celery seed
Kansas City Style Sweet a traditional tomato based sauce
Kansas City Style Spicy the sweet style jazzed up a bit!
Mom’s North Carolina vinegar & tomato based sauce – shake well!
Bone Suckin’ the spiciest of them all! nice balance between vinegar and tomato
Slathering milder tomato based sauce. what we use in our kitchen on your smoked meats unless requested otherwise!


a selection will be available daily, all topped with real whipped cream
Apple Crisp w/ caramel sauce
Apple Dumpling
Banana Cream Pie
Blueberry Pie
Bread Pudding w/ praline sauce
Cherry Pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
Mama’s Rice Pudding
Peach Cobbler
Pepsi Cola Cake

To What Your Whistle – Leaded

The Best Bloody Mary vodka, stingray bloody mary mix
Bloody Maria sauza gold tequila, stingray bloody mary mix
Tex Mex Coffee coffee, sauza gold tequila, drizzle of kahlua & heavy cream, whipped cream
Cactus Bite sauza gold, cointreau, drambuie, fresh squeezed lemon juice
Drug Store Cowboy Shake bailey’s irish cream & coffee (frozen) topped with whipped cream
East Texas Mocha coffee, bourbon, cream de cacao, whipped cream
Horse’s Neck jim beam, gingerale, dash of bitters
Mojito rum, mint, sugar syrup, lime juice, soda
Pisco Sours pisco liqueur, sugar syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice
Smoky Martini dry gin, dry vermouth, dash of ;smoke;
Texican sauza gold, cranberry, fresh squeezed lemon juice
Well Water gin, triple sec, blue curacao, sip it slowly!

To What Your Whistle – Un-leaded

Soda $1.79 (free refills), pepsi, diet pepsi, mountain dew, sierra mist, dr. pepper, mug rootbeer, gingerale
Lemonade $1.79
Iced Tea $1.79 (free refills), sweetened with lemon
Half N’ Half $1.79 half iced tea, half lemonade
Dr. Pepper Moo $1.89 dr. pepper w/ a touch of heavy cream
Cherry Vanilla Limeade $2.29 sparkling limeade, cherry & vanilla
Sioux City Sarsaparilla $1.79
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $1.89
Coffee $0.99 kona blend or french roast chicory
Hot Tea $1.29 large pot (3 cup)


Amstel Light
Fosters Lager
Haacke Beck N.A.
Labatt Blue
Molson Golden
New Castle Nut Brown


Bud Light
Coors Light
Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Rolling Rock
Yuengling Lager
Yuengling Porter


Abita Turbo Dog
Amstel Light
Anchor Steam
Becks Premier Light
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Penn Pilsner
Sam Adams Lager
Smirnoff Ice
Stella Artois
Victory Hop Devil
Woodchuck Amber

Draft Beer

Draft Beer ask your server for our changing selection of 16 draft beers!

Wines By The Glass

Coastal Ridge, Chardonnay $4.50
Woodbridge, Pinot Grigio $4.50
Rancho Zabaco, Zinfandel $6.50
Woodbridge, Cabernet Sauvignon $4.50
Woodbridge, Merlot $4.50

43Oz Fish Bowls

Beulah’s Black Out
The Coolest Cosmopolitan
Immense Iced Tea
Clementine Drop
Sweet Citrus
Monster Margarita
Titanic 3 Blooz

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