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Cuisine: Bistro, French.

Soupes & Salades!

Salade Maison $8.95 mesclun greens, walnut, grape, tomatoes & blue cheese with a french dressing
Salade D’Endives $8.95 belgian endives tossed with granny smith apples, walnut & roquefort cheese
Salade De Laitue $7.95 bibb salad with onions in a shallot dressing
Frisee Aux Lardons $9.50 chicory salad with warm bacon, a softly poached egg with a shallot vinaigrette
Soupe A L’Oignon Gratinee $8.95 cheesy french onion soup
Bisque De Homard Et Crabe $9.95 creamy lobster soup with crab meat


Croque Monsieur $8.95 classic french sandwich with smoked ham, gruyere cheese & bechamel sauce
Croque Monsieurc Champignon $8.95 french sandwich with sauteed portobello mushrooms, gruyere cheese & bechamel sauce
Ajouter Un Oeuf $1.50 add an egg to any sandwiches


Foie De Veau A L’Echalote $17.95 calf liver with caramelized shallots, herbed mash & demi-glace
Spaguetti Bolognaise $14.95 pasta with braised ground beef, tomatoes & spices
Tartare De Boeuf & Frites $16.95 raw finely chopped beef filet seasoned with spices, capers, mustard, parsley & onions served with an egg yolk
Pave De Saumon Au Jus De Langouste $19.50 salmon filet with mash & ratatouille with a lobster bisque sauce
Jarret D’Agneau Aux Epices Mediteraneennes $23.50 braised lamb shank with mediterranean spices served wih mashed potatoes
Poulet Roti Et Frites $17.95 marinated & baked half free-range chicken served with french fries & chicken jus
Omelette Aux Champignons $11.95 wild mushroom omelette with french fries or salad

Hors D’Oeuvres!

Foie Gras Poele $15.95 duo of seared foie gras & smoked duck served with roasted baby pear, port sauce & toasted brioche
Gourmandise De Saumon $11.95 salmon tartare wrapped in smoked salmon served with seaweed salad
Escargots $8.95 snails with garlic butter
Pate De Campagne $7.50 homemade country pate
Petit Gratin De Crabe & Epinards $11.95 crab spinach dip served with crispy bread
Assiette De Charcuterie $14.50 assortment of french cold cuts


Steak Frites Sauce Bearnaise $19.50 grilled steak with bearnaise sauce served with french fries
Onglet Frites Echalotes Au Vin $22.95 hanger steak with shallot & red wine sauce served with french fries
Entrecote Grillee Sauce Au Poivre $24.95 grilled beef rib eye with peppercorn sauce served with french fries
Filet De Boeuf Grille $25.95 grilled beef filet with french fries and bearnaise sauce
Loup De Mer Grille $24.95 grilled whole bronzini served with jasmine rice, ratatouille and white wine sauce


Moules Thai $18.95 – $9.50 steamed mussels with green curry, coconut milk, sweet basil, eggplant & palm heart
Moules Marinieres $17.95 – $9.00 steamed mussels in white wine with shallots, garlic & parsley
Moules Provencales $18.95 – $9.50 steamed mussels in white wine with tomatoes, garlic & herbs
Moules Farcies A La Bourguignone $7.95 mussels baked with garlic butter & served on half shells
Moules A L’Americaine $23.95 – $12.50 steamed mussels in a creamy lobster sauce with shrimps, craw fish, scallops, parsley & mushrooms (not available for happy hours)
Moules Le Blede $20.95 – $10.50 spicy steamed mussels in white wine with tomatoes, cilantro, olives, lemon confit, harissa & olive oil
Moules Normandes $20.95 – $10.50 steamed mussels in creamy apple cider sauce with shallots, herbs, apples, bacon & mushrooms
Moules Au Curry $21.50 – $11.50 steamed mussels in a curry sauce with white wine


French Fries $4.95
Mushroom & Parsley $4.95
Duo Of Potato Gratin $4.95
Macaroni & Cheese $4.95
Spinach & Cream $4.95
Green Beans $4.95
Ratatouille $4.95
Sweet Peas $4.95
Mashed Potatoes $3.95
Sauteed Carrots $3.95
Side Sauce $3.50


Cassoulet Toulousain $19.95 cannellini bean stew with duck confit, sausage, smoked bacon & lamb
Colombo De Poulet $18.50 french caribbean chicken curry served with jasmine rice & grilled pineapples
Boeuf Bourguignon $19.50 beef stew slow-cooked in red wine with carrots, baby onions, smoked bacon & tortellini pasta
Blanquette De Veau $22.95 veal stew served in a creamy sauce with pearl onions, carrots, mushrooms & pilaf rice
Travers De Porc Organique $22.50 braised heritage berkshire pork short ribs with chef’s special sauce
Lapin Aux Pruneaux $23.50 marinated & braised rabbit legs with herbs, plums served with rabbit sausage, and duo of yukon gold potato & sweet potato gratin
Labonne Tipunch $6.50 fresh lime, depaz cane syrup and depaz rhum agricole
Peche Mignon $9.95 peach puree with sparkling wine and cointreau
The Eiffel Tower $9.95 absolut pears, st. germain elder flower liqueur and sparkling wine
Femme A Lunettes $9.95 beefeater gin, st. germain elder flower liqueur, grapefruit juice, lime juice and a splash of ginger ale
French Kiss $9.95 pinnacle raspberry vodka mixed with sours, raspberry liqueur and a splash of lemon-lime soda
Nuit Blanche $10.50 guinness, frangelico liqueur and van gogh double espresso vodka
Madinina $10.50 malibu coconut rum, kahlua coffee liqueur, white creme de menthe and a splash of creme liqueur – shaken and served straight up


Stella Artois $6.00
Leffe Blonde $6.00
Hoegaaden $6.00
Kronenbourg 1664 $6.00
Guinness Irish Stout $6.00
Arrogant Bastard Ale $6.00
Bells Amber Ale/Palm $6.00
Dogfishhead 60 Min IPA $6.00
Founders Centennial IPA $6.00
Founder Porter $6.00
Stella Cider $6.00
Gouden Caroulous Triple $8.00
Chimay $11.95

Bieres En Bouteille! $6

Amstel Lite
Miller Lite


Merlot $7.95
Pinot Noir $7.95
Cote Du Rhone $7.95
Cabernet Sauvignon $10.95
Riesling $7.95
Chateau Neuf Du Pape $14.00
Sauvignon Blanc $7.95
Chardonnay $7.50
Corbieres $7.95
Muscadet $7.50
Rose $8.50
Malbec $7.50

Champagne & Mousseux!

Piper Heidsick Champagne Cuvee 1785 $14.00
Thierry Triolet Champagne $12.95 cote de sezanne, brut nv
Blanquette De Limoux "Le Berceau" $8.95
Blanquette De Limoux "Ancestrale" $8.00

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