Big Eye Sushi

Up to date Big Eye Sushi prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Big Eye Sushi is available in 2 states.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Hot Edamame $3.95
Gyoza $5.95 steamed or fried
Shumai $5.95 steamed or fried
Veggie Tempura $5.95
Shrimp Tempura $6.95
Green Mussel $6.95 with garlic & ponzu
Salmon Skin Crunchy Scallion $5.95

Hot Soup

Available: Veggie Temp, Shrimp Tempura For Noodle Soup.
Miso Soup $3.95
Nagoya Miso Noodle Udon $9.95
Okinawa Miso Noodle Ramien $9.95

Fresh Salad

Green Salad $4.95 with ginger dressing
Avocado Salad $5.95 with ginger dressing
Seaweed Salad & Cucumber $5.95
Kani Salad $6.95 crabstick & seaweed
Salmon Skin Or Baby Octopus Salad $7.95


Cobana $4.95 coffee and banana
Hot & Cold Green Tea Or Jasmine Tea $2.00
Yakuza Cold Drink $5.95
Coconut Reggae $4.50
Young Coconut $3.00 with pulp & syrup
Sake bomb Hot On Candle $4.00


Banana Split Ice Cream $3.95 choco & strawberry
Mini Cup Cakes Ice Cream $3.95
Mochi Ice Cream $3.00
Banana Boat $3.00 fried banana

Sushi Or Sashimi A La Carte

2pcs Per Order .
Tuna Or White Tuna $5.95
Salmon Or Smoke Salmon $4.95
Yellowtail Or Flounder $4.95
Shrimp Ebi Or Octopus $4.95
Baby Octopus $4.95
Smoke Eel $4.95
Crabstick Or Egg Custard $4.95
Spicy Scallop Or Spicy Tuna $5.95
Tobiko $5.95 kura / masago
Tofu Skin & Shitake & Scallion $4.95

Maki Roll Or Hand Roll

Maki Roll 1 Roll 6pcs.Or Hand Roll.
California $6.95
Alaskan $6.95
Boston $6.95
Philly $7.50
Salmon $6.00
Salmon Skin & Cucumber $7.50
Tuna $6.50
Tuna Avocado $7.50 salmon avocado
Yellowtail Scallion $6.50 salmon avocado
Eel & Avocado $7.95

Spicy Roll

With Crunch & Cucumber (6pcs).
Spicy Tuna $7.95
Spicy Salmon $7.95
Spicy Yellowtail $7.95
Spicy Scallop $8.95
Spicy California $7.95

Vegetable Roll

Cucumber $4.95
Oshinko $4.95
Avocado $4.95
Asparagus $4.95
Mix Veggie $6.95
Inari & Avocado $6.95

Tempura Roll

Shrimp Tempura $7.95
Salmon Tempura $7.95
Eel Tempura $7.95
Softshell Crab Tempura $8.95
Crabstick Tempura $6.95
California $8.95 1 roll tempura
Sweet Potato Tempura $6.95
Veggie tempura $6.95 sweet potato & broccoli

Bigeye’ Sushi Special Rolls

1 Roll (8pcs).
Bird Nest (Tuna Or Salmon) $12.95 rice wrapped with sashimi tuna / salmon & spicy tuna / salmon on top.
Bainbridge $12.95 crabstick, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber torched spicy tuna on top
Blues $11.95 tuna, salmon, cucumber, avocado, and crunchy tempura on top.
Noe $12.95 spicy tuna & crab with fried spicy tuna & crunchy & sauce on top.
Friendly (Vegetarian Roll.) Spicy Or Not Spicy. $12.95 fried onion, cucumber, avocado (shitake, inari, onio, pepper on top.
Golden Dragon $13.95 spicy tuna, cucumber, crunch, on top eel, mango, & tobiko.
Jingle Bells $13.95 california baked with scallop, shrimp, crab, onion, pepper mayo on top
Jazz $13.95 topped with scallops, crabstick, shrimp & spicy mayo. inside shrimp tempura roll.
Pink Lagoon (Wrapped With Soy Paper) $13.95 broiled spicy salmon, crabs, mango, avocado, and ikura on top.
Strip Tease $13.95 spicy tuna, roll (with shrimp tempura, cream cheese on top)
You The Man Too $12.95 spicy tuna (with salmon, tuna flounder and avocado on top)
Yo Sexy $12.95 salmon skin crunch (salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and avocado on top)
Sun Of Beach $12.95 shrimp tempura roll (with salmon, eel, and flounder on top)
Celebrity $12.95 spicy salmon, crunchy (with torched spicy & tobiko on top).
Spider $12.95 soft shell crab tempura topped with avocado and sauce
I Love Salmon $12.95 philly roll topped with salmon and ikura.
Oisth (Vegetarian Roll) $11.95 sweet potato, asparagus tempura topped with avocado and carrot.
BBQ Salmon Skin $10.95 rice wrapped with nori and on top salmon skin crunch with bbq sauce.
Rai Ow $11.95 california roll with on top salmon, tuna, flounder, avocado.
Lady Gaga $12.95 spicy crab, mango, avocado on top salmon, tuna, yellowtail, avocado
Paparazzi $13.95 salmon, asparagus, sweet potato. tempura on top teriyaki sauce.
Crazy Crab (Double Roll) $15.95 spicy crabmeat, scallion, cucumber on top avocado, salmon & tobiko torched.
Happy Ending $12.95 spicy crabstick on top salmon & shrimp ebi.
Bento Kids $4.95 face smile 3pcs. inside tamago
Sushi $7.95 inside tuna on top tobiko

Sushi Bar Entrees

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad Some Dishes Contains Soy, Sesame, Shellfish, Raw Fish, Garlic Etc
Chirashi Special Bowl $17.95 assorted sashimi, spicy crabs, ikura, tobiko, tamago, sushi rice
Unajiu $16.95 broiled smoke eel, tofu on sushi rice & salad.
Sushi Deluxe $17.95 8 pcs assorted sushi
Sashimi Deluxe $25.95 12 pcs assorted sashimi with sushi rice.
Sushi Sashimi Combo $28.95 4pcs sushi, 8pcs sashimi and california roll
Maki Combo $18.95 california, alaskan, boston roll.
Spicy Maki Combo $20.95 spicy california, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail.
Vegetable Combo $16.95 avocado, cucumber, oshinko, mix veggie roll.
Teriyaki Dinner $13.95 comes with miso soup, salad & rice.
Teriyaki Dinner $14.95 choice of shrimp, chicken and salmon, beef
Tempura Dinner $13.95 comes with miso soup, salad & rice
Tempura Dinner $14.95 choice of shrimp & chicken (salmon)


Mon-Sat: 12-3pm. Comes With Miso Soup, Green Salad And Rice.
Choice Of Shrimp $11.95 chicken, tofu
Salmon $12.95 beef teriyaki


Mon-Sat: 12-3pm. Comes With Miso Soup, Green Salad And Rice.
Choice Of Shrimp $11.95 chicken, vegetable
Salmon $12.95

Lunch Special Big Eyes And Miso Soup

12-3pm. Comes With Green Salad. California, Alaskan, Boston, Salmon, Tuna. Comes With Miso Soup, Salad & Variety Maki Roll. Available Brown Rice Add $1, Roll.
Yellowtail Scallion & Veggie Roll $10.95
2. Sushi Lunch $10.95 4 sushi & california or alaskan
3. Sashimi Lunch $10.95 8pcs sashimi
4. Sushi Sashimi Lunch $12.95 4 sushi & 4 sashimi
5. Veggie Lunch $9.95 avocado & cucumber & oshinko

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