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Cuisine: French.


Soupe Du Jour $8.00
Soupe A L?Oignon $9.00
Moules Marinieres $12.00 Mussels with white wine sauce, shallots and tomatoes.
Tartare De Thon Au Citron $11.00 Tuna tartare with lemon dressing and avocado.
Pate De Campagne $8.00 Country pate.
Foie Gras Au Porto $17.00 Foie gras in port wine.
Salade De Saison $8.00 Mixed green salad.
Salade D? Endive Au Roquefort Et Noix $10.50 Endive salad with blue cheese and walnuts.
Salade De Fromage De Chevre Chaud Aux Herbes $10.00 Salad with goat cheese and herbs.
Lentilles Ravigotte $8.00 Lentil salad.
Grilled Shrimp Salad $12.50
Coctail De Crevettes $16.00 Shrimp cocktail.
Carpaccio De Boeuf Avec Salade D’ Arrugula $12.00 Beef carpaccio with baby arrugula and shave peccorino parmesan.
Celeri Remoulade $8.00 Celeri salad with light mayonnaise and mustard dressing.
Salade De Betterave Au Fromage De Chevre $10.50
Oysters Mignonnette
Frisee Salad $10.50 With bacon and poached eggs.
Warm Artichoke $8.00 With mustard vinaigrette dressing.

Salads As Main Course

Salade De poulet $15.00 Green salad with chicken, avocado, cheese, boiled eggs and tomatoes, choice of blue cheese or vinaigrette dressing.
Salade Nicoise $17.00 Green salad with fresh tuna, tomatoes, potatoes, boiled eggs, olives and anchovy.
Salad De Canard Et Portabello $16.00 Aux noix de pignoles, duck salad with portobello mushrooms and pine nuts.
Salad De Fruits De Mer $18.00 Seafood salad.


Club Sandwich $15.00
Bistro 60 Sandwich $15.00
Croque Monsieur $14.00
Croque Madame $15.00
Hamburger With Cheese $15.00
Turkey Burger $15.00

Lunch Menu

Omelette Du Jour $15.00 Choice of cheese, ham, spinach. tomato, mushroom or onion.
Entrecote Grillee A La Bordelaise Pommes Frites $24.00 Grilled sirloin steak with red wine sauce and french fries.
Rigatoni A La Tomate $16.00
Steak Tartare Pommes Frites $20.00 Steak tartar with french fries.
Gaeaux De Crabe Avec Salade D?arrugula $18.00 Crab cakes with arrugula salad.
Foie De Veau Saute $18.00 Aux oignons et pomme puree, sautee calf?s liver with onions and mashed potatoes.
Truite Meuniere, Pommes Vapeur Et Asperges $19.00 Trout with lemon butter, boiled potatoes and asparagus.
Steak De Saumon $20.50 Gille moutarde al? ancienne et riz complet, grilled salmon with grained mustard sauce.
Pave De Raie Grenobloise $21.50 Skate fish wing with lemon butter, capers and herbs.
Fricassee De Poulet $19.00 Chicken frikassee with boiled potatoes and mushroom sauce.
Linguini Putanesca Aux Crevettes $20.00

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