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From the chefs. Add to any salad: chopped mary?s chicken $4.25, grilled meyer ranch skirt steak $6.25, grilled chile-garlic gulf shrimp $5.25, cajun-seared wild ahi tuna $6.25, grilled organic king salmon $6.25, smoked scottish salmon $4.25, wild albacore
Beets & Greens Salad $12.25 Mixed greens, bosc pear, pomegranate seeds, balsamic onion, herbs, candied pecans, garlic croutons, goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette
Arugula Salad $12.00 Mixed greens, arugula, sundried tomato, marinated artichokes, balsamic onion, almonds, crispy chickpeas, grated manchego & whole grain mustard vinaigrette
Fattoush Salad $12.50 Romaine, chicory chop, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, scallions, chickpeas, nicoise olives, herbs, crispy pita, feta cheese & champagne-sumac vinaigrette
Detox Salad $12.75 Chicory chop, dino & curly kale, quinoa, carrot, cucumber, celery, apple, radish, dried cranberries, super seed-flax mix & our acai-lemon master cleanse vinaigrette
Tostada Salad $12.50 Romaine, chicory chop, toasted corn, black beans, cherry tomatoes, jicama, scallions, herbs, pumpkin seeds, tortilla strips, white cheddar & chipotle-agave vinaigrette
Kale Caesar Salad $11.75 Romaine, chicory chop, baby kale, cherry tomatoes, scallions, garlic croutons, shaved dry jack & roasted garlic-parmesan dressing
Chinese Chicken Salad $14.50 Romaine, chicory chop, roasted chicken, orange, carrot, snow peas, scallions, herbs, slivered almonds, sesame seeds, crispy glass noodles: choice of sweet ?n sour or peanut-sambal dressing
Cobber Salad $16.00 Romaine, chicory chop, roasted chicken, smoked bacon, soft boiled egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, scallions, garlic croutons & house ranch dressing
Spicy Tuna $16.25 Mixed greens, chicory chop, spicy ahi tuna, avocado, mango, snow peas, cucumber, scallions, sesame seeds, soba noodles & miso-ginger vinaigrette
Winter Salad $13.00 Mixed greens, arugula, dino kale, roasted brussel sprouts, blanched broccolis, roasted winter squash, pomegranate seeds, pinenuts, parmesan reggiano, meyer lemon & balsamic vinaigrette


Soup $6.25 – $7.50

Grilled Cheese

Sheep $10.75 Manchego cheese, sopressata & mission fig jam on sliced country levain
Burrata $10.25 Fresh mozzarella burrata, roma tomato, arugula & pesto aioli on a ciabatta roll
Cheddar $10.75 White cheddar, artisan ham & spicy mustard on sliced sourdough.
Provo $12.25 Provolone, roasted turkey breast, avocado, roma tomato, arugula & thyme aioli on sliced country levain

Sandos – From the Press

Barn BLT $12.25 Smoked bacon, goat cheese, roma tomato, mixed greens & pesto aioli on sliced country levain
Truffle $12.25 Peppered turkey breast, brie d? affnois, balsamic onion, roma tomato, mixed greens and truffled garlic aioli on herbed focaccia
Turkey $11.50 Roasted turkey breast, goat cheese, sundried tomato, watercress, & kale-almond pesto on a ciabatta roll
Clubber $12.25 Roasted turkey breast, smoked bacon, pepper jack, roma tomato, red onion, romaine & jalapeno-bacon aioli on sliced sourdough
Masala $11.25 Curried chicken-apple salad, almonds, dried cranberries, cucumber, red onion & sprouts on seeded whole wheat
Ragin? Cajun $11.75 Peppered turkey breast, artisan ham, sopressata, smoked gouda, pepperoncinis, pickles, arugula & cajun aioli on a ciabatta roll
Rooster $13.00 Chili-lime grilled chicken, smoked bacon, white cheddar, avocado, roma tomato & chipotle aioli on a ciabatta roll
Kickin? Chicken $13.00 Grilled chicken, barn BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, smoked gouda, caramelized onion & thyme slaw on a ciabatta roll
Buffalo Blue $12.25 Spicy buffalo sauced grilled chicken, blue cheese dressing, celery greens, red onion and romaine on a ciabatta roll
Skirt $14.25 Grilled meyer skirt steak, provolone, balsamic onion, roma tomato, arugula & rosemary aioli on a ciabatta roll
Smoked $11.00 Smoked wild king salmon, goat cheese, cucumber, red onion, watercress & horseradish aioli on sliced country levain
Big Tuna $11.25 Pole-caught albacore tuna salad, roma tomato, red onion & watercress on herbed focaccia
Falafel $11.00 House falafel, feta cheese, hummus, roma tomato, cucumber, red onion, tahini creme fraiche & sprouts on sliced whole wheat
Buddha $11.50 Goat cheese, crispy kale sprouts, roasted mushrooms, balsamic onion, thyme-truffle oil & butternut squash hummus on country levaine


Side Salad $2.75 Mixed greens & balsamic vinaigrette
French Fries $2.75 Side of home-made ranch for $0.75
Add a Side Salad or Small Fries $1.75 Add to your sandwich order

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