Beverly Hills Diner

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Cuisine: Burger, Salads, Sandwiches.


Diet Coke
Root Beer
Dr. Pepper
Orange Soda
Iced Tea
Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
Sparkling Water
Bottled Water
Green Tea
Orange Juice
Vitamin Water
Arizona Beverage

Flavored Beverages

Flavored Beverages
Cherry Lemonade
Cherry Coke
Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Chocolate Root Beer


Beverly Hills Breakfast Two eggs any style with two pieces of bacon or sausage or hash browns.
Plain Croissant $3.95
Chocolate Almond Croissant $3.95
Ham and Cheese Croissant $6.75
Fresh Fruit $5.25
Bagel and Cream Cheese $2.95
French Toast $6.99
Buttermilk Pancakes $6.99
Omelette $10.95


French Fries $2.95
Sweet Potato Fries $3.95
Onion Rings $3.75
Combination Fries and Rings $3.95
Chili Cheese Fries with Onions $4.75
Cheese Fries $3.75
Cup of Chili $4.75
Chicken Fingers $6.50 Three pieces.
Lentil Soup $5.25
Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup $4.75


Exotic Salad $8.95 Mixed greens, chopped romaine, tomato, avocado, garbanzo bean, walnut, cranberry and shredded Parmesan.
Mediterranean Greek Salad $7.95 Mixed greens, red onions, tomato, olives, cucumber and feta cheese.
Cobb Salad $9.90 With mixed greens, tomato, avocado, turkey, hard-boiled egg and bacon.
Chicken Salad $9.90 Grilled breast of chicken, mixed greens, tomato and bacon.
Chinese Chicken Salad $11.95 Romaine, green onions, shredded carrots, cabbage, Chinese croutons and almonds with special sesame dressing.
Garden Green Salad $5.25 With mixed greens and tomato.
Caesar Salad $7.25


Philly Cheese Chicken $11.95 Thin slices of chicken breast, grilled onion, grilled green bell pepper, grilled mushroom and Swiss cheese.
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich $12.95 Thin slices of rib eye steak, grilled onion, grilled green bell pepper, grilled mushroom and Swiss cheese.
Chicken Salad Sandwich $7.95 Chicken breast, pickles, potato and mayonnaise on a filone roll.
Chicken Club Sandwich $8.95 Lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, bacon and avocado.
Turkey Club Sandwich $8.95 Lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, bacon and avocado.
Chicken Sandwich $8.25 Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on toasted whole wheat bread.
Tuna Sandwich $8.25 Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Turkey Sandwich $8.25 Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Egg Salad Sandwich $6.99 Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Tuna Melt Sandwich $8.95 Served on grilled sourdough with cheddar cheese.
Turkey Melt Sandwich $8.95 Served on grilled sourdough with cheddar cheese.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.25
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich $7.75 Grilled Black Forest ham and melted Swiss cheese, served on grilled wheat bread.
B.L.T. $6.99 Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Chicken Panini $11.50 Chicken breast, tomato, basil and brie cheese on sourdough bread.
Pesto Chicken Panini $11.50 Grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomato, pesto sauce and provolone cheese on sourdough bread.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs
Hot Dog $6.95 Ketchup, mustard, relish and onions.
Chili Dog $7.50 Chili, cheese and onions.

Famous Hamburgers

Famous Hamburgers
Kobe Burger $11.99 Aged Kobe ground beef, red onion, pickle, arugula, tomato and Dijon mustard on a brioche bun.
Diner’s Classic Hamburger $6.99 Lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, relish and onions.
Diner’s Double Hamburger $9.75 Two patties, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sliced onions, double cheddar cheese and our Thousand Island sauce.
Dinger’s Single Hamburger $7.99 One patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, sliced onions, double cheddar cheese and our thousand island sauce.
Hickory Cheese Burger $7.99 Lettuce, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, pickles, sliced onion and our hickory sauce.
Vegetarian Burger $6.99 Lettuce, tomato, pickles, sliced onion and mustard.
California Burger $8.45 Avocado, sliced onion, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and mustard.
Chili Cheese Burger $8.45 Extra chili, cheddar cheese, chopped onions, pickles, mustard and mayonnaise.
Mushroom Cheese Burger $8.45 Grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese.
Jalapeno Burger $8.45 Lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, jack cheese, jalapenos and grilled onions.
Patty Melt Burger $8.45 Grilled sourdough with melted cheddar, Swiss cheeses and grilled onions.
Western Burger $8.45 With onion ring, cheddar cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce.


Banana Split $9.25 A scoop of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, with banana. Topped with whipped cream, almonds and a cherry.
Hot Fudge Sundae $6.50 Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge and a cherry.
Brownie $3.45
Apple Pie $3.45
Milk Shake $5.95
Malt $5.95
Floats $4.95

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