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Enjoy B&O Espresso latest menu price updated list. Up to date B&O Espresso and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

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B&O Espresso Pies & Tarts Menu and Prices

Cheesecake Vanilla $42.00 The classic on a graham cracker crust, fresh raspberry sauce $10.00 extra
Apple $28.00 Crispy granny smith apples, currants, brown sugar and cinnamon
Pear Tart $34.00 Sweet almond crust with frangipang filling and baked fresh pears
Key Lime $28.00 Topped with whipped cream
Pecan $28.00
Sour Cream Lemon $28.00 Tangy lemon filling topped with whipped cream
Fresh Fruit Tart $37.00 Almond butter crust filled with vanilla custard and topped with glazed fresh fruit

B&O Espresso Cakes Menu and Prices

Coconut Cream Cake $23.00 – $46.00 With coconut custard filling and toasted coconut top
Devil’s Food Cake $23.00 – $46.00 Dark, moist cake filled and frosted with chocolate ganache
Tres Leche Cake $23.00 – $46.00 Three milk cake
Red Velvet Cake $23.00 – $46.00 It’s really red
German Chocolate Cake $23.00 – $46.00 Our most popular dessert coconut and toasted pecans between 3 layers of chocolate cake
Carrot Cake $23.00 – $46.00 Walnuts, sweet spices, pineapple and a rich cream cheese filling and frosting
White Chocolate Cake $23.00 – $46.00 Swiss white chocolate cake and buttercream filling and frosting. Fresh raspberry sauce $10.00 extra
Lemon Chiffon Cake $23.00 – $46.00 Lemon sponge cake with creme fraiche lemon curd fillings. Lemon butter cream frosting
Tiramisu $46.00 Coffee liqueur and espresso soaked sponge cake between fluffy clouds of whipped cream and mascarpone cheese
Chocolate Raspberry Torte $46.00 Delicate chocolate genoise layers laced with grand marnier, filled with raspberries and sweetened whipped cream

B&O Espresso Specialty Tortes Menu and Prices

Espresso Mousse Torte $56.00 Espresso soaked chocolate torte filled with rich, creamy chocolate mousse. 10" Serves 14
New Orleans Torte $50.00 A dense flourless cake packed with pecans, chocolate, cocoa powder and loaded with bourbon. 9" Serves 12
Hadeel Torte $45.00 Flourless chocolate torte with sweetened whipped cream and dusted with exquisite french cocoa powder. Serves 12
Black Forest Torte $23.00 – $46.00 With kirsch, dark cherries and whipped cream
Black Muddy River $7.00 Bittersweet chocolate mousse with espresso, rum and a hint of orange on a chocolate genoise layer. Individual
Louis Gateau $45.00 Almond sponge torte layered with coffee buttercream. Serves 12

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