Brasserie Monte Carlo

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Cuisine: French, Mediterranean, Brunch.


Scottish Smoked Salmon $11.00 with a dill creme fraiche and mixed greens
Pate Maison $6.00 with cornichon and mesclun salade
House Salad $4.00 with vine ripe tomatoes and fresh fennel
Basil Marinated Spanish Anchovies $12.00 in white wine vinaigrette and garlic served over red roasted bell peppers with mesclun greens
Onion Tart $12.00 with cured ham and sage over tomato salad
Salad Nicoise $14.00 with pan seared atlantic salmon
Arugula Salade $7.00 with goat cheese, toasted almonds in a maple soy vinaigrette
Arugula Salade $14.00 with grilled salmon


Bowl Of French Onion $6.00
Soup Du Jour $4.00
Bowl Of French Onion $8.00
Bowl Of Butternut Squash $6.00 with a hint cinnamon


Our Sandwiches Are Served On A Toasted French Baguette And Presented With Mixed Greens And Herb Roasted Potatoes
Flank Steak $12.00 with feta cheese and caper mayonnaise
Croque Monsieur $11.00 with grilled ham, swiss cheese and bechamel sauce
Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich $12.00 with virgin olive oil on baguette
Smoked Salmon, Sweet Onion, Tomato, Capers And Balsamic Vinaigrette $13.00


All Entrees Are Served With Vegetables And Potato, Except Pastas.
Oven Roasted Atlantic Salmon $14.00 in a toasted basil cream sauce
Pan Sauteed Rainbow Trout $12.00 in a lemon caper white wine sauce
Navarin D’ Agneau, Lamb Stew $12.00 in a tomato light cream sauce, haute style
Angus Fillet Mignon Medallions $18.00 with mushroom bordelaise, french beans and sauteed spinach
Fettuccini Pasta $13.00 with spinach, smoked salmon and mussels in basil coulis
Vegetables And Fettuccini Pasta $11.00 with garlic, squash and tomato sauce
Free Range Chicken $15.00 with cabbage confit and lardons in mustard sauce
Frittata Omelet $11.00 with cured ham and crumbled feta with petite, potato
Calves Liver $13.00 with caramelized onions and smoked bacon, in a balsamic glaze
Grilled Atlantic Salmon $19.00 in a period sauce with mussels
Free-Range Organic Chicken $18.00 in a provencale sauce with olives garnished with toasted almonds
Wild Rock Fish $25.00 in a lemon caper and tomato, white wine sauce
Navarin’d Agneau $17.00 with celery, carrots, tomato, light cream broth lemb stew, from classical haute-provence
Angus Filet Mignon Medallions $28.00 in a cognac peppercorn sauce
Pan Seared Duck Breast $29.00 with thyme with port wine braised cabbage
Carbonara Fettuccini $21.00 with cream, scottish smoked salmon, swiss cheese arugula, mussels and garden peas
Braised Beef Short Ribs $19.00 ;osso bucco; style, slow simmered in red wine reduction
Natural ;Chairman’s Reserve" Pork Tenderloin $24.00 with apple wood smoked bacon in a whole grain mustard sauce
Vegetables Abd Fettuccini Pasta In A Garlic $14.00 winter squash and tomato sauce


Assorted Sorbet And Ice Cream $6.00
Classic Tiramisu $8.00
Warm Apple Tarte $9.00 with vanilla ice cream
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake $7.00
Classic Tiramisu $8.00
Warm Green Apple Tarte $9.00 with vanilla ice cream
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake $7.00
Assorted Sorbet & Ice Cream $6.00
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake $7.00
Assorted Sorbet & Ice Cream $6.00
Classic Tiramisu $8.00
Green Apple Tarte $9.00 with vanilla ice cream

Wine By The Glass

Wines Of The Month.
Rose, Reuilly By "Kermit Lynch" 2006 Rose $5.00

Appetizers And Salads

Smoked Scottish Salmon $10.00 with a dill creme fraiche with field greens
Arugula Salade $7.00 with goat cheese in a maple soy vinaigrette, toasted almonds
Baked Onion Tart $11.00 with cured ham and sage with petite salad
Carbonara Fettuccini $9.00 with green peas, onion, lardons topped with swiss cheese
Mushroom Ragout In Red Wine Reduction And Veal Jus $10.00
House Mesclun Salade $5.00 with vine ripe tomatoes and fresh fennel
Basil Marinated Anchovies $12.00 with balsamic vinaigrette salade


Sauteed Arugula $6.00 with smoked bacon & goat cheese
Spinach In Shallot Butter $5.00
Sauteed Mushrooms $5.00


All Our Eggs Are Hand Beaten, All Main Entrees Come With Seasonal Vegetables And Oven Roasted Potato
Smoked Scottish Salmon $13.00 with dill creme fraiche, capers and salade
Pan De Lait French Toast $12.00 with seasonal fruit coulis
Basil Marinated Spanish Anchovies $12.00 with balsamic green salade
Frittata Omelette $11.00 feta & cured ham with mesclun greens in a balsamic vinaigrette & herb roasted potatoes
Pate Maison $10.00 with cornichon and mesclun salade in dijon vinaigrette
Eggs Benedict $14.00 with canadian bacon or smoked scottish salmon or spinach served with mesclun greens and herb roasted potato
Onion Tart $13.00 with cured ham & sage over tomato, green salad
Venetian Brunch $14.00 sauteed green peas, garlic, sweet onion, tomato basil pesto, fettuccini past with two eggs scrambled in
Two Poached Eggs $13.00 over sauteed arugula, goat cheese, garlic, smoked bacon yellow onion and tomato
Grilled Rainbow Trou $14.00 tin a white lemon caper sauce with sauteed spinach roasted potato
All Natural Nacarin D’agneau $16.00 slow simmered lamb stew in a celery, carrots and tomato, light cream sauce, haute provolone style
Free Range Organic Chicken $18.00 with sauce provencale, olives, toasted almonds, sauteed vegetables and potato
Grilled Atlantic Salmon $17.00 in a asil pesto, with toasted almond cream sauce
Calves Liver $15.00 with caramelized onions and bacon in a balsamic glazed sauce
Braised Beef Short Ribs ;Osso Bucco; Style $15.00 slow simmered in a red wine sauce


Apple Juice $2.75
Cranberry $2.95
Orange Juice $3.50
Tomato Juice $3.50
Mimosa $6.95
Kir Royal $6.95
Screwdriver $6.75
Bloody Mary $6.75

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