Biriyani House

Up to date Biriyani House prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Biriyani House is available in 2 states.

Cuisine: Indian, Pakistani.

Bangladeshi Style Chinese Food $12 Per Plate

Available On Every Saturday & Sunday
Thai Soup
Egg Fried Rice
Fried Chicken
Chilli Chicken
Mixed Vegetables
Fried Pawn

Sunday Menu $12 Per Plate

Chicken Corn Soup
Egg Fried Rice
Fried Chicken
Chilli Chicken
Mixed Vegetables
Fried Pawn

Non Vegetarian $7 Per Plate

Choose One
Chicken Tandoori
Chicken Curry
Lamb Curry
Fish Curry

Vegetarian $6 Per Plate

Choose Above Dishes Come With Rice Or Roti, Salad, Daal And Dessert
Mixed Vegetables
Matter Paneer
Aloo Gobi
Aloo Matter


1. Chicken Roll $1.50 onion, chicken, green chilli, coriander leaves
2. Chicken Kathi Roll $2.00 onion, chicken, green chilli, coriander leaves
3. Vegetable Samosa $2.00 puffy pastry stuffed with delicately spiced vegetables
4. Meat Samosa $2.00 ground chicken, green chilli, onion, coriander leaves
5. Dal Poori $3.00 light & little fluffy bread stuffed with pasta of lentils
6. Mughlai Meat Paratha $6.00 paratha stuffed with ground meat, eggs, onions
7. Chana Chat Masala (With Dal Poori) $4.00 spiced chick peas with onion, tomatoes & corianders
8. Piaji $1.00 onion fritters
9. Ahami Kabab $3.00 ground meat mixed with lentils, potatoes, onion, light herbs, fried herbs fried in vegetable oil and then cooked over grill
10. Papadam $1.00 thin bean wafers
11. Halim $6.00 meat with bone cooked with five different kinds of lentils & freshly ground spices, served with ginger


12. Thai & Chicken Vegetable Soup $3.00

Vegetable Specialties

With Rice
13. Mixed Vegetable Curry $7.00 garden fresh vegetables cooked in curry sauce
14. Vegetable Dalna $7.00 fresh vegetables cooked in lightly ground spices
15. Chana Shag $7.00 chick peas & spinach cooked in spiced flavored
16. Bhindi Masala $7.00 okra sauteed with onion then cooked in curry sauce
17. Chana Dal $5.00 whole chana dal cooked in curry dal
17a. Shaak Paneer $9.00 with cheese

Fish And Shrimps

Served With White Rice & Dal
18. Special Fish Curry $11.00 tilapia (regular / boneless), hilsa & pomplate
19. Rhue Fish $10.00 daily available fresh fish
20. Shrimp Dopiaza $10.00 shrimp cooked with tomato, onion, ginger & thick curry sauce
21. Shrimp Jalfrezi $10.00 shrimp marinated with spices & sauteed with onion, bell pepper and ginger

Biriyani Specialties

Served With Burhani Or Salad Tandoori Specialties All Kinds Of Tandoori And Nan Made From Traditional Indian Clay Oven
22. Haji’s Lamb Biriyani Or Shrimp Biriyani $10.00
23. Haji’s Goat $9.00
Haji’s Chicken Biriyani $8.00
24. Haji’s Boneless Chicken Biriyani $9.00
25. Plain Pilau Rice $2.00
26. Plain Rice $1.50
27. Extra Burhani (Per Glass) $1.00 all biriyani cooked in famous haji’s style
28. Tandoori Chicken(Served With Rice) $8.00 two pcs of chicken legs marinated in yogurt & spices
29. Chicken Tikka (Served With Rice) $10.00 boneless chicken marinated in yogurt & freshly spices
30. Chicken Tikka Masala (Served With Rice) $10.00 boneless chicken cooked in creamy tangy sauce
31. Sheesh Kabab (Two Sticks) $4.00 ground meat mixed with onion, peppers and spices

Meat Items

All Dishes Served With Rice
Korahi Gosht cooked with onion, tomatoes, ginger & lime
Curry cooked in mild curry sauce
Dal Ghost chicken, lamb or goat cooked with chana dal & mild spices
Meat Shag choice of chicken, lamb or goat cooked with chopped spinach and traditional spices
32. Lamb $10.00
33. Goat $9.00
34. Boneless Chicken $10.00
35. Chicken $8.00 with bone
36. Chicken Korma Curry Or Roast $10.00 chunk of chicken cooked in mild curry sauce

Bread Specialties

37. Tandoori Naan $1.50 unleavened bread of flour cooked in our clay oven
38. Paratha $2.00 multi layered flour bread
39. Aloo Paratha $3.50 paratha stuffed with potatoes lightly spiced
40. Onion Kulcha $2.00 naan stuffed with lightly spiced onion
41. Garlic Naan $2.00
42. Roti $1.50


43. Firni $2.00 indian rice pudding flavored with cardamom
44. All Kinds Of Sweets $5.00 except special iteams

Condiments $2

45. Mixed Pickle Or Raita
46. Mango Chutney


47. Soda $1.00
48. Lassi $3.00
49. Spring Water $1.00
50. Masala Tea $1.00
51. Mango Lassi $4.00

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