Boston Gourmet Coffeehouse

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Cuisine: Coffee, Coffee & Tea.

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Egg & Cheese On an English Muffin or Toast $3.25
Egg & Cheese On a Bagel $3.75
Egg & Cheese On a Pretzel Bun $4.25
Egg & Cheese On a Croissant $4.25
Power Prote in Wrap $4.95 4 Egg whites, cheddar cheese, choice of meat in a wrap and grilled.
Chipotle Breakfast Clabatta $5.75 Egg, cheese, choice of meat, mushrooms, onions and chipotie dressing served on clabatta bread.
P3 – Power Protein Plus $6.75 4 Egg whites, cheddar cheese, hashbron. Chipotle sauce, mushrooms & choice of meat grilled on a wrap.
Beantown Benedict $5.95 Eggs, cheese itam & tomato on an english muffin topped with avocado hollandaise sauce.
Egg Salad Croissant $4.25 Sliced hard boiled eggs served on croissant with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Steak n Egg Wrap $5.50 Eggs, cheese, roast beef, mushrooms & onions, grilled on a wrap.
French Toast Panini $5.50 Egg, cheese & ham between thick sliced golden french toast then grilled.
Chipotle Breakfast Ciabatta $5.75 Egg, cheese, choice of meat, mushrooms, onions and chipotle dressing served on ciabatta bread.
Avocado Egg White $5.95 3 Egg whites, cheese avocado, tomato baby spinanch & mollandaise sauce on whole wheat bread. Add bacon $1.25.
Breakfast Burrito $7.50 Eggs, cheese, salsa & tomato with your choice of meat or veggies in a wrap $4.95. Mega burrito – extra egg, meat & mashbrown.
Pesto Breakfast Ciabatta $5.50 Sliced hard boiled egg, mozzarella, basil pesto, spinach & tomato on grilled clabatta.
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuite Slider $3.25 – $4.75

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