Bolivian Restaurant Las Americas

Up to date Bolivian Restaurant Las Americas prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Coffee $2.00
Cafe con Leche $2.50
Soda $1.50
Water $1.50
Soda Bottle $2.00

Argentinian Bakery and Breakfast

Eggs $3.99 Scrambled or fried with bacon or sausage, french fries or hash brown, with toast and coffee.
Tostadito $4.50
2 Medialunas $3.50
Churros $3.50
Sandwich de Miga $12.00 Ham and cheese.
Sandwich de Pavo $6.00 Turkey sandwich.
Ensalada Rusa $3.50 Russian salad.
Tarta de Jamon y Queso $8.00 Ham and cheese tart.
Tarta de Espinaca $8.00 Spinach tart.

Bolivian Food

Silpancho $11.99 Breaded steak served with fried potatoes and fried eggs. With rice or noodles.
Falso Conejo $11.99 Breaded beef steak in tomato sauce and potatoes. With rice or noodles.
Picante de Pollo $11.99 Chicken with traditional ingredients in sauce with boiled potato, chuno and bush. With rice or noodles.
Lechon al Horno $12.50 Baked pork with salad, boiled potatoes, corn and banana.
Soltero $11.99 Steak served with fried potatoes, whole corn, tomato, onion and cheese salad.
Saltenas $3.00 Bolivian empanadas.

Lunch Menu

Chicken Caserole Lunch $8.00 Served with soup of the day.
Fried Pork Chops Lunch $8.00 With rice and salad. Served with soup of the day.
Grilled Chicken Breast Lunch $8.00 With rice and salad. Served with soup of the day.
Grilled Beef Lunch $8.00 With salad and potatoes. Served with soup of the day.
Fried Rice Lunch $8.00 Served with soup of the day.

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