Blaze Pizza

Looking for a restaurant that could offer pizzas at very cheap prices? Looking for crispy and flavored pizza? Then, Blaze Pizza is the right option. Blaze Pizza is known for speedy service, delicious, crispy pizzas offered at normal prices. The restaurant offers pizzas prepared at traditional stone ovens. You will get the pages within 180 seconds. Superfast!

What kind of restaurant it is

The Blaze Pizza menu offers a variety of dishes to choose from. The restaurant offers a wide range in the form of nine signature pizzas and offers their build your own technique (BYOT) if you love it. The pizzas are cooked with duff that has been made from scratch. Is fermented and allowed to grow for 24 hours before serving. You will get in every order healthy, delicious, and fresh ingredient. The restaurant offers more than 40 topping.

What kind of food it serves in general

Blaze Pizza menu variety of my signature pizzas. Blaze Pizza prices are really economical. Pizzas are top with a variety of ingredients. The crust is the best. And, the services superfast. Apart from pizzas, Blaze Pizza menu also offers simple salads, drinks, and desserts.

Most prominent dishes in the menu

The most prominent dishes include the pizzas in a wide variety of flavors and ingredient n vegetarian and no-vegetarian formats. The other most important items in Blaze Pizza menu include sauces. The sauce smacks of smoke and sweetness. You will get the typical classic sauce from red tomato, white cream sauce and more. However, Blaze Pizza prices are fairly reasonable.

Popular drinks

The drinks offered in Blaze Pizza menu include tea, soda, lemonade, beer and wine (availability may be restricted) and Agua Frescas.

New items in menu

The more important thing is that Blaze Pizza offers pizzas made from gluten-free dough, dairy products that contain animal rennet, and more. Blaze Pizzas’ endeavor has been to keep the customers happy by offering the most delicious dishes in diverse formats affordable prices

New kids menu

Blaze Pizza Menu offers special diets for which the customer have to exercise their option for which they wish to avoid allergens. Kids can get food that is suitable for their health.

Food Size Price

Pizzas menu prices

Build Your Own Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza $8.45
BBQ Chicken Pizza $8.45
Green Stripe Pizza $8.45
Art Lover Pizza $8.45
Red Vine Pizza $8.45
Veg Out Pizza $8.45
Link In Pizza $8.45
White Top Pizza $8.45

Salads menu prices

Caesar (Side Salad) $3.95
Tomato, Basil & Ovalini (Side Salad) $3.95
Roasted Veggie & Gorgonzola (Side Salad) $3.95
Beet & Goat Cheese (Side Salad) $3.95
Antipasto (Entree Salad) $7.25
Chicken Caesar (Entree Salad) $7.25

Dessert menu prices

S’more Pie $2.00

Drinks menu prices

Fountain Drink $2.10
Water Bottle $1.95
Milk $1.95

The history of the restaurant

Blaze Pizza restaurant chain was started by people who owned Wetzel’s Pretzels in 2011. That is Elise and Rick Wetzel. They started the company in Pasadena (California) and the restaurant’s first location began in Irvine (California) at the start of 2012. With the second location having started in Pasadena (2017), the success of the Blaze Pizza has become fantastic.

How their menu changed over time

Blaze Pizza menu has kept pace with the aspiration of their customers – according to the tastes, flavors and the ingredients. The alacrity of the delivery of their service has been kept intact.


Blaze Pizza is noted as artisanal; pizzas that are offered cooked at 900 C at superfast speed. All these years, Blaze Pizza has been offering dishes depending on the customers’ expectations. Whether you’re a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or completely vegan, you will find delicious dishes of your choice to match your emotions. Blaze pizza Prices have been at an affordable level for all thanks to their business philosophy.

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