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Cuisine: Burger, Deli Food.


Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie $8.00 cooked in a cast icon skillet & garnished with caramel, chocolate sauce, a large scoop of vanilla ice cream & topped with whipped cream.


Quesadillas $6.00 served with pico de gallo, roasted red salsa & avocado cream. add chicken or chorizo for $1.00, steak for $2.00.
Mini Kobe Corn Dogs $7.00 served with plum sauce or honey mustered for dipping.
Chicken Tenders $7.00 served with fries and your choice of plum sauce or honey mustard for dipping.
Crispy Calamari $8.00 served with a side of chipotle cilantro & cocktail sauce.
Warm Soft Pretzels $3.00 (each). your choice of main, jalapeno cheddar or pizza pretzel, served with honey mustard & cheese sauce for dipping.
Bowman?s Organic Wings $8.00 tossed in your choice of chipotle buffalo, asian bbq or ginger-lime glaze. served with sides of fresh cut carrots & celery, homemade blue cheese & ranch dressing.
Classic Nachos $8.00 house made chips, melted cheese, diced tomato, sliced pickled jalapenos, guacamole, green onions, avocado cream & cheese sauce. add chicken or chorizo for $1.00, streak for $2.00.
Mediterranean Hummus $7.00 cherry tomatoes, kalamari olivers & crispy artichokes, served with warm pita bread.
Chips & Salsa $5.00 add a side of guacamole for $2.00.
Four Cheese Mac & Cheese $3.00 – $5.00 creamy blend brie, monterey jack, cheddar and parmesan cheese with above macaroni. add jalapeno bacon $1.00, chorizo $2.00, chili $2.00, bbq pulled pork $2.00.

Salads, Wraps & Soups

Wrap any salad up in either a spinach or flour tortilla. Add chicken or chorizo for $1.00, steak for $2.00.
Garden Salad $6.00 mixed greens, hard-boiled egg, goat cheese, strawberries, bacon& red onions, topped with raspberry grape vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad $7.00 romaine lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and classic caesar dressing.
Southwest Salad $8.00 romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mixed cheese, corn, black bacons & onions, topped with tortilla strips and buffalo ranch dressing.
Veggie Wrap $7.00 seasonal veggies, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.
Smoked Turkey Wrap $8.00 lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheddar cheese, jalapeno bacon, smoked turkey and whole grain mustard spread.
Traditional Beef & Bean Chili $3.00 – $5.00
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup $3.00 – $5.00

Burgers & Sandwiches

All burgers & sandwiches come with fries. Substitute truffle fries, tater tots or sweet tater tots for $2.00. Side salad or seasonal veggies for $3.00.
Kobe Burger $10.00 8 oz kobe patty, melted gruyere and brie cheese, bacon aioli and crispy shallots. served with truffle fries.
Bowman Burger $7.00 8 oz black argus patty topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions with your choice of cheese.
Organic Turkey Burger $8.00 8 oz housemade patty topped with avocado, mozzarella cheese and spicy mayo.
Veggie Burger $8.00 black bean, quinoa, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini topped with goat cheese, red pepper aioli and avocado.
Smoked Turkey Club $7.00 sliced smoked turkey topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, apple bacon cheddar cheese and bacon shallot aioli.
Grilled Chicken $8.00 grilled chicken breast topped with our original pesto mayo or our mango-bbq sauce. add jalapeno bacon for $1.00.
Breaded Chicken $6.00 breaded chicken breast topped with your choice of chipotle buffalo, asian bbq ginger lime glaze or plam sauce.
Grilled Cheese $6.00 two thick slices of brioche bread rested a top melted brie. greyere & cheddar cheese. substitute tomatyo basil soup. add tomato bacon for $1.00.


Kobe Slider (3) $8.00 melted gruyere and brie cheese, bacon chili and crispy shallots.
Pulled Pork Slider (3) $6.00 shredded braised pork, homemade bbq sauce and garnished with citrus colleslaw.
Chicken Slider (3) $6.00 ranch buttermilk fried chicken mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickle.


All tacos served with corn tortillas & avocado sales.
Fish Taco (3) $8.00 seared blackened tilapia garnished with coleslaw and chipotle cream.
Chicken Crispy Taco (3) $8.00 spanish rubbed chicken, lettuce, diced tomato, mixed cheese, sliced avocado & chipotle cream in a crispy tortilla shell.
Skirt Steak Taco (3) $8.00 diced skirt steak, idaho potatoes, roasted jalapenos & garlic cream, garnished with crispy shallots.
Korean Style Taco (3) $8.00 short ribs marinated in korean bbq and garnished with napa romaine slaw.

Kids Menu

Chicken Tenders (3) $5.00 served with your choice of fries or tater tats, honey mustard or bbq sauce for dipping.
Mini Kobe Corn Dogs (8) $5.00 served with honey mustard for dipping.
Grilled Cheese $5.00 choice of american or cheddar cheese, served with your choice of fries of tater tots.
PB & J $5.00 creamy peanut butter topped with your choice of strawberry or grape jelly.
Spaghetti $5.00 topped with your choice of butter & parmesan or marinara sauce.
1/4 Lb Cheeseburger $5.00 your choice of american or cheddar cheese. lettuce, tomato & pickle. served with your choice of fries or tater tots.
Side Of Fruit $4.00 chef?s seasonal selection of the day.


Truffle Fries $4.00
French Fries $3.00
Sweet Tater Tots $3.00
Tatar Tots $3.00
Side Salad $4.00
Seasonal Veggies $4.00
Mac ‘N Cheese Cup $3.00

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