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Cuisine: Italian.

Great Pastas At Bleu

Onassis Pasta $16.99 beloved to our guest for seven years, onassis pasta. penne pasta, our secret marinade, vegetarian yet resembling a rich steak is the meaty secret of the onassis pasta. a saute’ of onion roasted garli
Spinocho $15.99 incredible, portobello mushroom sliced and sauteed with garlic, red onion and our herb blend. deglaze with marsala. next add a generous amount of goat cheese hear the sauce and add a huge hand full o
Ravioli Stulini $15.99 a four cheese filled ravioli with a fresh infusion of pesto and pine nuts. (this entree is served with our starter stelter salad. the entree and the salad are both served with our famous garlic bread
Celetini Brodo $12.99 pasta with broth, the simple ravioli stuffed with asiago, ricotta and parmesan cheese. five ravioli’s brought to temperature and basted with a light vegetarian broth. the brodo has the rich character
Verona Chicken Pasta $16.99 northern italian cream sauce with roasted garlic, diced onion, our special rustic italian spices mixed, hand forged black pepper, sea salt, olive oil, heavy cream, blend of monterey jack cheese and p
Mac And Cheese $7.99 our famous mac and cheese is a large portion, over broiled topped with parmesan and served with garlic bread. a garnish of chopped tomatoes rests atop. (add a starter caesar salad for $2.99)
Romita Chicken Pesto $14.99 an italian rustic pesto with fresh basil, peanut oil, garlic, onion, parmesan, virgin olive oil and sun dried tomatoes. a traditional penne pasta with succulent herbed chicken breast sliced and folde
Andouille Sausage Pomodoro $16.50 an inspiring rich tomato sauce with capers, onions, garlic and kalamata olives, sauteed and reduced with a hint of marsala and secret herbs creating a very sumptuous sauce. andouille sausage folded w
Maycippi Red $12.99 a traditional linguini with simple red sauce and rich parmesan cheese. our succulent red sauce is rich and thick and the simplicity of this pasta keeps this classic in our menu. (add chicken for $3.9

Social Food

made tea party drink me eat me, tiny bleu door food (smaller portions of food, a fairy tale come true).
Alice’s Nacho’s $3.99 salsa, jack cheese and chipotle, sour cream, topped with fresh cilantro. (served on 6 inch oval).
Hatter’s Sausage Biscuit $3.99 our signature roll sliced open stuffed with andouille sausage and jack cheese, oven broiled. (served on 6 inch oval).
Peppa’s $3.99 mashed potatoes with salt, pepper and butter. (served on 6 inch oval).
Herb Cheese On Toast $3.99 a slice of panni toasted with a nice layering of herb cheese. (served on 6 inch oval).
Mad Hatters Tofu $3.99 a slice of our famous wasabi tofu oven roasted served atop a crisp panini brushed with olive oil. (served on a 6 inch oval).
Rabbit’s Roll $3.99 no rabbit, simply a tortilla with feta cheese and salsa broiled rolled up. (served on a 6 inch oval).
Eddie And Patsy $6.99 the greet simple tradition of warm bread & olive oil. four rustic breads with our fabulous balsamic olive oil dredging blend. (served on large oval)

Fresh Greens

Oriental Tofu Sesame Salad $10.99 lovely fresh mixed greens tossed with our farm fresh wasabi dressing. fresh french country cut roma tomatoes, walnuts, roasted red peppers, mandarin oranges, hummus and diced red onion. bleu’s balsam
Caesar Salad $7.99 – $9.99 romaine chopped and tossed with our caesar dressing and croutons. a touch of fresh parmesan served with garlic bread. (topped with a few french country cut tomatoes served with garlic bread). add chi
Stelter Salad $7.99 – $9.99 the stelter salad is a montana tradition which became bleu’s house salad back in 1999. fresh greens tossed in our mandarin vinaigrette dressing with french country cut roma tomatoes, hummus, diced re
Italian Breaded Goat Cheese Salad $14.99 the italians and french are known for dusting goat cheese into a rustic cracker crumb blend and baking it to infuse the flavor of the goat cheese. bleu served fresh greens and our house dressing with

Social Foods

Ropetela (Italian Quesadia) $9.99 two flour tortilla’s lightly sauced with our famous homemade salsa, jack cheese, fresh green baby spinach, a few selections of roasted garlic, diced red onion, french country cut tomatoes, shredded r
Sausalito Soft Chicken Taco’s $9.99 two soft taco’s prepared with flour tortillas lightly grilled, layered with our fresh, fine, fabulous, salsa, diced onion, french country cut tomatoes, fresh cilantro and monterey jack cheese and fre
Bleu’s Feta Nacho’s $10.99 seven years of established dawn great nacho’s, yum!! tortilla chips, layers of salsa and chips, diced onion kalamata olives, hummus, diced tomatoes, feta cheese and monterey jack cheese, broiled. top
Bleu’s Famous Wasabi Grilled Cheese $5.00 our famous grilled cheese with tomato lettuce and onion. served with basil mayo, peach puree and bleu’s very own wasabi sauce. (no salad)
Anzio Bruchetta $9.99 a sicily favorite! olive oil brushed atop focotti round, oven broiled till bronze, then topped with our vinti, a tomato relish infused with capers, onions, garlic, cumin and olives. a selection of sa
Gertti Ve’ Bruchetta $9.99 the small farms in italy have brought about traditions specific to their region. olive oil brushed atop focotti round, oven broiled till bronze, next top the crisp focotti with a layer of goat cheese
My Bleu Au Pair Bruchetta $9.99 duke bradley of verona italy known through fables to host feastings in the town square. his favorite, blue cheese and pears. the duke’s favorite should become your favorite. focotti round brushed wit
Valici Capresse $11.00 focotti round brushed with olive oil, oven broiled till bronze, top with french cut tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and broiled to perfection! add fresh basil leaves prior to serving. the perfect
Herb Cheese & Pears $12.99 a rustic wooden chop is the foundation of the grazing platter. two and one half ounces of boursin cheese, and a scoop of our country garlic herb cheese in a porcelain round. roasted garlic in olive o
Fiona Antipasto $12.99 a rustic wooden chop board with white porcelain rounds of the following, hummus, tapenade, four fresh tomato slices with a light balsamic sprinkled with hand forged rustic peppers. a medley of kalama
Vegan Athens Plate $11.99 the patricians of ancient athens not only refined decadence they practically invented it. from luxurious bath houses to lead cookware and leading edge philosophy. they brought luxury to its standards
Chez Cheese $15.99 a great platter for great people! a selection of brie, boursin herb cheese, gaudy herb cheese, fresh mozzarella with balsamic, ramekins of spicy mustard, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, olive med
Mediterranean Sandwich $9.99 (open faced) fresh panini bread grilled and topped with a layer of hummus, roasted red peppers, diced tomatoes, a light layer of handmade salsa, red chopped onions slightly browed under the broiler w

Social Foods Sandwich

vegetarian blt’s (here piggy piggy)
Vegetarian Blt $8.99 – $14.99 realize that a half order is still a whole sandwich bleu is famous for a honkin big fake blt. the base price of fake meat is high on the stock market these days. maybe a women president in the future
Chicken Breast Sandwich $10.99 boneless skinless chicken breast grilled and set resting atop of foccocia bread with gorgonzola and jack cheese. an accompanying romaine garnish, red onion, tomatoes, and sides of basil mayo and peac
Portobello Sandwich $10.99 giant portobello mushroom marinated in our vegetarian marinade. grilled first then oven finished. the portobello is placed atop our foccocia bread with garlic butter and monterey jack cheese. on the
Wasabi Grilled Cheese $8.99 famous!! yes it is!! yum! two pieces of bleu’s panini bread, dusted with garlic butter then grilled. now add a heap of shredded monterey jack cheese and a dash of gorgonzola. the wild fresh wasabi is
Pesto Foccocia Sandwich $10.99 damn good italian bread! the moist foccocia is grilled and canvassed with our homemade pesto, the fresh mozzarella is sliced laid upon the bread and broiled. a butter flied chicken breast (marinated
Drunken Tuna Tacos $10.99 a five ounce portion tuna marinated in tequila, lime, cumin, chipotle spices, two floured tortilla’s bleu’s homemade salsa. tequila tuna, onions and feta cheese. (oven broiled, served on a oval with
Jjj With Real Or Fake Bacon $9.99 a delightful breast of chicken grilled, with jack cheese, our famous (vegetarian bacon or (real bacon you choose) served with a romaine garnish, onion rounds, two tomatoes slices and (basil mayo and
Sala Provance $11.50 european in character our chicken marsala is served as an open faced sandwich. delightful chicken butter flied, sauteed with garlic, zesty onions, vanilla marsala and assorted mushrooms, served atop

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