Birch & Barley

Up to date Birch & Barley prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: American, Bar Food, Brunch.


Pan-Fried Sweetbreads $18.00 scallop, celery root ;grits,; spinach puree, chorizo vinaigrette, gruyere
Striped Bass Tartare $14.00 cranberries, kabocha squash, creme, fraiche, lemon, brioche toast
Seared Sardines $14.00 grilled artichokes, pork rillette-stuffed sweet peppers, latham eggplant, frisee, basil pistou
Root Salad $13.00 roasted gold beets, sweet hakurei trunips, kohlrabi, baby romaine, appalachian cheese, toasted bread
Gala Apple Salad $13.00 brussel leaves, buttered walnuts, pistachio, cauliflower, chickweed, maple-cider vinaigrette

Pasta & Flatbreads

Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread $7.00 – $14.00 gorgonzola cremificato, caramelized onions, port reduction
Smoked Mussel & Gruyere Flatbread $14.00 – $7.00 soubise, fried cippolinis, roasted broccoli rabe
Vialone Nano Risotto $19.00 – $14.00 beef shank sugo, coriander capers, crispy marrow, parmesan
Hand-Cut Pappardelle $19.00 – $14.00 roasted squab, grilled chicken hearts, confit gizzards, dates, apricots, fiore sardo
Ricotta Cavatelli $19.00 – $14.00 chanterelles, crispy maitakes, farm egg drop, chives, parmesan


Pan-Seared Wolf Fish $28.00 house polenta, vincotto beets, baby carrots, romanesco, marconas, preserved lemon
Seared Beef Ribeye & Short Rib $31.00 heirloom yellow hominy, okra, jalapeno-almond puree, roasted tomato
Honey Glazed Duck Breast $25.00 leg confit, wild rice, brandied cherries, radishes, hazelnuts, swiss chard
Brat Burger $16.00 beer-braised sauerkraut, emmenthaler, hand cut fries, cornichon
Seared Rainbow Trout $26.00 smoked acorn squash, roast salsify, ramp spaetzle, crispy tasso, garlic mustards
Coriander Smoked Pork Loin $29.00 with sausage johnny cakes, honeyed radicchio, crosnes, pearl onion, sweet potato


Butcher?s Board $17.00 fresh and cured charcuterie made in house served with mustard, toast & cornichons
Foie Gras Torchon $19.00 quince puree, roasted asian pear, toasted peanuts, black pepper brioche

Sides $8

Truffled Herbed Mac & Cheese
Buckwheat Fingerling Potatoes roasted leeks
Roasted Beet Roots bacon sauce
Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts


House-Butchered Beast, Charcuterie & Accoutrements inquire with your server about advance reservations


House-Brined Corned Beef Hash $15.00 fried duck eggs, potato, parsley, peppadews
Fried Chicken & Waffles $15.00 belgian waffle, buttered pecans, maple-chicken jus
Acorn Squash Omelette $15.00 rosemary, fresh ricotta, chipotle roasted peppers, maple sausage
Sausage, Egg & Cheese $14.00 on a warm creme fraiche biscuit, hash browns, simple salad
Fall Quiche $13.00 duck confit, roasted squash, braised leeks, gruyere cheese, spinach salad
Gala Apple French Toast $14.00 roasted apples, candied almonds, whipped mascarpone, bacon
Brat Burger $16.00 beer braised sauerkraut, emmenthaler, arugula, hand-cut fries
Tendercrisp Bacon Ranch Flatbread $15.00 chicken confit, house bacon, manchego, shredded lettuce
Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread $14.00 gorgonzola cremificato, caramelized onions, port reduction
Early Winter Flatbread $14.00 roasted leeks, sunchokes, smoked kale, pomegranate, parmesan
Smoked Mussel & Gruyere Flatbread $14.00 soubise, fried cippolinis, roasted broccoli rabe
Gala Apple Salad $13.00 brussel leaves, walnuts, pistachio, cauliflower, chickweed, maple-cid er vinaigrette
Cauliflower Salad $12.00 marinated cauliflower, bagna cauda, boquerones, arugula, capers
Ricotta Cavatelli $14.00 c h anterelles, crispy maitakes, farm egg drop, parmesan


3 Amish Hen Eggs Or Duck Eggs $4.00 scrambled or fried with 2 hash browns
House Smoked Bacon $3.00
Hash Browns $5.00 parsley, thyme, chive
House-Made Breakfast Sausage Patty $5.00
Stone Ground White Grits $4.50 grafton cheddar
Thick Cut Toast $2.00 parker house loaf, honey butter, concord grape jam
Housemade ;Pa-Style; Scrapple $3.00
Butcher?s Board $17.00 charcuterie made in house & served with mustard, toast & cornichons


Warm Brioche Sticky Bun $4.00 brown sugar caramel, pecans, cream cheese
Freshly Fried Donuts $6.00 toffee-bacon, lemon-poppy glazed, bittersweet chocolate
Hand-Rolled Croissant $1.50
Citrus-Glazed Pumpkin Bread $1.50
Apple Turnover $1.50

Boozy Brunch $30

Freshly Fried Donut Holes
Choice Of 2 Brunch Cocktails
Choice Of Entree
Bottomless Iced Tea Or Ceremony Coffee
Brunch Punch $7.00 vodka, fruit punch, aperol, amaretto, citrus
Mimosa $7.00 choice of freshly squeezed juices orange & grapefruit
Freshly Squeezed Juice $5.00 valencia orange, ruby red grapefruit


Red Kuri Cheesecake $10.00 popped cranberries, candied pepitas, ginger caramel, cranberry-orange sorbet
Fig-Lemon Cake $10.00 honey-walnut ice cream, pomegranate seeds, candied walnuts, pomegranate caramel
Warm Chocolate-Peanut Butter Tart $10.00 malted milk sorbet, whiskey-vanilla shake, fudge
Caramel Icebox Cake $10.00 green apples, caramel, green apple sorbet, salted dulce tuile
House-Made Cookies And Confections $10.00 cashew snickers bar, caramel corn ice cream, cookie dough pop, oatmeal sandwich, hostess cupcake, pistachio buckeye
Tasting Of House-Spun Sorbets $9.00 buttermilk, green apple, coconut, blood orange, exotic spice

Artisanal Cheese Plate

Meadow Creek Appalachian semi-firm; pasteurized cow milk; viginia, usa. velvety soft texture with rich, buttery overtones and earthy mushrooms; finishing with a light, lemon after taste
Tete De Moine mild washed rind: firm; raw cow milk; jura, switzerland. hand shaved on a traditional girolle, this cheese has a nutty, spicy flavor
Moses Sleeper nutty & creamy; pasteurized cow milk; vermont, usa. buttery, bright, and savory with a bloomy rind & a bright and acidic finish
Point Reyes Toma semi-hard; pasteurized cow milk; california, usa. a buttery flavor with grassy notes, a pleasant lactic tang & hints of honey
Garrotxa sweet & earthy; pasteurized goat milk; catalonia, spain. a revived spanish-style goat?s milk cheese with a semi-firm texture, reminiscent of honey and saffron
Point Reyes Original Blue sharp & creamy; raw cow milk; california, usa. a sweet milky blue with a pleasantly sharp bite

Tasting Menu

Crudo Of Red Snapper marinated aji dulce peppers, gochujang, pickled garlic scapes. far skyline / buxton brewery / england
Pan-Seared Monk Fish jimmy red grits, clams, hot peppers, jarred tomatoes. new world saison / buxton brewery / england
Hand-Rolled Garganelli roasted octopus, lardons, eggplant, dehydrated olives, preserved lemon. dark arts / magic rock brewing / england
Seared Beef Rib Cap fried green beans, latham eggplant, okra. old timer / wadworth & co. / england
Tasting Of Three Artisanal Cheeses $8.00 harbison, tete de moine, cayuga blue
Tasting Of Three Artisanal Cheeses $5.00 brew by numbers 01/09, siren & prairie ratchet, magic rock & evil twin pogonophobia
Red Kuri Cheesecake popped cranberries, candied pepitas, ginger caramel, cranberry-orange sorbet. tally ho / adnams / england

Crisp – Malt-Accented

Koutska 10? $3.00 – $8.00 (brewed with saaz (zatec) hops: lagered for 40 days; unfiltered. pivovar kout na sumavi, helles lager, czech republic, 42?, pokal 14oz

Crisp – Subtle Hoppiness

Hardwood Pils $2.00 – $6.50 (brewed with hallertau hops). hardywood park brewery, german pilsener, virginia, 42?, flute, 16oz

Hop – Earthy & Dry

Spa $4.00 – $9.00 (brewed with citra hops). buxton brewery, american pale ale, england, 48?, becher, 14 oz.
Moor Top $4.00 – $9.00 (brewed with chinook hops). buxton brewery, american pale ale, england, 48?, becher, 14 oz.
XX Bitter $4.50 – $9.00 brouwerij de ranke, belgian blond ale, belgium, 48?, tulip, 10oz.

Hop – Malty Backbone

The Tickle Monster $12.00 – $6.00 (aged on cedar wood). siren craft brew & to ol, imperial ipa, england & denmark, 54?, snifter, 10oz.

Hop – Bold, Herbal & Citric

High Wire $4.00 – $9.00 magic rock brewing company, american pale ale, england, 48?, becher, 14oz.
Avery India Pale Ale $2.00 – $6.50 (brewed with columbus, chinook, cascade & centennial hops). avery brewing company, american ipa, colorado, 48?, nonic pint, 16oz.
Victory Harbest Ale $3.00 – $7.00 (brewed with wet mosaic & citra whole-cone hops). victory brewing company, wet hop pale ale, pennsylvania, 48?, becher, 14oz.
Ace Edge $4.00 – $9.00 (buxton axe edge brewed with sorachi ace hops). buxton brewery, american ipa, england, 48?, becher, 14oz.
Two Hearted Ale $2.00 – $6.50 (brewed exclusively with centennial hops). bell’s brewery, american ipa, michigan, 48?, nonic pint, 16oz.
The Great Return $2.00 – $6.50 hardywood park brewery, american ipa, virginia, 48?, pint, 16oz.
N Th Cloud $10.00 – $5.00 (brewed with mosaic & simcoe hops). buxton brewery, american ipa, england, 48?, becher, 10oz.
Human Cannonball $10.00 – $5.00 magic rock brewing company, imperial ipa, england, 48?, becher, 10oz.

Malt – Fruit & Toffee

6X $3.00 – $7.50 wadworth & co. ltd., best bitter, england, 42?, becher, 14oz.
Old Timer $3.00 – $7.00 wadworth & co. ltd., english strong ale, england, 54?, snifter, 12oz.
Tally-Ho $4.00 – $9.00 adnams, english barleywine, england, 54?, snifter, 12oz.

Smoke – Spicy & Meaty

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock $4.00 – $9.00 brauerei heller-trum, rauchbier – dunkles bock, germany, 48?, becher, 14oz.

Authentic Cask Ale – Hop

Humulus Lupus Rex $3.00 – $7.00 (brewed with sterling, cascade, chinook & summit hops). monocacy brewing company, session ipa, maryland, 50-52?, becher, 14oz.
Ghost $4.00 – $9.00 (brewed with simcoe, columbus, citra & amarillo hops; dry-hopped with chinook & columbus hops in the cask). 3 stars brewing company, white ipa, washington, dc, 50-52?, tulip, 13oz.
Loose Cannon $3.00 – $7.00 (dry-hopped in the cask with simcoe hops). heavy seas brewing company, american ipa, maryland, 50-52?, becher, 14oz.

Authentic Cask Ale – Malt

Snow Blind $3.00 – $7.50 (with cinnamon & vanilla beans in the cask). starr hill brewery, dunkles doppelbock, virginia, 50-52?, pokal, 14oz.

Authentic Cask Ale – Roast

Raven $4.00 – $9.00 thornbridge brewery, black ipa, england, 50-52?, becher, 14oz.

Roast – Dark & Dry

Rednik Stout $3.00 – $7.50 (previously named kinder stout). buxton brewery, dry stout, england, 48?, snifter, 12oz.
Decadence Stout $3.00 – $8.00 weird beard brew co., dry stout, england, 48?, snifter, 12oz.
Embrr $2.00 – $6.50 (brewed with rye malt). ithaca beer co., robust porter, new york, 48?, nonic pint, 16oz.
Hacienda $10.00 – $5.00 (brewed & fermented with seville orange peel). weird beard brew co., saison – dark, england, 48?, tulip, 10oz.
Magic 8 Ball $4.00 – $9.00 magic rock brewing company, black ipa, england, 54?, snifter, 12oz.
Stronge Extra Stout $4.00 – $9.00 buxton brewery, export stout, england, 54?, snifter, 12oz.
Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout $3.00 – $8.00 ridgeway brewing company (at hepworth), export stout, england, 54? | snifter, 12oz.
Something Something Darkside $10.00 – $5.00 (brewed with citra, cloumbius, pacific gem & simcoe hops). weird beard brew co., imperial black ipa, england, 54?, snifter, 10oz.
Dark Vine $4.00 – $9.00 ithaca beer co., imperial black ipa, new york, 48?, snifter, 12oz.
Tsar $6.00 – $12.00 buxton brewery, russian imperial stout, england, 54?, snifter, 10oz.
Rain Shadow $13.00 – $6.50 buxton brewery, imperial stout, england, 54?, snifter, 10oz.

Fruit & Spice – Bright

Atomium $9.00 – $4.50 partizan brewing, belgian pale ale, england, 48?, tulip, 10oz.
Allagash White $2.50 – $6.00 allagash brewing company, witbier, maine, 42?, tumbler, 13oz.
Hardywood Singel $2.50 – $6.00 hardywood park craft brewery, belgian blond ale, virginia, 42?, tulip, 13oz.
New World Saison $4.50 – $9.00 buxton brewery, saison – blond, england, 48?, tulip, 10oz.
Hull Melon Wheat Saison $3.00 – $7.00 (brewed with hull melon hops, 45% wheat & 5% wheat & 5% rye; fermented with saison dupont yeast strain). hardywood park brewery, saison – blond, virginia, 48?, tulip, 13oz.
IV Saison $4.50 – $9.00 brasserie de jandrain-jandrenouille, saison – blond, belgium, 48?, tulip, 10oz.
Pere Noel $10.00 – $5.00 (brewed with hallertauer hops, brewer’s gold hops & brewer’s licorice). brouwerij de ranke, belgian strong blond ale, belgium, 48?, tulip, 10oz.
Bourbon DIPA $4.50 – $9.00 (brewed with columbus, cascade, & summit hops; aged in bourbon barrels). hardywood park brewery, belgian ipa, virginia, 48?, tulip, 10oz.

Tart & Funky – Delicate

Stolen Fruit $12.00 – $6.00 (brewed with pink grapefruit & lime). buxton brewery & omnipollo, berliner weisse, england & sweden, 42?, tumbler, 10oz.
Raspberry Red Rye $10.00 – $5.00 (kettle-soured & brewed with rye malt & whole raspberries). buxton brewery, berliner weisse, england, 42?, tumbler, 10oz.
Far Skyline $4.50 – $9.00 (dry-hopped). buxton brewery, berliner weisse, england, 42?, tumbler, 10oz.
Salty Kiss $4.50 – $9.00 (brewed with gooseberries, sea buckthorn & rose hips). magic rock brewing w/ anders kissmeyer, gose, england, 42?, tumbler, 10oz.
04 / 02 Perliner Weisse Double Strenght $12.00 – $6.00 (fermented with lactobacillus). brew by numbers, berliner weisse, england, 42?, tumbler, 10oz.

Tart & Funky – Earthy

Ratchet Blended Saison $4.50 – $9.00 (saison blended with white wine bbl-aged siren calypso (berliner weisse), white wine bbll-aged sound wave (ipa) & funky feet (wild ale). siren craft brew & prairie artisan ales, saison – blond, engla
Saison A La Provision $10.00 – $5.00 (primary fermentation with saison yeast; secondary fermentation with lactobacillus & brettanomyces). burning sky | saison – blond, england, 48?, tulip, 10oz.
Dual Artisanship $3.00 – $7.00 (brewed with centennial, simcoe & citra hops; fermented with brettanomyces). perennial artisan ales & prairie artisan ales, wild ale – pale, missouri, 48?, tulip, 13oz.

Fruity & Vinous

Wolfscote $4.50 – $9.00 (brewed without hops). buxton brewery, wild ale – dark, england, 48?, tumbler, 10oz.
Grain And Grape $10.00 – $5.00 (fermented with brettanomyes; aged in red wine barrels for 10 months). buxton, rooie dop & oersoep, oatmeal stout, england & netherlands, 54? | snifter, 10oz.
Pogonophobia $10.00 – $5.00 magic rock & evil twin, flanders red ale, england & denmark, 48?, tumbler, 10oz.

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