Boba Bar

Up to date Boba Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Grilled Steak $6.25 Grilled tri-tip, romaine, tomato, cucumber, red onions, seseme soy dressing
Classic Chinese Chicken $5.75 Grilled chicken, iceburg, carrots, green onions, crispy wonton strips, seseme soy dressing


Kim Cheese Fries $6.00 Carmelized kim chi, onions, cheese, sour cream, green onion, fresh cut french fries, steak $2.00, pork belly $2.00, chicken $2.00
Popcorn Chicken $4.50 Curry ketcup, wasbai ranch
Lemongrass Steak Skewers $6.00 3 Steak skewers with lightly pickled veggies, add rice $1.25
Jalepeno Crab Wontons $5.00 With 6 wontons
Eggrolls $2.25 2 Pork or veggies rolls
Fresh Cut Fries $2.50 Garlic $0.75, cheese $0.50
Popcorn Tofu $4.00 Garlic sauce, sweet and sour
Garilc Soy Edamame $2.00 Add chicken
Mongolian Beef Tacos $2.75 Beef, grilled onions, cilantro, lime, green, onions, monlolian sauce
Wings Choice. Honey garlic, spicy teriyaki, salt and pepper add fries rice $1.25, add garlic fries $0.50


Braised Pork Belly $7.50
Coconut Chicken Curry $8.00 Served with bread or rice
Creasian $6.75 Fresh grilled orange chicekn
Teriyaki Chicken $6.75 Fresh grilled orange chicken
Teriyaki Chicken $7.00
Orange Tofu $5.50
Garlic Eggplant Tofu $7.00

Fresh Squeezed

Arnold Palmer $3.25 Black tea, lemonade
Orange Sipper $3.25 Fresh oragne juice, fresh mango and pineapples bits
Classic Lemonade $3.25 Strawberry, mango peach, lychee flavors $0.50, extra


Vietnamese Iced Coffee $3.50
Fresh Brewed Coffee $2.50 Hot or iced

Milk Teas

Boba $0.50, large $0.75
Classic Milk Tea $3.00
Honey Green Milk Tea $3.00
Thai Milk Tea $3.00
Nutella Milk Tea $3.00
Jasmine Milk Tea $3.00
Lychee Jasmine Milk Tea $3.00
Coffee Milk Tea $3.00
Caramel Milk Tea $3.00
Honeydew Milk Tea $3.00
Mango Milk Tea $3.00
Strawberry Milk Tea $3.00
Peach Milk Tea $3.00

Fruit Teas

Strawberry Mint $3.50 Fresh mint, fresh strawberry
It Takes Two to Mango $3.50 Fresh brewed mango tea, fresh mango bits
Easy Green $3.50 Fresh brewed green tea, fresh mango, straberry and pineapple bits

Basic Teas

Black Tea $2.50
Jasmine Green Tea $2.50

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