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Canned Soda $1.29
20 oz. Bottled Soda $1.89
2 Liter Soda $2.99
6 Pack Soda $5.99

BigGutz Sandwiches

Veggie Madness $6.99+ You’ll wish you were a veggie lover after this fine veggie blend of delicious red tomato, creamy avocado, cucumbers, spinach lettuce, hummus spread, and a delicious crunch of sprouts. All piled high
BLT and Smoked Cheddar $6.99+ Salty delicious Applewood bacon, thin slices of smoked cheddar cheese, with crispy iceberg lettuce, thick juicy red tomato slices, with your choice of horseradish mayo and any extra gutz you want to
The Big Bird $6.99+ This huge layer of deliciousness oven baked honey glazed turkey slices will satisfy just about anyone’s taste buds. With thick layers of thick juicy red tomato slices, iceberg lettuce, and a sweet on
Big Gutz Stallion $6.99+ Take all 6 Rocky movies on 1 sandwich and truly be knocked out by the super deliciousness of a sandwich! The real Italian Stallion has arrived. Made with ham, capicola, Genoa salami, provolone chee
The Beef Buster $6.99+ The pure bliss of Angus on bread! A nice healthy portion of deliciousness sliced just right for you to enjoy every bite of this fantastic classic! Made with iceberg lettuce, tomatoe, Hellfire pickles
The Gobble Club $6.99+ Let’s just say thanksgiving is just around the corner…Turkey! Turkey! Turkey! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! This is the ultimate turkey lovers BigGutz sandwich. Layers of oven roasted turkey, a layer of cor
Mom’s Old Fashioned Ham & Cheese $6.99+ 6th-grade lunch anyone? Memories of mom’s ham and cheese sandwich are back! Layers and layers of Virginia’s honey sliced ham, American, provolone or Swiss cheese with thick sliced of juicy tomato, cu
The Protein Slam $6.99+ For all you athletes, gym rats and health nuts. Albacore with a little more. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of protein, this sandwich is right up your alley. It’s a thick healthy portion of our
Baby Got Back $6.99+ This thick colossal of a mammoth BigGutz sandwich is the nap of all nap sandwiches. Made with ham, turkey, salami, bacon and the ole roast beef, iceberg lettuce, thick juicy tomato, sweet red sliced
The Power Slam Peanut Butter and Jam $6.99+ Sweet honey peanut butter with a blast of apple, grape or strawberry sweet jam. Add banana, raisins, apples, or do it the old fashioned way! This triple decker BigGutz saw will be sure to satisfy th
Oh No You Didn’t! $6.99+ All that thick pastrami, corned beef, salami, honey ham, bologna, and bacon with that tangy swag of Swiss cheese. But the love is that island we all know too well! The Thousand Island dressing that g
The Big Rueb $6.99+ Piled high to the sky with loads and loads of delicious pastrami, creamy slaw (optional), Thousand Island dressing, or a spicy mustard kick. Add crispy ice burg lettuce, juicy tomato, Swiss cheese,

Biggutz Express Box

Veggie Madness Box $9.99 Veggie maddness, biggutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
BLT and Smoked Cheddar Sandwich Box $9.99 BLT and smoked cheddar little gutz, big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
The Big Bird Sandwich Box $10.99 The big bird, big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
The Itailian Stallion Sandwich Box $10.99 Italian stallion big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
The Beef Buster Sandwich Box $11.99 Veggie maddness biggutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
The Gobble Club Sandwich Box $10.99 The gooble club biggutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
Moms Ham and Chesse Lunch Box $9.99 Mom’s old fasihoned ham and cheese big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
The Protein Slam Lunch Box $11.99 The protein slam big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
Baby Got Back Lunch Box $11.99 Baby got back, biggutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
The Power Slam P and J Lunch Box $9.99 The power slam P and J biggutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
Oh No You Didn’t Lunch Box $11.99 Oh no you didn’t big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.
Choose Your Gutz Lunch Box $11.99 Choose your gutz big gutz sandwich, bag of chips and cookies.

BigGutz Sandwich Platters

BigGutz 20 Sandwich Platter $159.99
BigGutz 30 Sandwich Platter $239.99
BigGutz 50 Sandwich Platter $399.99
BigGutz 70 Sandwich Platter $559.99
BigGutz 90 Sandwich Platter $709.99
BigGutz 100 Sandwich Platter $799.99

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