Boca Chica

Up to date Boca Chica prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Boca Chica is available in 2 states.


Sparkling Water $4.00
Honeyed Limeade $4.00
Coconut Water $4.00
Passion Fruit Nectar $3.50
Guava Nectar $3.50
Tamarindo Nectar $3.50
Jarritos $3.50 Mexican soda.


Coco Shrimp $8.50 Coconut coated shrimp with guava condiment.
Pinionitos $7.50 Ripe plantain rounds filled with spicy meat.
Tostones $5.00 Fried green plantains with garlic mojo.
Avocado Salad $6.50 With lime marinated red onions.
Croquetas De Platano $7.25 Green plantain balls with onion mojo.
Alitas De Pollo $6.00 Grilled spicy, honeyed wings.
Shrimp Ticul $8.50 Super pica green chile and cilantro sauce.
Shrimp Quesaditas $7.50 Cheese, avocado and green chile.
Plantain Chips and Dip $5.00


Plato Diario $10.50 Rice, beans, house salad with sliced avocado.
Lupe’s Chile Verde $9.50 Roasted green chiles with tomatillos.
Garden Salad $8.50 Chayote, bell pepper and corn on romaine, beet vinaigrette.
Vegetarian Burrito $11.95 Served with rice and salad.
Vegetarian Combo $12.50 Tostones, maduros, fried yuca with tomato mojo.
Super Quesadilla $12.50 Vegetarian quesadilla.


Chicharrones De Pollo $12.95 Dominican seasoned crispy chicken.
Pastel De Choclo $15.00 Corn pie with filling of chicken, olive, raisin and tomato.
Pollo Havenero $15.50 Grilled chicken breast with piquant toasted almond sauce.
Chino Latino $14.95 Grilled strips of chicken breast, bell pepper, scallion.
Arroz Con Pollo $13.95 Pan-Latin chicken and yellow rice.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11.00 Avocado and tomato with yuca fries.


Shrimp, Avocado and Heart of Palm Salad $12.95 With Dijon vinaigrette.
Shrimp Chipotle $16.25 Shrimp in smoky chile and fresh tomato sauce.
Shrimp Ajillo $16.25 Garlic olive oil sauce white wine sautee.
Pescado Vera Cruz $16.95 Filet in tomato, olive and caper sauce.
Shrimp Ticul $16.25 Hot green chile sauce.
Arroz Con Camarones $15.95 Shrimp and yellow rice.
Moqueca De Peixe $18.50 Bahian shrimp and fish in coconut sauce.
Coco Shrimp Plate $16.50


Ropa Vieja $15.95 Shredded beef with tomato, pepper and olive sauce.
Piniones $14.95 Sweet plantain rings filled with picadillo.
Grilled Skirt Steak $19.95 With chimichurri sauce.
Cuban Sandwich $11.95 Roast pork, ham, Swiss, pickle, press toasted.
Chuletas Al Carbon $15.95 Grilled pork chops with tostones.
Chuleta Mostaza $16.25 Grilled pork chops with creamy caper mustard sauce.
Burrito Cubano $13.95 Roast pork, sofrito, beans and cheese.
Grilled Steak Sandwich $14.00 With chimichurri, mayo, red onion and tomato.


Side of Cuban Toast $3.00
Side of Tortillas $2.00
Side of Salsa $2.00
Side of Mojo $2.00
Side of White Rice $4.00
Side of Yellow Rice $4.00
Side of Black Beans $4.00
Side of Campo Salad $4.00
Side of Tostones $4.00
Side of Maduros $4.00
Side of Fried Yuca $4.00
Side of Coco Yams $5.00
Side of Brazilian Style Greens $5.00

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