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Bento Box

Bento Box
Tofu Meatball Bento Box $10.98 Tofu, oatmeal, shiitake mushroom, potato, seasonal vegetables and brown rice. Vegan. Gluten free.
Chicken and Tofu Ball Bento Box $10.98 Cranberry souse, chicken, tofu, shiitake mushroom, onion, egg, brown rice and seasonal vegetables. Gluten free.
Ginger Chicken Bento Box $10.98 Chicken, homemade ginger sauce, seasonal vegetables and brown rice. Gluten free.
Miso Salmon Bento Box $10.98 Salmon, homemade miso sauce, seasonal vegetables and brown rice. Gluten free.
Grilled Pork Belly Bento Box $10.98 Pork, seasonal vegetables, homemade sauce and rice. Gluten free.


Seasonal Salad $7.00 Seasonal vegetables, nuts and miso dressing. Gluten free.
Beef Shabu Salad $8.00 Herb leaf, seasonal vegetables, beef and ponzu dressing. Gluten free.


Botan Rice Candy $2.09
Calbee Seaweed and Salt $2.99
Calbee Shrimp Chips $2.69
Calbee Veggie Chips $1.79
Calbee Vegips (Sweet Potato and Kabocha) $3.79
Glico Chocolate Cream $3.49
Glico Matcha Pocky $2.99
Glico Strawberry Pocky $3.49
House Tongari Corn Chips $2.69
Meiji Hello Panda Cookies $1.99


Calpico Calpis $2.99
Mexican Coke $2.39
Mexican Sprite $2.29
Fiji Water $2.39
Itoen Jasmine Tea $2.79
Perrier Sparkling Water $2.34
Ramune $2.99
Suntory Iyemon Green Tea $2.99
Suntory Iyemon Green Tea (Dark Roast) $2.99
Ucc Coffee $2.29
Voss Water $2.99


Oatmeal Cookies (Vegan) $5.28 Oatmeal, rice flour, banana, chocolate, coconut sugar, almond and soy milk. Vegan. Gluten free.

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