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Cuisine: Bistro, French.

Apperitifs & Salades

House Salad Or Caesar Salad $5.95
House Salad Or Caesar Salad $11.95 as a dinner salad: chicken
House Salad Or Caesar Salad $14.95 as a dinner salad: shrimp
Roasted Goat Cheese Salad $13.95 cranberries & pistachio
Prosciutto And Cheese Salad $15.95
French Onion Soup Gratinee $6.95
Lobster Bisque $8.95
Half Dozen Escargot In Garlic Butter Sauce $9.95
Frog Legs In Garlic Butter Sauce $12.95
Shrimp Cocktail & Pineapple Salsa $13.95
Baked Brie & Caramelized Apple $12.95
Foie Gras Poele & Red Wine Poached Pears $17.95
Seafood Duo $12.95 fresh tilapia & shrimp in garlic butter sauce
Crab Cakes Or Lobster Cakes ($12.95-$15.95)

Nos Pates

Chicken Carbonara $16.95 creamy bacon sauce & grilled chicken breast
Escargot Tortellini In Fresh Tomato Pesto Sauce $17.95
Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle $15.95 smoked salmon in our creamy lemony white wine sauce
Prosciutto & Creamy Brie Cheese Tortellini $20.95
Prosciutto & Creamy Brie Cheese Tortellini $3.95 add grilled chicken
Prosciutto & Creamy Brie Cheese Tortellini $5.95 add sauteed shrimp
Chicken & Mushroom Pasta $18.95 parisian and porcini mushroom in white wine creamy sauce
Shrimp Scampi In Our Parsley Butter Garlic Sauce $23.95

Nos Poissons

Florida Lobster Tail In Champagne Sauce $28.95
Roasted Salmon Filet $21.95 caramel pistachio sauce
Tilapia In A Champagne Sauce $18.95
Mahi-Mahi In A Creamy Bacon Sauce $18.95
Frog Legs In A Butter Garlic Sauce $19.95
Snapper In A Pineapple Salsa $23.95
Mahi-Mahi & Shrimp In Creamy Basil Sauce $23.95

Nos Viandes

14oz Ribeye Steak In A Peppercorn Sauce $25.95
Flat Iron Steak In A Red Wine Sauce $22.95
8oz Filet Mignon $27.95 topped with butter garlic
Angus Brie Burger $16.95 seasoned angus beef with black truffle oil and roasted brie cheese
Grilled Chicken Breast & Caramelized Bacon Sauce $18.95
Duck Magret $24.95 with honey mustard demi glazed sauce
Duck Comfit In A Porcini Mushroom Sauce $22.95
Boeuf Bourguignon $19.95 beef stew slowly braised for 4 h in red wine sauce with carrot, mushroom and onions


Served With Toast, Butter And Jam
Parisian Omelette $10.95 ham, brie cheese, mushrooms
3 Cheese Omelette $9.95 cheddar cheese, swiss cheese and blue cheese
Norwegian Omelette $12.95 smoked salmon, sauteed spinach
Vegetable Omelette $9.95 vegetable du jour

Our Eggs

2 Eggs Fried Or Scrambled $6.45 served with crispy bacon, toast, butter and jam
Savory French Toast $9.95 crispy bacon, scrambled egg and syrup
Steak And Eggs $15.95 3 eggs any style white a 5oz steak served with hashbrowns
Bistro 1902 Special $9.95 scrambled eggs with beef, onions, garlic, spinach and parmesan served with 2 garlic rolls

Traditional Eggs Benedict

2 Poached Eggs Coated With Hollandaise Sauce On Top Of An English Muffin
Prosciutto Ham $10.95
Smoked Salmon $13.95

Seafood Benedict

Served On Top Of Homemade Seafood Cake
Crab Cake Benedict $15.95
Lobster Cake Benedict $17.95
Salmon Cake Benedict $14.95

Homemade Crepes

Florentine Crepe $11.95 spinach, goat cheese and chicken
Smoked Salmon Crepe $12.95 with our creamy spinach milk
Parisian Crepe $9.95 ham, brie cheese and mushroom
Caprese Crepe $12.95 mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto and creamy pesto


Angus 8oz Burger Topped With Sunny Side Up Egg $11.95 served on chapatta bread with lettuce, tomato and hand cut french fries
Croque Madame $9.95 lightly buttered bread baked with ham and swiss cheese topped with sunny side up egg served with gourmet greens
Breakfast Croissant Sandwich $10.95 scrambled egg, bacon and swiss cheese served with side of greens
Grilled Steak And Goat Cheese Salad $12.95
Sauteed Shrimp Caesar Salad $11.95

French Toast Or Sweet Crepes

Classic $6.95 sugar, syrup and whipped cream
Chocolate Nutella And Strawberries $8.95
Tatin Caramelized Apple $8.95
Fresh Fruits And Vanilla Ice Cream $9.95

Our Light Fares

Selection Of Ice Cream
French Onion Soup $4.95
Garlic Rolls $2.95
Hash Brown $4.95
Homemade French Fries $3.95
House Salad $3.95
Caesar Salad $4.95
Croissant $2.95
Fresh Fruit Salad $3.95
French Apple Pie $5.95


Bottomless Mimosa $18.00
Mimosa $7.95
Kir Royal $9.95
Coffee $2.45
Espresso $2.45
Cappuccino $3.45
Latte $3.45
Fresh Orange Juice $3.95
Orangina $2.95
Soda $2.45

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